The Content Marketer’s Guide to: The 18 Types of Content we all Need

Content Creation is one of the favorite hobbies for writers. It today’s digital era we all need some basic types of content that fulfill our desires and daily needs. Creating content isn’t difficult anymore. However, Content marketing is quite challenging for content marketers because it requires a bit of efforts to decide what type of content should be creating and what people are looking for. What people need to read and what types of content would have the maximum possibility to be ranked by Google and other Search Engines?

Content marketer could be anyone. Anyone who is creating some type of content whether it should be published in a news paper, a magazine, a website or a blog, or any of the social media platforms? All types of content are created to get sells, to get reviews or to get attraction of people around the world. In short we all are creating some type of content in our daily lives. However, the effective definition of Content marketer is, “A content marketer is responsible for the preparation, creating, and sharing of priceless content to attract and convert projection into customers, and customers into reiterating buyers”. However, the content type the content marketers depends upon the business and content what he sells.

Types of Content

In this blog post we are going to share 18 types of content with the Content Marketer’s.

Why a blogger need to know about these 18 types of writings?

Because we (all bloggers) look for content that surprise our audience and give new ideas about content writing. Moreover, having knowledge of each type of content makes blogging easier and give us opportunity to write about any of the desired blog topic.

1. Life is Too Short:

Almost all of us want to read the content that reminds us, Life is too short to waste in activities that are of no benefit.

2. Believe:

Content that gives us faith and believe for bigger things. We all are following different big things in life. We all have faith in those things, to further clarify and strengthen our beliefs, we search for related types of content. That is a way to learn new things and that we are living our lives.

3. Show us our Worth:

Everyone loves to search for the content that shows us our value and worth. The content that reminds us that we matter in one way or the other. Here’s a Guide to Write Content for SEO.

4. Never give up on your Dream:

Dreams can come true anytime, anywhere. So, never give up on your Dreams. We love to read content that inspire us to never give up on the dreams because dream can come true. Yes, Believe me! Everything is Possible.

5. Story:

In my opinion everyone in the world loves to read stories. Stories that have some emotional involvement attract us more over the others. However, it depends on the story and the person who writes the story, that how much he can hold a reader to read the story. In short, Story writing and telling a fun and great way to play with emotions.

6. Unexpected Twist in Content:

People love to crave and read content that has some type of unexpected twist. Some people read it for fun and some crave it as a hobby. Here’s a Guide to Get Success in Blogging.

7. Content full of Inspiration:

People at every stage of life need some motivation and inspiration. This inspiration can be of any type whether he is a child, a teenage, a jobless person or a person at an elder stage. Content full of inspiration is read out by everyone. People read out content that give them inspiration to take actions rather than sitting idle or living in dreams.

8. Funny Content:

We love to search content that gives us chuckle and smile. Reading content after a long day busy routine amuses us in an awesome way. You might also like, 7 Things you must have to Start a Blog.

9. Sad Content:

Isn’t it weird that there are people who love to read sad content. It could be a sad story, an incident or could be content of any type that makes people cry or where it turn tears of joy into sadness. I think these would be sad people. What is your experience in this regard?

10. Surprising Content:

We love to read content that gives us a surprise at the end. The twist in this type of content makes us change in emotions suddenly at some point. Also people shocked by news related to Politicians and showbiz stars, and they also search for the scandals of such type of famous personnel’s.

18 types of Content for Content Marketers

11. Dream can come True:

People love to search for article that reminds us dream can come true. Articles that inspire us to never give up on your dreams. Such like, Never Give up on Your Dreams!

12. Secret Reveal:

Everyone has secrets but unfortunately everyone loves to reveal others secrets. There’s an unconditional joy in reading and revealing others secrets. I have my secrets but I love to look at your secrets. And you won’t believe that I have already revealed some of your secrets. Here you can see your secrets; Let me Reveal yours Secrets.

13. Demand Do More:

People look for content that remind them “Do More”. There are still a lot for you that need to be done. Maybe you have a done a lot but such type of writings reminds, Look around you, you have a world and you need to do more to make your world more beautiful.

14. Assumption Confirmation:

We look for articles and blog posts that are written for our assumptions confirmation. Moreover, we search for articles that give you a fresh point of view even about common things.

15. Educational:

We learn from the very first day till the last breath of our lives. We learn from everything belong to us. However we also make a research to learn new things and always look for educational content. The Educational search writing also has higher search rate over the Internet.

16. Entertainment:

Entertainment makes our lives happier and enjoyable. People spend more of his time over Internet and social media platform in search of Entertainment content. Here’s a List of 15 Major SEO Mistakes to Avoid as a Blogger.

17. Tour and Traveling:

We love to read content that takes us on a long journey and give us a tour of different corners of the world. This type of content we need to know get knowledge different cultures and peoples of different areas and also search for different ways to visit those areas by the easiest possibility.

18. Sports:

There are a huge number of people crawling news and information about different types of sports. Though, Sport is famous in almost all age of people but teens take a great interest in news about sports. Everyone has his own choices when we talk about sports. Some love to search for Soccer leagues, some people are looking for cricket, some for hockey and some for wrestling. In short, there is an enormous amount of sports search traffic over the Internet.

Which Type of Content you search the most over the Internet?

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  3. Informative post. I would like to add that there are two ways of presenting any thing in writing world. First is non- fictional. For that I referred to the book “On writing well by William zimser.” This book gives wonderful tip’s for writing non fiction, scientific articles, traveling,life history. Second type of write up is fictional.But Ultimately in any write up or presentation depends on way of presentation, writing tone,ups,downs, turning, twist and last but not least is beautiful closure of the post or session with remarks or asking the audience or challenging the audience. Thanks 🙏👌👍

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