Love Your Passion

Love your Passion. People sacrifice their entire lives working in professions that they completely don’t like to, but just because they have earned a degree in that subject, they just keep going with this reason. We all need to identify and sort out our potential. A passion gives you a reason Continue reading Love Your Passion

Don’t Be Jealous

Jealousy is the most abhorrence act that wastes our positive energy. People waste their energy and time by judging others rather than taking it positively and make a move forward in their life. Those who have no milestones and goals in their lives, keep an eye on the success of others and this is so called habitual jealousy. Continue reading Don’t Be Jealous

Humanity rise when we lift someone

Humanity is all about being selfless. Thinking about others, showing Empathy and Care is called humanity. Humanity is the basic building block of love and Empathy. The system of the World is in motion due to Humanity. Continue reading Humanity rise when we lift someone


Don’t judge me. Don’t judge me for my mistakes. I don’t understand why do people waste their time by judging me. I know I’m not perfect, and I don’t live to be, but before you start pointing fingers at me, make sure your hands are clean and clear.” No one is perfect. Ask a simple question to yourself. Will judging others help you? If not, then why to waste time by judging others.

Continue reading “NEVER MIND! DON’T JUDGE ME”