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How to Become an SEO Expert | A Beginners Guide to SEO

SEO in itself is an interesting subject or you can say a topic. SEO is no doubt a vast field of learning and facing challenges over the Internet. Some people avoid it because its algorithms change regularly. Some found it interesting as they love to take risks and apply new techniques to their SEO strategy. SEO on the other hand very useful for a website or a blog to get organic traffic from Google search results. SEO is no doubt interesting but it is also complicated. You as an SEO expert need to look at all the corners of your website. SEO for a website, as the site, grows and content increases become more complicated.

Hiring an SEO expert is indeed a question mark for small businesses, websites, and blogs. According to the study, most of the small websites and blogs run without a good SEO strategy. However, already established businesses do not underestimate the power of SEO because they know that SEO can double their website traffic and their income as well. While people have small websites and blogs, apply SEO techniques by themselves, or leave it without taking the headache. Here are the 10 Essential On-Page SEO Factors to Rank your Website in Google.

However, if you are a “Do it yourself” kind of person, this is the ultimate guide to becoming an SEO expert. Here’s a complete guide for you to become an SEO Expert and provide SEO services throughout the Internet.

Things to Handle as an SEO Expert:

1. The SEO Ground Realities and Rules:

As an SEO Expert, you should remember that there are over 200 factors that Google keeps in mind to rank a website. Google crawls each and everything related to your blog or website. After a complete study and in-depth examination, Google determines a website’s ranking. Here’s How to Write Content for SEO?

How to become an SEO Expert

2. Visitors Role in your SEO win:

Keep in mind that you are writing for people. Your readers and audience have a great share in ranking your website on Google. Write for people and write quality content and I assure you; that you will win in the eyes of Google. Google thoroughly observes the Bounce rate of your website and that is only possible if you are creating epic content that the audience loves to read and share. The Bounce rate is the time a user spends on your website before leaving it. The longer a reader stays on your site the higher will be the Bounce rate. Here are the, 15 Top SEO Mistakes to Avoid as a Blogger.

3. Hiring an SEO Expert:

Nothing beats hiring a real and experienced SEO expert. There are too many freelancers available in every freelance marketplace who claims that they are expert in SEO but in reality, they aren’t. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a real SEO expert.

You can find many SEO experts after reading their profile descriptions and people’s remarks. So, if you want to hire an SEO expert for your website read people’s remarks, comments, and grading before hiring someone. Where, Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru are some of the highly recommended Freelancing platforms.

4. Website Hosting:

Hosting is also important for your website to get good ranks on Google. Hosting keeps your site/blog alive and ensures its online availability. The proper hosting service determines your website. If you want your site to grow, don’t go for cheap hosting services. Before purchasing a hosting service, check the uptime and site uploading speed, for faster uploading. The higher uptime and fast loading will help your content load quickly whenever a user makes a related search using Google or other Search Engines.

5. Website Theme:

Finding a Theme for your website can be challenging. A theme is the real-time presentation of your webpage a user will experience. Install a theme that is user-friendly and also Mobile friendly.

Moreover, Avoid using gadgets that are of no use. Because using too many JavaScript and CSS files may slow down your site speed and the end results will not be satisfactory.

Google also checks for the Mobile friendliness of a website as it has now become an essential part of SEO. You can get Themes from WordPress Library, ThemeForest, Mojo Themes, and Genesis, etc.

6. Plugins for WordPress:

Plugins are small programs that help efficiently handle specific functions on a WordPress website. Also, Plugins made it simple and easier to run and manage a WordPress website. There are thousands of plugins available in the WordPress library that will help to control and fulfill your website requirements. Here are the, 10 Tips to Select the Right Keywords for a Website.

WordPress plugins are going to be the bread and butter of your ultimate guide to SEO. WordPress also has plugins that help in the better SEO of a website. Yoast is one of the widely used SEO plugins that you can use to make your website performance and SEO better than ever before. Yoast SEO takes care of most of the SEO factors you need to do and has a wonderfully managed section for social SEO.

7. Cache Plugins:

Cache Plugins improve the SEO and user experience of your website by increasing website performance and reducing load times by clearing the cache regularly. There are bundles of cache plugins available in the WP Library.  Here are, The 10 most common On-Page SEO Issues.

However, two of the Cache Plugins are:

  • W3 Total Cache: W3 Total Cache performs Search Engine (SEO) and Performance Optimization (WPO) via caching.
  • W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by improving server performance, reducing download times, caching your site, and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration. And
  • WP-Optimize“ Clean, Compress, Cache: WP-Optimize” Clean, Compress, Cache Boost your site speed and performance through caching. Clean the database, compress images, and cache your site for higher-speed loading & SEO.

So, here’s, What are the Benefits of SEO for a Website/Blog?

8. Content Delivery Networks (CDN):

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) is a tool that saves all your static content and data across multiple online servers around the world. Bluehost and Squarespace have automatic CDN built into them. If you don’t have a CND, check out MaxCDN.

How much time does your site take to load?

9. Website Speed:

Your website loading is one of the key factors in determining your SEO ranking.

How to check the site loading Speed?

To check site loading speed, go to the Google Site Speed Insights page and type in your site URL to check website speed. The 15 Best SEO Tools Every Blogger Must Know.

10. Image Optimization:

Images are one of the most affecting reasons your site takes so long to load. Upload images that are smaller in size and that don’t pixelate. You can use free image compressing tools to resize your images. For example Simple Image Resizer.

11. Image SEO:

When creating and choosing images to upload with your content, there are three SEO steps to keep in mind. These are:

  1. Save the file with the keywords you are looking to achieve.
  2. Don’t go spam crazy with too many keywords. Two or three will work perfectly for your blog post.
  3. Make sure your Images are crawlable by Google. Add a Google Sitemap to Google Search Console. In the case of WordPress.com hosting, it will be done automatically for you by WP.

The Top 5 Most Important SEO Tips for Bloggers.

12. Headline, Page Title, Meta Description:

Bad Headlines can kill anyone’ Business. Here’s how you can create a headline for humans and Google bots.

  • Write headlines that pack an SEO punch and feel like a creative catchy headline.
  • Write a different article title and page title. Where an Article title is what you want to show your reader. A page title is what you show to Google bots.
  • Repeat the second one and add a Meta description for heavily searched terms.

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13. Sitemaps:

A sitemap is an XML file that tells Google and other major search engines where to go on your site. You can add your sitemap file by copying it from your WordPress site and pasting it in all the major search engine Search Consoles or Webmaster Tools.

In the WordPress dashboard, Go to ==> Tools ==> Marketing ==> Trafic ==> Scroll down to Generate XML sitemaps

SEO Expert

But if you are using the Yoast SEO plugin, producing and serving Google is easy. The SEO Statistics Results and Facts.

14. BackLinks:

Backlinks or reference links are links pointing to your website from other websites. The links are the bread and butter of Google’s algorithm.

Here’s The Ultimate SEO Checklist for 2020.

Backlinks from Higher Domain Authority Sites have a great impression on the SEO of your website. The more high-quality links pointing to your site, the better will be the search results. To achieve this, make great content, reach out to people, and build links over time.

So, What do you do with the SEO of your website?

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