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Tips to become a successful blogger

Blogging is a long term journey. It takes time to get real-time success in blogging. Small wins are better for long term goals. It feels awesome to have so many followers and likes and comments on your blog posts. But it requires a lot of hard work and self-esteem. To become successful in blogging, it requires a lot of effort, quality content and producing of contents consistently. When I started blogging and sharing my ideas, I had zero followers with no likes and comments. I’m grateful to everyone, from the very first one to the last one. And to have a thousand followers is a lot. Being grateful is extremely important to become successful in blogging career and even in every field of life. If you don’t come from a place of gratitude then I don’t think people will follow you because there are so many choices out there.

Tips to become a successful blogger
blogging tips

Big wins are eventually the aggregation of small wins and small losses. In between is a matter of how fast we can act and how long we can last. To me “wins” can mean so many things: learning, extending knowledge or network or people or love or relationships, new followers, money, victory, achievement, surpassing personal fear or simply helping someone else achieves something. To me, “loss” could become an irrelevant part because you can easily capitalize on the concept of “loss”. Mistakes or losses are a way to learn and do better.

  1. Think about your passion and skill. Choose your best niche. Try to collect information from all around the Internet about your selected niche.
  2. To get a good idea, it will be better to explore different other blogs and collect ideas from there. Explore them and take positive ideas from those blogs.
  3. Try to produce quality content, and produce it consistently, so your audience grows and engages. Most of them will respond you positively and this will help you boost up your confidence.
  4. Don’t afraid to take a step forward if you are having nothing in your mind and in your hand. No one is perfect in the world. Every expert was once a beginner. It’s more about just getting started than to start perfectly.
  5. If you can’t think something insightful, share someone else’s insightful thoughts and add your ideas. There’s really no excuse for not posting at least one post every day, and giving it some sort of value like (social currency).
  6. Never underestimate small wins. Celebrate each and every follower and likes and comments. It’s good to have small, organic and real connections. Having a single follower often more valuable than a million so relationships.
  7. I really think you need to put the blinkers and celebrate your small wins. Lots of small wins lead to bigger ones. You must prefer to take a thousand dedicated followers over a million disengaged followers any day.
  8. You need to be tolerant and consistent. People want overnight success straight away and when they don’t get it they get upset. I celebrate every small win because long term those small wins will lead to the big one eventually.
  9. Do your best to appreciate your readers and followers. You should learn to appreciate the small wins when you push yourself to do so, your fellow bloggers will also try to do so for you.
  10. It’s not the quantity of your followers or audience, but the quality. Do not look for the number of followers. Look for the quality of leaders. It’s about the connections, the effects, and the causes.
how to become a successful blogger
blogging tips

It doesn’t matter how many followers I have. What counts is how many I may have touched, helped, or inspired, in even the smallest way. I have learned from the experiences that I have encountered on the WordPress Blogging platform and hope someone may have learned from something that I have shared so far. You do not have to be an expert to care about and help others; you just need to be willing to become involved. A little kindness can do so much. We can change the world by helping or inspiring one person at a time.

People forget the feeling of that first view, like, comment, share, etc. They received and crave more and more now. The desire to make a bigger impact on a larger audience is fine, but don’t forget that making just one impact on one person is amazing in itself.

I just want to create something meaningful and sustainable. And I know that I am not the only human with this goal. So, small wins, big wins, any wins and I am taking them. Because Lord knows, I take the Ls too.

Please do confirm if you enjoyed reading or any good suggestion if you have?


      1. You’re welcome. I am a fairly new blogger and the only way I know to see other bloggers work is through wordpress suggestions of “you may like this blog” and then I go to it and follow. How do you find blogs you like and want to follow?

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      2. As you said you are a new blogger, with the passage of time you will go through it in a better way. As long as my search is concerned I have added a few categories in the search results which help me find new blogs and new peoples.

