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Top 20 Blog Topics that make more Money in 2020

What is the best Blogging Niche for 2020?

So, you have decided to start your blog. I appreciate your decision and ensure you that if you stand still with your passion and do work consistently on your blog, success will be yours. Blogging is a vast field and you will enjoy it. There are plenty of Blog topics available and you can select the best one where you feel secure and confident. Every Blog topic is best because of its uniqueness so you need not worry about them. However, select a Blog Niche that further improves your knowledge and opens new opportunities for your future life.

Here’s What is a Blog?

In this article we are sharing the top 20 blog topics, to Earn Money Online in 2020.

Now, the question is that what should be your blog Niche or topic to work on?

Here, I will only say that there are plenty of Blog Niches and Topics and you can select anyone according to your interest. Every Blog Niche has its uniqueness and importance, has its pros and cons. You will like these blog topics and I hope these topics will help you make more money in your blogging career.

I will say, Just start it. If you will do it with passion, I ensure you that it will become your lifestyle. It will change your lifestyle according to the Topic you selected. Here are some Best 5 Blogging Tips for Beginners.

Now, let’s discuss the top 20 blog topics that will help you in 2020 to make money online.

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Top 20 Blog Topics in 2020 to Earn Money Online
Blog Topics that make more Money

Top 20 Blog Topics that make more Money in 2020

1. Tech Blogs:

The tech industry is an infinite field. There are so many different ways to decide what field is to select.

Tech is the most popular and most searched blog, having great competition. You have to stand out from your competition if you want to select a tech blog. However, you will have many competitors in this blogging field.

You can explain that the viral and most popular digital products for your blog. Tech Blogs are best at the news, reviews, and tutorials related to Tech support.

You can select either the Software or Hardware arena. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc have broad knowledge bases online. Affiliate marketing strategy is the most money-making way to get profit from Tech Blogs.

2. Beauty and Fashion Blogs:

Beauty and Fashion is a billion of dollars worth industry. I think it could be the second most popular Blog after the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online Blog. Fashion and Beauty Niche is one of the most exciting niches around.

Women around the world could be your true audience around the globe because they love to look beautiful and are excited to use different products for their beauty. Bloggers are getting good brand deals and free fashion products just by promoting to their audience.

If you are interested in this Niche and have some idea to explore new ways of Fashion and Beauty Niche, then this Topic is only for you. You can earn a lot of money by becoming an influencer in this Niche.

3. Home Decor and DIY Projects Blogs:

Home Decor and DIY Projects is a very much popular blog topic over the Internet. Women take much interest in searching about Home Decorations and decor in their home passionately. Home Decor and DIY much interesting topics on Pinterest.

If you are interested in decorating your home in new ways and interested to keep yourself updated, then this topic is good for you. You can also write your own ideas and new methods for Home Decorations and DIY projects.

You can focus your concentration in this blog on Home Decor and maintenance, Landscaping, Welding, Arts and crafts, Woodworking, and Construction, etc.

4. Health and Fitness Blogs:

Health and Fitness blog topic is another evergreen topic. If you are having any sort of life experience in the Health and Fitness field, then this is a great chance for you to select Health and Fitness Blog.

Health and Fitness Niche is a hot topic blog for people who are focused on fitness. People including me are more conscious than ever about their health and want to search online for our day-to-day problems.

Yoga exercise, weight loss tips, Dieting, Bodybuilding, Herbal medications, Physical fitness exercises, Natural Therapies, games, and Healthy Living topics are the best choice in this Niche. Almost all types of people are making thousands of online searches in this Niche.

Belly Fat, Weight Loss for Women, Hear falling and whitening solutions are a billion-dollar industry.

5. History Blog:

Writing about History is a great way to maintain your blog with useful and worthy information. People like to search for and explore history. You can create content consistently if you want to choose a blog on history.

History is popular among true readers. People want to go back in history and take the imagination of things looking at that time. Most people love to read the success stories of people who passed away decades ago.

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6. Personal Development Blogs:

If you are good at motivating and inspiring people then Personal Development Blog topic is also one of the best selections for you. Personal Development Blog topic is itself filled with a lot of motivation. If you can work on Personal Development and self-help, then why not you should choose this Niche?

No one is perfect in life. Almost everyone in the world has some limitations. If you can help people by helping them upgrade their standard of living and help them increase productivity, this might be the most perfect niche for you.

