Let me Reveal your Secret

Do you know, Today I’m going to reveal your utmost secret?

Hey! are you ready to listen to your secrets? I going to reveal all your secrets today. So get ready for it. Yes, You listened correctly. But you need not worry about it. Because I’m not such that rude to show you in an unpleasant way because I haven’t found anything bad in you. I will always be to reveal your secrets.

Yes, you are very beautiful. Believe me! You are really beautiful than many others. If someone is not accepting this fact, you need not worry about them, because they are unable to judge you properly. Stop thinking about what others are saying about you. Because you are the boss of yourself.

Have somebody revealed to you the secret that you are so much beautiful?

You are born to make history. You are filled with much positivity and trying your best to add value to peoples’ lives. If you are here, then you can’t be unfilled with goodness. You are treating everyone related to you in your own way. If people don’t like that, it doesn’t your fault. It is all because of the way people treated you. Also, it’s all because of the situations you have suffered and still suffering.

Secret Reveal

I believe that every single one of us is so much beautiful. We all are filled with positivity and goodness. I saw that there’s a beautiful person inside you and me too. But many times the scars in life make it difficult for us to come out. Sometimes we fail to reveal our inner potential to the world due to certain circumstances. We all try out best to add value in people’s lives, but can’t get access to the real way we want.

The world is filled with strange people including naysayers. They pretend to be good creatures. They are humans by face but empty with humanity. Also, they try to show fake sympathy to people just for the sake of their own interests. These people take so many benefits from their good-looking fake behavior. They are responsible for all the bad situations.

I would like to just pray that “May Lord keeps all of us safe from such people!

secrets Reveal

You know that there are people among us that hurt people just by saying nothing. The way they deal with and their facial impressions, sometimes enough to break the hearts of innocent people. Many others hurt people with their words or physical abuse. Here’s Body Language: Everything You Should Know About Body Language.

Are you still in doubt of your lovely secrets?

The world is full of innocent and needy people. The truth is that they have suffered a lot or they are still suffering, and they need love. Our pure sympathy, smile, and love can make their day and even their lives. They are waiting for our love and safety.

If you found such people around you, you can change their rude behavior just by making a few and very simple efforts. You can add value to their lives with your goodness and the secrets of love-filled in you. Reach to such people and try to fill brightness in their lives up to a level you afforded.

I love reveal Secrets

If you are unable to find such people around you, then you are required to take a look once again in a little bit of a different way. I am pretty sure you will soon be able to see people that are eagerly waiting for your kindness.

If you succeeded to bring change even in a single person’s life then, believe me! You are the most successful and most beloved person in the world. You can’t imagine what you have achieved. In fact, you have placed the first step of the ladder and now this ladder will take you to the peak of greatness. So you should feel proud of yourself.

At the end, I would again say the Believe me! Everything is Possible.

Do you love your Secrets?

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83 Responses

  1. eob2 says:

    Any underestimate themselves, whether physically, mentally or for our uniqueness.

    • Rising Star says:

      Yes, absolutely right and I am fully agree with your sayings. That’s why I say most of the time that don’t underestimate your worth. Sorry for the late response.

  2. The way to light says:

    Great post..as long as we breathe we can do something good even if it is a simple thing..
    Moreover we should not judge other people..the intentions of everyone of us is only known by God..
    Keep writing Kiramat 🌹🎶🙏

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely right and thank you most kindly Sohair for your agreeing to my writing and inspiring me. It really means a lot to me. Sorry for the late response dear. I hope you don’t mind.

      • The way to light says:

        You are welcome and you can respond at any time..we all have our personal life and we can understand that..keep giving dear Kiramat ⚘👍

      • Rising Star says:

        Ahh, that’s so nice of you Sohair, thanks for the being part of this wonderful WordPress blogging community and thanks for your sharing your wonderful beliefs. I really love to see you here and it gives me pleasure to have nice meeting with you.

      • The way to light says:

        Thanks a lot Kiramat..so kind of you my friend..Your posts have a message always…keep going and keep the good work..Have a great Friday 😊🎶⚘

      • Rising Star says:

        Thanks dear and have a blessed Friday you too. I am just returned back from peaceful Friday prayer. In your side there will be still time for it.