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  1. Excellent piece. Thank you for sharing.
    Number 10 “it’s not the quantity of your followers or audience, but the quality. Do not look for the number of followers. Look for the quality of leaders. It’s about the connections, the effects, and the causes.”
    “It doesn’t matter how many followers I have. What counts is how many I may have touched, helped, or inspired”
    “The desire to make a bigger impact on a larger audience is fine, but don’t forget that making just one impact on one person is amazing in itself.”
    Have a fabulous weekend.

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  2. Well written and I enjoyed your post. I am not sure what I’m looking for, mostly just enjoy writing and sharing. I’m so thankful and grateful for the wonderful people I have met or will meet along this blogging journey. I appreciate everyone, small as it is and try and learn and grow as I go. It’s all about the experience and the smiles I can bring to this world! Thank you, Diana

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  3. You offer great advice. I don’t mind so much sometimes that I don’t have many subscribers more over than the ones that I do have read what I have to say. I want to know does someone out there get me

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  4. Good thoughts, from my perspective, I adjusted certain goals rather than be short term aims (get x number of views a day) to get x number of views a year so I don’t punish myself for the naturally slower viewership days.

    You can also learn more about other mediums to promote your blog and set separate goals to aim to increase referrals from particular channels. I’ve been increasing my presence on Twitter recently and just generally learned to enjoy engaging on the platform rather than shameless plugging content, which has resulted in more blog visits!

    And yes you are right, quality is better than quantity, I would take 10 engaged followers who consume everything I write over a million strangers who I never get any interaction or feedback from!

    I also do things to embrace the journey, working on my craft such as trying to craft articles that have more SEO appeal to articles aimed at engaging and targeting particular loyal followers.

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    1. Absolutely agree with you James, you are doing well with your blog. Twitter, Facebook and other social sites are a great way to share your views and attract visitors to your site. Also quantity should be our first priority because first impression is always the last impression. SEO friendly writings is so much necessary to raise your rankings in Google.

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      1. Thank you! It’s been an ever continuing education and I still continue to find and learn from great blogs such as your own!

        In respects to quantity, I just take the view “Am I posting for the readers benefits, or my own?” therefore focus is on trying to add value, than continue to push for extra views/likes.

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    1. Ah, Dennis you are the great. Your presence among us is the sign of honor. We are nothing without our worthy seniors. We are lucky to have you as you’re a great source of wisdom for all of us. Thanks for being part of our lovely WordPress family.


  5. Thank you so much for this so needed advice. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with blogging, but like you say, if we, at some point, touch at least one person, it is all worth it! Namaste!

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    1. Namaste dear, you are right because we’re here not only for ourselves but we have to focus on helping others.
      Thank you so kind for taking your time to read out my blog post and adding your kind words. It really means a lot to me.

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    1. That’s great, welcome to the wonderful blogging community. Hope you will like and enjoy your time here. Blogging is a great source of wisdom and knowledge. You can explore the world and learn a lot from here. Hope this blog post will help to motivate you.


  6. RISING STAR… it seems you are so down to earth. The way you cherish each little happiness, I think this is why you grown these far! And.. your work is so good. Just now came to know about your page. Keep going.✌

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    1. Ah, Thank you so much Tanya for your inspirational words. It really means a lot to me. I have a got a lot of motivation from my fellow bloggers like you and many more. Each and every response gives me a lot of motivation.

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  7. Thank you for sharing your experience and helpful tips! I used to use photography to express emotions, thoughts or share stories. Through photos without titles or words, I learnt that it can touch people in a mystery way. Blogging is new to me and writng isn’t my strength but I am willing to learn. I do hope each post can inspire a person like you said or let them know that they are not alone. There are definitely so much to learn but I do enjoy this journey and reading other people’s posts like yours. It is very interesting! 🙂

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    1. Absolutely Kitti, you are expressing your emotions in an awesome way. I too love photography and also shares my photos in this blog. As I have mentioned that everyone here’s adding value in their own ways. I love that all of us are doing our best and everyone is so much supportive here. Many best wishes for your wonderful journey.

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    1. Thank you so much for your inspirational words and time to my blog. I hope you will like and enjoy blogging journey with me. These tips are really helpful and necessary for all new bloggers so that I loved to share that.


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