January 2020 Photography

Here are some of the Photography pictures for January 2020. I hope you will like these pictures. It’s so simple yet eye-catching. Look at the beautiful scattered and scarred leaves of the garden and add your kind reviews. Continue reading January 2020 Photography

Love your Girls

In most of the countries, when a girl or lady wants to start something new in her life before marriage or after marriage, she faces a lot of discouragement from her family and fellow friends. She goes through a lot of discouragement before going to start something different and unexpected. Nobody looks ready to respect her emotions and accept her decision. Continue reading Love your Girls

Rawal Lake Islamabad

The most noteworthy point in the nursery offers an all-encompassing perspective on the lake, Margalla and Murree slopes, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Drifting, cruising, water skating, and jumping offices are sorted out by exclusive hangouts. In the event that you need a decent time with family or your cherished one, Rawal lake is the ideal spot to visit. Continue reading Rawal Lake Islamabad

I just wanted to confirm from you that

I have created my new blog and want to start work on that blog. So your kind opinion is very much important to me. Your response will be greatly appreciated and helpful for me. Have a wonderful 2020. Continue reading I just wanted to confirm from you that

Don't worry! Let them say

Almost all of us always want to be liked and appreciated by everyone for our talent, our nature, our achievements, and our intelligence. Sometimes we almost rely on the opinion of other peoples and we try to spend our lives according to their wishes. We always give priority to the other peoples thinking that what they think of us? Continue reading Don't worry! Let them say

Blogger Recognition Award II

I have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Carol Balawyder. Carol Balawyder is such a wonderful writer that at first I was so much surprised when I took a look at her site. She is indeed a great experienced writer. She writes for different categories. Whenever you got time don’t forget to visit her site. I hope you will like her writing. Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award II

Please! Pray for Philippine

Please! Pray for Philippine. The Philippines are on alert as volcano churn out ash, steam, and lava. Today I heard the sad breaking news that Taal Volcano started to spew ashes, now on alert level 4 and the impending doom that we are hoping not happen is just a matter of hours. Continue reading Please! Pray for Philippine

God always makes a way for you

Sometimes in life, you tired of trying hard. You tired of facing challenges in life. You think that our hardships are worthless. All your prayers are unanswered. But believe me, everything is possible and God is always there for you. God always makes a way for you that are going to eventual success. Continue reading God always makes a way for you