This world is full of examples of such personalities that worked on people’s lives to motivate and make them able to achieve something great in their lives. Few legends of this field are Gary Vaynerchuk, Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, Nick Vujicic, Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer, and Zig Ziglar, etc.

I would like to give the example of the ideal inspiration blog which is praised by almost every person once visited.

Some of the popular topics in Personal Development Blogs are improving self-esteem, overcoming fear, self-confidence, ways to become rich, ways to find happiness, time and goal management, improving skills and self-help, etc.

7. Politics Blog:

Politics is so much popular in today’s digital world. Choose a national or international political topic for a longer discussion and common interest, and join this conversation.

Most people from all around the world take an interest to discuss and search political matters for different countries. Although politics can be a bit risky, you have to keep yourself safe and common from all aspects. People love to discuss political matters so be prepared yourself to handle arguments. There are a lot of niche areas to be brought into exploration with a political blog.

8. Internet Marketing / Make Money Online Blogs:

Internet Marketing / Make Money Online Blogs is the most popular blog among all kinds of Internet users. Everyone wants to become rich and make money online.

If you are good at research then I will suggest you choose Internet Marketing / Make Money Online Blogs. There are millions of searches per day for this specific blog. So many people are surfing the internet for ways to make money online.

Internet Marketing / Make Money Online Blogs attract a lot of attention because of Income reports. Make Money Online is a very profitable niche. People are earning a thousand dollars per month in the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online blog.

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9. Sharing Personal Stories and Experience Blogs:

Making a story is wonderful art. If you are good at story-making, why not you should start a storytelling blog? You can draw good traffic to your blog in this way. People love to read stories and eagerly wait for the results.
You can also share personal stories and experiences with people. A well-written story will keep your readers at their seat edges.

Along with sharing personal stories, you can also write stories that attract the audience. If you can control the emotions of your readers, then you are the master of your skill. You can attract reader attention by writing stories on different topics like love, sad, horrifying, surprising, funny, serious, and knowledge-based stories.

Writing stories in a series is also a good option to control reader emotions that will be eagerly waiting for your next posts publish.

10. Car and Automobile Blogging:

Car and Automobile is also a good topic to start blogging with. Although Automation is a vast field, you’ll need to select a type like Car and Automobile or any of your interests to draw healthy traffic.

The car and Automobile topic have a very broad spectrum and you can include many topics in this blog. You can write about different types of cars like Luxury cars and Sports cars, Auto racing and Auto restoration.

You can also generate readers’ interest by describing different car and automobiles problems and different methods for their maintenance.

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11. Food and Recipe Blogs:

Food and Recipe Blog are a great way to gain traffic to your blog. If you are good and cooking and want to share your cooking thoughts, ideas and experience around the internet world, you can do it easily through a blog.

People take an interest to discover new recipes from every corner of the world. You can set Food and Recipe Blog for the national and local levels.

You can include topics in Food and Recipe Blogs Baking, Cooking basics and requirements, health-focused recipes, Cultural cookery, and Diet plan recipes, Party recipes, and holiday cooking and also safety measures for kitchens.

12. Traveling Blogs:

You know everybody loves to travel and explore different corners of the world. Traveling is so much popular topic all around the world. Everyone loves to travel or wants to start it at their earliest. Travel Blog is the dream job that many people wish to have.

Traveling blog is very much appreciated around the globe. It will have two advantages in your life. One you will enjoy your life by exploring the world and second, you can earn a sufficient amount of money online through blogging.

People want to travel to different places in the world. If you can’t afford to travel, you can get readers by your blog by helping them with different traveling advice. Any advice on how to do it at a low cost is always appreciated. Also, you can write blogs on languages required to visit different places, according to the weather and situations.

People take an interest in searching for different places in the world. You can manage a good blog by exploring the most popular visiting places of different countries in your own words based on your research. You can add ease of access to ways to reach there at low cost and the best traveling resources.

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13. Lifestyle Blogs:

Lifestyle Blogs come in many categories. Bloggers in the Lifestyle Blogs niche mostly focus on Fashion or Food or Travel. You can also select anyone in these or you can combine these as you wish.

This Niche required a little more effort from you but if you are interested and good at anyone this, you can do it perfectly. In fact, in all of the 20 Niches, all are just like a lifestyle. The topic you select will become your lifestyle over time.

Also, you can include topics like Local history, Local events, Fashion events, Cultural events, Travelling ideas, Arts and crafts, Archeology and artifacts.

