How to Optimize Video for Search Engines|VSEO (Video SEO)

This SEO article is about VSEO also called Video SEO. Research has shown that videos and Infographics have a great impact on the audience as compared to Text. Optimizing web pages for search isn’t the only way to get your availability noticed online. Creating search engine-friendly videos gives you an interactive advantage over the plain text results. Videos are a great alternative for consumers who are not interested in reading text-based content but instead would like to watch their visual content. Creating videos isn’t so easy because you need to take care of too many things and a lot of effort is required in completing a video and getting it ready for publishing. But if you are already mastered creating great video content then don’t stop yourself to optimize your videos for Search Engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc.

In today’s VSEO article, we are going to share VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) Factors with you to optimize video for Search Engines. I’m pretty sure that these VSEO tips will be helpful for you to rank your videos in Search Engines.  

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Video SEO
VSEO (Video SEO)

Optimize Video for Search Engines|VSEO (Video SEO)

Research has shown that six things should be kept in mind to create video content and to optimize it for Search Engines. These factors are Video File Name, Title, Description, Categories, Tags, and Visibility. In fact, each part is equally important in highly video Optimization for Search Engines.

1. Video File Name:

After completing your video the last step you will need to take is to the video to your device. But remember, when saving your video after completion; choose a Search Engine friendly keyword file name. It should not be the default timestamp name assigned by the software.

Here are the 10 Essential On-Page SEO Factors to Rank your Website in Google.

2. Title in Video SEO:

Before publishing your video, make research for the best suitable keywords for your video. You will need to provide an SEO optimized title for your video by using relevant keywords. In order to be shown first in Google search results craft an attractive title. Keep your Title short, Specific, and eye-catching as it will bring you High CTR (Click through Rate). Here is a step by step guide to Select the Right Keywords for a Website.

3. Description of Video:

After crawling your video title, Google crawls its description. The key to optimizing your video description for search is including rich and relevant content. Don’t forget to include a URL at the beginning of the description with the HTTP protocol and your site prefix, for example ( otherwise it won’t show up as a link. Moreover, include relevant keywords used in the video, in the description also to rank higher.

4. Categories:

Assigning a category to your video will make it easier for Search Engines to segregate and ghettoize. Choosing a category group your video in with similar videos. This expands the reach of your videos, allowing new viewers to discover them.

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5. Tags:

In information systems, a tag is a Metadata. It is a keyword or a term assigned to a piece of information. This kind of metadata helps define an article and allows it to be found by Search Engines via browsing or searching. So, don’t forget to add relevant tags. They allow you to add relevant keywords that wouldn’t fit into the description naturally. Tags should be 1, 2, or 3 to 4 words, with each set separated by a comma. Here are the 15 Best SEO Tools Every Blogger Must Know.

6. Visibility:

Make sure your video visibility is set to the public “if you don’t want to keep it private or available for fewer people”. In order to make it visible to everyone, set it to public otherwise all of your optimization efforts will have been in vain.

So, where to share your videos?

YouTube may be the most popular video-sharing site, but it isn’t the only one. To get more and more views and shares, you can go for Social Media, Dailymotion, Twitch, Crackle, and Vimeo video marketplace, etc.

How do you optimize your Videos for Search Engines?

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