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10 Blog Statistics every Blogger must Know

Blog statistics always help you look around our blogs to improve their round-up. Blog studies and ideas are very important for you to get more and more success in the blog journey. Having knowledge and experience can give you fruitful results with less effort. So, never ignore such topics that give you success in your journey. It will make your ideas more clear and will make blogging interesting for you. Believe me! Blogging is fun, easy, and also interesting.

Blog Statistics:

In this article, we will study 10 fantastic blog statistics that maybe you might know or if you don’t know these, you must know these because these are very necessary to grow your blog around the web. Here’s How to start a blog and make money?

Blog Statistics
Blog Statistics

1. Visitors:

According to research, 80% of daily visits to a blog are new visitors. Work on getting more repeat visits to rank your blog in search engines and increase your domain and page authority. By building a blog email list and social media followers: blog repeated visits can be increased. New visitors are also healthy for a blog, so optimize your blog for new visitors.

2. Posts Frequency:

Blogs that post every day generate four times more leads than those that post weekly or less. Try to publish at least one blog post a day. Those who publish one post daily get 5 times more traffic to their blog. More often blogs get the highest traffic on Monday morning. Try to publish a post on Monday and make sure more people read your blog posts on Monday mornings.

3. Power of Posts:

Once you get published 51 posts. Your traffic increased by 53%. After publishing 100 posts, blog traffic increased by 3 times. And after accumulating 200 posts blog traffic increased by 4.5 times. It means the more you publish the content the more traffic and Domain and page authority will you get from search engines.

4. Content-Length Matters:

The length of words matters a lot for each post. Search engines prioritize longer posts over shorter posts. The minimum word length for a blog post must be 400 words. Try to write longer posts up to 1500-2000 words in length. Longer posts attract more backlinks.

5. Images Matters:

Images also matter in a blog post. Blog posts with more images attract more backlinks, while backlinks are the main key focus in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Backlinks help your blog get higher domain authority.

6. Social Shares:

Social sharing helps grow a blog 100 times faster. Write blog posts that can generate readers’ interest and people love to read them. Provide social sharing buttons on your blog posts, so that everyone can share them on their social media platforms. Social interaction is very much necessary for blog growth. Your blog must be connected to your social media accounts so that you can also get traffic from your social media accounts to your blog. Blog posts published on Thursday get the most social sharing. Try to publish one post every Thursday.

7. Blog Credibility:

When you create a blog, make sure it is designed flawlessly and optimized for the web. Always write quality content because it is one of the top credibility factors for a blog. Second, your blog design and look must be eye-catching and attract users. Blog design is the second main factor that affects your credibility. 41.67% of people measure the social authority of a blog by the number of social media shares it gets. People love to share only interesting and trending content.

8. Power of Followers:

As you have heard the first impression is the last impression. Having more followers on your blog is your first impression of your new visitors. Blogs having more subscribers and social media followers get more traffic and more backlinks. Along with increasing followers on a blog platform, optimize and increase your social media followers. The more you get followers the faster your blog will be grown. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some of the most popular social media platforms to connect with your blog.

9. Author Vs Authors:

Blog statistics over single vs. many authors are also interesting. About 62.69% of people feel that multiple authors add more credibility to a blog. Having more than one author can present different ideas in their own way. It could be interesting for readers to interact with many authors. Encourage people to guest post on your blog. It will be handy for you as well as for that guest poster.

10. Article Trounce Ads:

According to research near about 70% of people learn about a company and its services from articles rather than ads. Try to optimize the quality of blog content. Invest more in quality and create evergreen blog posts instead of temporary ads.

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