6 Ways To Gain Inspiration For Blogging

As a blogger, you may at times find it challenging to write because you simply aren’t inspired. It’s a very common issue, but it can be a crippling one. Losing days’ worth of Writing, and Publishing can immensely hurt your Site SEO. We will share 6 ways to Gain Inspiration For Blogging with you.

That’s why you either A) Always Need To Be Inspired, or B) Need to write in advance, and schedule in Advance as well. I highly suggest doing both. And for both of those options, you will need inspiration.

The 6 Ways To Gain Inspiration For Blogging

That’s why in this post we are focusing on 6 Ways For You To Gain Inspiration When Blogging.

1. Baths

This one is a personal beloved of mine. Oftentimes when I find myself suffering from Writers Block, or just have plain unwillingness to write I take a bath. It could be a normal bath. It could be a bubble bath. Doesn’t matter, honestly.

All that I know is that so long as the water is warm, and the house Is quiet Baths refuel that creative part of me. In fact: My best Articles are either written in the bath, or after one.

2. Enjoy Nature

The open, and natural world is a prime source of inspiration. Whether you take a walk through a local garden or go to the beach.

Take a hike, maybe? Who knows. Just go outside into nature, and enjoy it. I’ve noticed that with nature all it takes is a good 30 minutes before my inspiration well gets filled all the way up.

3. Take A Break

Sounds counterintuitive, no?

The gist of this post is telling you how to get the inspiration to write, but now I’m telling you not to even bother? Confusing. Almost as if I’m purposefully sending mixed vibes.

But actually taking a break is one of the most beneficial things a writer can do. I suggest however that before taking that break you have a bunch of content all lined up to publish on your blog that way you don’t break your Schedule.

Maybe your break is one day, it could be two. It could be three, quite possibly a week. Plan it in advance.

We writers often get worn out over time, like tires on a car. And just as tires get balled, and lose their grip so do we in a sense.

6 ways to Gain Inspiration For Blogging

4. Do A Get Together

I use my friends. Not for cash. Not a couch to sleep on. I use them for inspiration. They know this, and actually, take it as a Major complement.

Although I’m an introvert, who prefers my Chinchilla, Lizard, And two dogs over pretty much any family member, or friends I have animals that just don’t inspire as much as people.

Sure, pets are cute. But they can’t tell you stories and tales from their lives. On the other hand, a good friend can tell you of that time they got drunk and stole a “toy” from an “Adult Store”.

Try to have at least one get-together with a friend, or two once a week. You don’t even really have to talk to them, just listen, and observe if you have to. But for the love of God if you are only watching and observing make sure that you actually know the people, and they actually know you. Because if your strangers to each other one of you look like a windowless white van, pervert. Hint-Hint: It’s not them.

5. Watch A Movie Or TV Show

No Adam Sandler. No Jersey Shore. Kardashians? Nope! Watch something brilliant.

(I don’t get what people see in those shows anyways)

There’s Schindler’s List, “The Adam’s Family” (I’m talking about the original black, and white version), “Citizen Kane”, and a million other Clever shows, and movies filled with brilliant writing. Brilliant writing replenishes a writer’s Inspiration Well. This brings me to No. 6:

6. Read

If you’re the only true writer in the world who hates to read, then do some sort of Audio Book thing.

Just read something that falls in the same categories as the movies, and shows you should watch: Clever, and Brilliant.

Do you hate books? So do I. Honestly, I’m not a critic. It’s hard for me to discover a book I enjoy. Which is why I read Satire.

Satire’a is sarcastic, comedy Articles that make you think, laugh and put a smile on your face. At least for me, they do.

Some of my Blogger Friends read other blogs for inspiration. Others read listicle. “7 Crimes With An Astonishing Twist”, and things like that. What I’m trying to say is that you should read, but what it is that you read is up to you. While I don’t believe books are outdated, or old I do understand that some people just don’t have large enough attention spans, I don’t. And that’s A-OK. I read for hours a day, but I haven’t read a book in over a year.

We all find our inspiration in different Genres and Types of literature.

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