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How to Write a Blog Post?

Writing a blog post is not much that difficult task anymore. You can write a Blog Post in any of your desired way. But to make it easy to understand, readable and based on readers’ interest, researchers have described a managed way for it. There could be different ways to write a blog post according to its category, but here are a few common steps to follow in almost all types of blog posts. These steps will always be helpful for the beginners to write a blog post and publish it on WordPress Website.

how to write a blog post

This article will help you write a blog post from brainstorm and to publish it on your Blog.


As you know that a topic is the first step to write about. Select a topic for your blog post. Try to select an interesting topic that can generate readers’ interest and everyone loves to read about it. The first impression must be your last impression. Write it in a way that can attract people to click on it. e.g. In a blog post with the title, Let me reveal your Secret, Everyone would love to know his secret and will try to click on it. Your topic might also have average or above-average search results in Google. Your blog post topic will rank you in search engines. You can check it through Google Keywords Planner and UberSuggest.

2. Keywords:

After selecting a topic select keywords for your blog post. Again you can select keywords from the Google Keywords selection tool and UberSuggest. Select keywords with higher search results and low competition. Your keywords must be according to your topic and situation. Try to use your selected keywords in the first paragraphs of your blog post for good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results. You might also keep in mind the density of keywords. Don’t overuse the selected keywords and also use them in proper positions with sensible meaning.

3. Blog Style:

Select a style for your blog post. You might know different styles and types of blogs. A few of these are Insight Blogging, Piggyback Blogging, Ambition Blogging, Life Blogging, Meme Blogging, Brand Blogging, Announcement Blogging, Video Blogging, Review Blogging, Link Blogging, and List Blogging, etc. Each style and type of blog post requires a different format, so select which one illustrates better yours. Here are 20 Blog Topics that make more money in 2020.

4. Outline of Blog Post:

Just only writing a blog post will not be enough. You have to struggle a little more with its outline. Having the best outline for your blog post to get started can make how attractive and interested your blog post is. Choose a better outline before you start writing your blog post. Think about your targeted audience and your key message before writing.

5. Recheck:

Every time your article is ready to publish, don’t forget to recheck it. Check its Grammar, spelling, and punctuation. There is a larger possibility of mistakes in an article if it is not rechecked. Try to check it once or two times if possible. Such types of mistakes present a bad user experience and you can lose your worthy readers and followers. Check the readability of your article. Look at it from a readers’ perspective and make sure it is interesting and easy to read. A good user experience will help you increase your bounce rate. While (Bounce rate represents the visitors’ percentage who enter your website and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages within your site) which is a key element in SEO. The higher the bounce rate the more likely to be ranked in Google. You can analyze the readability by installing the Yoast SEO plugin, which will show you all the requirements about the readability of your article.

6. Keywords Recheck:

You still have time before publishing the article. You have made much more effort in your article so far. It will be better to recheck it as per the Keywords perspective. You can also use the Yoast SEO plugin to check the density of the selected Keywords. Use the keywords according to your blog post and also try to use your website-specified keywords in almost all the articles where possible. Here I would like to explain it with my site “It’s all about inspiration”. e.g. One of my website keywords is “inspiration”. I have used it in the title of the website URL, then I used the Title of the site, and then it is used in the Meta Description of the website. Along with all these I always try to use it in the blog posts as well to get good ranks in search engines.

7. Time to Upload:

Now it’s time to upload your article. Your blog post is absolutely ready for upload. At first, upload your article and save it as a draft. Look at its outline and set it according to a good user experience. After uploading your article to your WordPress website set the format of the headings before publishing.

8. Images:

Add Images to your article and keep the main image at the top of the post, so that it could generate readers’ interest. Research has shown that Infographics images are good for generating readers’ interest and easy to understand the main points of your blog post. Image size also matters in a blog post. Avoid uploading higher quality images because Google recommends an image less than 100KB. High-quality images take more time to upload, which is not good for the SEO of your article.

9. Links:

Before publishing your article, add Internal (Onsite) and External (Offsite) links. According to the Yoast SEO plugin, there should be at least one Onsite and one Offsite link in an article. So to complete the SEO requirement two links are a must. Also, keep in mind that these links must be in working condition and according to the situation.

10. Publish:

After adding links to your blog post, it is completely ready to publish. You can publish it either at the same time or you can schedule publish for later. It will be better to publish your post at a time when you can get more views, likes, and comments.


Here I would like to focus your concentration on one key point, which is a comment. Never underestimate the power of comments. Try to respond to every comment as soon as possible. Respond to comment gently and positively. Accept every type of comment boldly. Good comments will encourage you and will inspire you while negative comments will give you lessons and experience.

12. Social media Marketing (SCM):

Social media marketing is also important to get your post viral. Share your article on almost all social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram are some most popular Social media platforms these days. Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms among Bloggers so don’t underestimate its worth. Share your blog post among your social followers and encourage them to visit your blog and take support from them.

These are the few steps that are needed to write a blog post and publish it on a website/blog. I hope it will be helpful for all beginners and newbies. If you have any type of question/query regarding blogging, you are free to ask. Your query will be entertained on a priority based. You might also like How to make money with a Blog?

How do you write a Blog Post?

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