      • The way to light says:

        May Allah accept your prayers and supplication..yes..here ..there will be 40 minutes beforethe prayer…
        God bless you 😊👍⚘

      • Rising Star says:

        Ameen Suma Ameen. Thanks a lot for your time and kind words.

      • The way to light says:

        Welcome dear Kiramat 😊

      • Rising Star says:


  3. Judy Kim says:

    Great post. I think Kindness is a good judge of character. Some people are so strange, capable of hurting others for pleasure and others sacrifice their happiness for others. I think we can’t be perfect but we can try to be kind. But when others are hurting you, it’s important to not let them, I think being good isn’t equal to accepting abuse. That used to confuse me, I thought being good meant taking the bad from others and forgiving them. Good to protect yourself from toxic people, they will keep abusing you as long as you let them. That’s been my experience.

    • Rising Star says:

      You are absolutely right Judy and I am fully agree with your sayings. It’s good option to keep yourself away from such people that abuse. In fact abusing is the food of their soul. They can’t remain stable until they don’t abuse someone. In my opinion if good thing could be, if we never focus our concentrations on such people abusing can de motivate them. Toxic people are present in each society and they are making people’s lives miserable. I think you will be agree with me Judy?

  4. Great post! Your title got me curious 🤭
    I agree with most of your propositions.

    • Rising Star says:

      Ouch, thank you most kindly Temi. Thanks for the inspiring words and time to my blog. Would you believe that I completed the whole article of 560 words and it was still without title. It take an hour from me to select the title.

  5. Rising Star says:

    Absolutely right, we can do what we want to do if we do it with passion.

  6. This blog shows your pure beautiful inner mind. There are very few who can write like this. Keep on doing goods and spreading loves. May God bless you.

    • Rising Star says:

      Ahh, thank you most kindly for your such inspiring response. You have boosted up my confidence level and gave me a lot of inspirations. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read out my blog post and adding your worthy words. It really means a lot to me.

  7. Rising Star says:

    Thank you most kindly dear for your time and kind words. Means a lot to me. I hope you are doing well?

  8. KINDNESS says:

    Shalom 😌🌟 Rising Star 💫 sigh of relief from my kindness 🌟✌️🕯️🕯️Shalom Master

  9. Rising Star says:

    Thanks dear, how much you liked that

  10. Rising Star says:

    Awww, thank you so much dear for inspiring me. I don’t know how I thank to you for your kind support.

  11. Rising Star says:

    You are always such a nice person Tanya

  12. Rising Star says:

    I’m honored dear 💞🤗💞

  13. Rising Star says:

    Wow, wow, I am once again honored Tanya. Keep it up.

  14. Rising Star says:

    Yeah, it was just a single test scheduled on last Sunday. It was done but the results are in progress. I hope it will be uploaded soon in the upcoming days. I am still hopeful for the best.

  15. Rising Star says:

    Thanks Tanya, what about your results?

  16. Rising Star says:

    Oh, isn’t it good. I think its first devision at all?

  17. Rising Star says:

    Would you believe, I’m at B+ from the very first class uptil now. It has affected me so much that my blood group also changed to B+ve.

  18. Rising Star says:

    I think you should sleep now, its going to be late for you, isn’t so???

  19. Rising Star says:

    Pleasures mine dear 🤗

  20. Rising Star says:

    Ok Tanya, Have a very blessed night.

  21. SweetAngel18 says:

    I totally agree. Anything can be possible just sometimes thinking its not makes it no longer possible

    • Rising Star says:

      Yep Sweet Angel, you are absolutely right and I am fully agree with your sayings. Sometimes the fair of success does not let us take the first step and then we accept that we are happy at what we are. Stepping out of comfort zone requires a little bit of motivation and self belief.

  22. nfa7 says:

    This motivation post was much needed! Thank you for this! Not everyone remembers that they’re special, in fact they spend all their time trying to forget the feeling of feeling unspecial!

  23. SHRUTI DUBEY says:

    Yeah, one needs to believe in one’s inner self and everything else fall’s in place.

  24. J Pritchett says:

    The world is full of good people. If you can’t find one, be one.

  25. Haley Scully says:

    I love this message! I agree that love and kindness are always the best methods. We should absolutely build each other up, rather than tear each other down. 💗

  26. Maryam Nawaz says:

    Great post.
    Made my day 😊
    Yes I’m beautiful 😍

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