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SEO has become increasingly complex since Google started to change the algorithms time to time. Write content on a daily basis and write for SEO. It’s now become a challenge for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) engineers to overcome all its requirements in a true manner. However, always try your best write content for SEO. However, Tools have made SEO easier. Here is a list of, 6 Top Tools to Check SEO Results. It is also a challenge for writers and website owners to find topics that are suitable for SEO and can be ranked in Search Engines. SEO Writing for Beginners needs is quite challenging but not impossible. Those who are best to write content for SEO are always hired by large businesses. I will share SEO content writing tips with you in this blog post. Here are the, Top 5 most Important SEO Tips for Bloggers. So,

What is SEO writing?

SEO writing is not much difficult from others writing, but only have the ability to be loved and ranked by Search Engines. SEO writing help a content to be easily crawled by a Search Engine and ranked on top search position. Here are listed some of the Benefits of SEO. However, at an early stage of your blogging, you need to avoid some blogging mistakes. Here are the list of, 15 Top SEO Mistakes to Avoid as a Blogger.

write Content for SEO

How to Write SEO Friendly Article?

Here are the 7 easier Tips to write SEO friendly Article. I hope if you will follow these steps, you can easily become SEO content writer with least efforts. Here are the, SEO Statistics Results and Facts.

1. Topic matters to write SEO content:

Select a topic that must be of readers’ interest and perfectly related to your knowledge and research. Moreover, add important keywords in your content. Focus on the main topic and add synonyms, variations, and related words throughout the content. Write your content in a natural way that can generate readers’ interest. People do research on every selected topic for using the best keywords so that Google can reward them for their efforts. Click to explore 6 Most Popular Blog Topics in 2020.

2. Keyword Optimization:

Optimize your main keyword in every part of your content. Add your keyword in the URL. Your topic URL (Uniform Resource Locator) actually includes the title of your content. So adding your keyword in the title will add it in the blog post URL. Adding your keyword at the start of your title is also preferred. But you can use it anywhere as according to the adjustment of your topic.

  • Use your main keyword in the first hundred words of your content.
  • You can also use Bold and Italic fonts for your main keywords as it will be of interest to search engines like Google.
  • Add your keyword in the alt attributes to the images you upload in your content, preferably the first.

Moreover, Keywords selection in SEO writing matters a lot. Here are the, 10 Tips to select Best Keywords for your Website.

Use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in your content. Google is looking for certain words and combination of words as a sign that you are writing about a specific topic. Research and add all the synonyms and related areas for your topic. Add these words throughout your content as in headings and sections. Keep your content structure natural. Don’t artificially change content and sentence structure to adjust these new words. The Ultimate SEO Checklist for 2020.

3. Content Format:

Break your content format into small sentences and paragraphs. Small sentences and paragraphs are always of readers’ interest. Make use of headings and sub-headings like h2, h3, etc. Add bullets to break up lists. Use number bullets it there is an order in the content.

4. A headline in SEO Content:

Craft a stunning headline for your content. Your content headline is the first impression on your readers. If you succeeded to craft a stunning headline, there’s nothing to stop your content from being spread over the internet through sharing on social media.

5. Links in writing SEO content:

Internal links are also essential in writing SEO content. Link to authoritative and relevant content within yours so that it could help in boosting less authoritative content. Link your content with new and old content for better SEO results. Find the most ranking content and link it with other content within your site. Therefore, in this way you can Boost your weaker content with links from more powerful content.

You might also be interested in 15 best SEO Tools Every Blogger must Know.

6. Content-Length:

The long Content form also matters in SEO but make sure you are writing longer content for a good reason. It must be according to your audience’s desires and as per topic requirements. Don’t just write content to make it longer without any good reason. You won’t rank higher if your readers don’t show interest in reading your content.

7. Write for People:

Don’t only write what you love to write and share. Write for people who also use search engines. Write your content for people first. But keep in mind that you need to optimize for keywords too to get traffic from Google. Rand Fishkin says; Write for people who use search engines. However, this might only possible if you could perfectly make research on keywords. Google Keyword Planner and Google trends can help you find best-ranking keywords and most trending topics.

So finally, here is, How to Rank Website in Google.

What’s your strategy for writing SEO content?

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