Do Something Today That Your Future Self will be Proud Of

I am who I am today because of the decisions I made yesterday. As for yesterday, I mean that day when I realized that my decisions had to be worth something only to me and that if others love me they will understand.

I lived wanting to make the people around me feel proud my family, my friends, my teachers, my neighbours, whoever! But wanting to make them feel proud was not a conscious goal. Rather it was something invisible that crept into every movement.

We are taught that personal pride is something individualistic and even a little selfish. It is not a word that evokes doing something good for others but when we say that we want to make someone proud. suddenly, it is the most beautiful thing in the universe and we are a good person. But why not make yourself proud?

do something today that your future self will
do something today that your future self will quote

Give yourself reasons to feel this way. For my part, just knowing that I am enough is not enough for me…

I need to do something more, to reaffirm it to myself. Pride denotes work, effort and that is why, lately, in situations such as: whether to go outside or not, sleep late or get up early, eat that piece of cake or a mango, an hour of your favorite series or one of prayer/meditation, getting drunk tonight and not remember the next day, etc… the first thing I want to ask myself is:

“Am I going to be proud of this?”

Of course, feeling proud of everything you do and what happens in your life is a little complicated. But don’t we love complicated things? Yes, don’t deny it to me, especially when it has to do with your own life. Self-analysis is very important to grow and move ahead in life. Having your clear picture can double up your move.

I am not going to regret eating those fries, those nights of cigarette smell, or losing sleep listening to a friend with a broken heart, because sweet memories are worth more when those moments become anecdotes.

It all adds up and I realized that one not-so-good decision leads to another and this one to another and this last one to a bad one. Eventually, the string of low-pride moments leaves me in a knee-deep quagmire of sleepless nights and feeling like shit.

So, I prefer to ask myself that question today and not regret it (as much) tomorrow. The self-confidence factor grows every time. I do things to feel proud of because I take care of myself and trust that whatever I’m doing is the best for me.

Today I am in a happy and proud moment.

I’m writing this article and it’s the most selfish thing I’ve done in a long time but it makes me happy and if I’m happy, the people around me are too… So, I don’t know to what extent locking myself away to write for hours is so selfish. I’m not even going to say I’m trying because I’m writing it, that’s a fact. And that’s what I know my future self is going to be proud of.

So, do something today that makes your future self smile, now is the time to do it. Day by day, step by step, I can answer yes… that every day I feel prouder of what I choose to be who I am.

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