This blog can become more interested if you include social media interaction among readers. In Social media, you can include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest, because people tend to use social media and your blog can become more popular in a very limited time.

14. Sports Blog:

Sports-focused topics are so much interesting and full of updates and fun. Everyone likes to know about different sports plays all around the world.

Are you a sports Lover?

A sport-focused is a very wide variety of writing. If you are in love with a particular sport or just love all sports, then a sports-focused blog might be best for sharing your knowledge and passion. You can enjoy along earning money through this blog.

You can write for any sports topic or for all sports events and types as you love to write. Sports blogs can be more viral if you write according to world championships trends. Olympic leagues and Soccer leagues are the most favorite sports topics. But you can write about almost all types of sports.

If you are good at research, then you can also manage a sports blog by defining the rules and regulations for all sports. You can also write about the history of each sport and countries favorite sports. Specific sports, specific sports events, specific sports teams, or even specific players can also be included in your Sports Blog.

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15. Music and Musicians Blogs:

Is there anybody who doesn’t love music?
Music is loved by almost all types of people. Someone has rightly said that music is the food for the soul. Would you believe that I’m writing this blog and at the same time I’m listening to music in my native language?

There are so many music lovers’ presents all around. If you too love music, you can also set up a Music Blog. You would wonder that there is also much competition available in the music and musician blogs.

Yes, but you can write reviews for music too in this blog. You can write about musicians all around the world. Music can also be included in the Music blog.

Writing about different cultural music, different instruments used for music, musicians, music groups and popular bands are also appreciated all around.

16. Parenting Blogs:

If you have good parenting ideas then Parenting Blog will be a wonderful option for you. You will always find parents looking for your good ideas about parenting.

Blogging moms and dads have conferences and get-togethers everywhere, teaching people to follow in their footsteps is always appreciated around the country. Parents always do their best to groom their kids in a better way. If you are interested and have good ideas of parenting then you are the best to start a parenting blog.

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17. Amazon Niche Blogs:

Amazon Niche Blogs are also very much popular among people. You can do Affiliate Marketing Amazon Niche Blog. Through Affiliate Marketing you will get a commission from Amazon if someone purchases from your Amazon-provided Affiliate link.

In this blog, you will be required to write reviews for Amazon products. If your reviews and writing were such that people love to visit Amazon from your provided Amazon links then this Niche is best for you.

18. Arts and Entertainment Blogs:

If you are passionate write reviews on books, comics, movies, dramas, games, and series. You can attract a lot of traffic and can build a true audience in this Niche. In Arts and Entertainment Blogs you have to generate audience interest with your writing skills.

Everyone has a specific interest in books, comics, movies, dramas, games, and series. You can attract such people to your blog and can make a sufficient amount of money from it.

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19. Photography Blog:

Photography Blog is one of my favorite blogs. If you are a photographer and love photography then photography is the most suited blog for you. You can also share photography techniques and gain readers’ interest by sharing views of each photo.

Photography included so much fun and amusement in it. You can use your photography expertise and take photos with your unique angles.

You can attract the audience with your beautiful sceneries and landscape photography. Moreover, you can earn money from photography blogs by approving Google Ad-sense and also you can directly sell your photos.

20. Education and Learning Blogs:

If you are interested in teaching and can teach online then Education and Learning blog is for you. People today are interested in online learning. In this way, they can save money and time as well.

E-learning is going to be popular day by day on the Internet. In Amazon Niche Blog you can create your online course and sell it according to your choice.

You can teach online Educational subjects, Copyrighting, Graphics, 3D designing, coding, Literature, Yoga, Social Media Marketing, Make Money Online, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Internet marketing, etc.

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As I have said earlier that every blog topic has its unique importance. There are so many other topics with which you can generate a good income. You need to select the topic that best describes your personality. Your Niche is going to become your lifestyle. So select the topic that is easier for you and you are confident on that topic.

The responsibility to share your information and understanding of various specific or general topics is a noble responsibility. Your commitment to increasing your knowledge and passing that knowledge to others through a blog can be very rewarding.

I hope that my guide to the most popular blog topics for 2020 will help you. If you have got an idea from the above 20 most making money blog topics of 2020,


what are you waiting for?

Don’t hesitate anymore, get started creating your blog today. Yes, only the first step is difficult for you as it was also difficult for me too.

So, Which Blog Topics are your favorite ones?

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