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Humanity Rise when we Lift Someone

Humanity Rise when we Lift Someone. Humanity is all about being selfless. Thinking about others, showing empathy and care is called humanity. Humanity is the basic building block of love and Empathy. The system of the World is in motion due to Humanity. Many peoples and charities are making their efforts to raise Humanity. Many people are living with the aim of helping others and raising Humanity. They have spared their lives to make the world a peaceful and loving place.

We can change the world into peaceful heaven by doing actions. Lifting others is a selfless act of doing good deeds to needy people without expecting a monetary gain. We are here in this world for a limited amount of time, so let’s utilize this time productively by adding value to others’ lives. Removing an obstacle from a way of passing or helping someone in crossing the road is not just a little thing, but these are the things that show our way of helping humanity.

Humanity is being selfless

But one thing I would like to add here is that humanity is not just helping and raising human beings. As a human, we are the most powerful creatures on the land. We are superior to all other creatures like (animals, birds, and plants, etc). And, we have the mind to think and act, so we should utilize our thinking power in a positive way to show empathy and care for every creature around the World. We should never misbehave with other creatures rather than we should help them as much as possible. Moreover, we can do a lot for them by making little effort. Providing food to animals and birds and watering Plants well in time are some of the sense-making efforts from our side.

As you know better than Pollution and Global Warming is one of the major problems of today’s world. Humans, animals, birds, and forests all are strongly effecting due to pollution and global warming. Thousands of creatures are disappearing from the world due to global warming. Here what is required is to take action on a government and individual basis to overcome these two major problems. Rules for the hunting of wildlife should be strictly described and followed. Cutting trees should be an International crime and everyone must be answerable. Trees plantation should be started on an emergency basis. Because if we will be healthy and fit, will be able to raise humanity.

Humanity Rise When we Lift Someone

I have understood the purpose of my life. I’m doing my bit by inspiring and motivating people living in this lovely world. I always wished to reach out to the voice and feelings of my heart to as many people around the world. As it’s not been possible to reach out the voice to the entire human’s in the world, but I’m struggling a lot to reach out as much as possible.

Let’s help out each other in our own capacity as the end of that’s all which is going to matter the most. We can rise in the eyes and hearts of others by spreading love and kindness. When you help someone, maybe it is a small thing for you but it could be an unbelievable wish for somebody. We should never hesitate to help others whenever we got even a very little chance.

I’m alone nothing but a small creature. I can’t do anything without your help support. I’m writing inspired just because of your help, support, and appreciation. Your inspirations admire me to write more and more. We altogether are a powerful community on this Land of love and peace and we can change the world with unity. If everyone contributes a little according to their affordability, it could be a great change one day.

Am I right, We Rise By Lifting Others?

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46 Responses

  1. If humans are “devolving” and also having a current focus on themselves, as we do through “self-identity”, then I am not surprised that we associate ourselves with animals, that we want to protect animals, and give them their freedom.

    However, there is an underlying meaning that I am not sure people comprehend…

    I’ll express it…

    When we aid animals, it is only because of a current society that encourages the need to “understand yourself”, which always creates the process of devolution; and this means, in case nobody has noticed, that when we focus on the past, on “inward discovery”, on “identity”, then according to Nature, we will begin to aid what we “once were”.

    Once upon a time, we scorned an animal, whether we called a human a “dog”, or told a human to “be better”. Nowadays, we call such vocabulary “insensitive”, and say that a “dog” should not be used as an insult. We also dislike to be “judged” or “criticized”.

    When humans find comfort in animals, and eat only plant life and vegetation, they are becoming animals, themselves. We have nothing to fight for, in this case, besides everything that is beneath us. No tyrant to pull down, because as animals, those “tyrants” are called the “government” and are now the “humans”.

    That is, now that we are animals, or upon that state where we will “protect ourselves”, be “independent”, or “discover ourselves”, we will actually sympathize and be loyal to our masters.

    Sure, we’ll form families, though we’ll breed like rabbits.

    Sure, we’ll voice opinions as “protests”, though we’ll be as loud as a pack of wild dogs.

    We’ll be among the rest. Loud and obnoxious, undisciplined as a dog that isn’t potty-trained, and not obedient… though, for some reason, we still hang around.

  2. queentracey1 says:

    Imagine how peaceful the world would be if everyone did one selfless act a day, one small simple act for us each , take 5 min or less out of our busy lives and the results could be astronomical, kindness and good deeds are contagious.
    Pay it forward.
    Great read, enjoyed it and looking forward to more!!

  3. vincenza63 says:

    Great post. Thank you!
    Warm hugs from Italy

  4. Kim Petitt says:

    Out of all the kind things we can do for someone. I believe one of the most powerful is the Word of encouragement. Proverbs 15:4 says, a wholesome tongue is a tree of life, But perverseness in it breaks the spirit. Our mouth and the words that come out of it can be a fountain of life. My tongue can be used not only for encouragement but for giving.

  5. Rising Star says:

    That’s really cool mam, I will surely visit your and will campare my thoughts with your one. Thanks Anne for sharing the link. Have a happy evening

  6. Rising Star says:

    Thanks dear for your kind words and time to my blog. It really means a lot to me.

  7. Rising Star says:

    Very important points dear, and I would like to share iy in one of blog post with your kind permission. Thank you so much for your time and worthy response. Hope anybody goes through it will definitely think once.

  8. Rising Star says:

    Nice one Anne, I liked your blog very much but the comments are closed,. I also explored the blue dragon post, it was almost loving. Thanks for your love and wisdom.

  9. kevinkaz4 says:

    Pure truth! Awesome post! 😁❤️🙌

  10. Ouch. I cannot feel sympathy for someone that spends a lifetime making bad decisions and then expects everyone else to fix their mistakes. I do not believe this was God’s intent.

    • Rising Star says:

      Wow, you are having a bigger heart at all. You are right that many people spend a lot of time by making bad decisions and at the end of the day they don’t have anything to do. A well decision taken on time saves a lot of time to do many more things well on time.

      • I have extreme sympathy for people put in to debilitating predicaments that are not of their doing…car wrecks, fires, weather events…and will gladly give the shirt of my back to help them recover. What I have 0.0 sympathy is for people that made stupid choice after stupid choice and now expect society to share their burden. That is God’s job, not mine.

      • Rising Star says:

        Absolutely agree with you. So kind heartet you are for naturally happening shocks…. And having no sympathy for stupid people. You are right at your own place.

  11. If we only thought more of others. And love was more and hate was less .. oh what a perfect world that would be.

  12. Well put together!.
    Humanity is in empathy. And we should look out for others and be a blessing. Nothing is small when it comes to helping out!. 💯

  13. aruna3 says:

    Most beautiful thoughts.humans are for humankind to love,to help ,to motivate all and to save all creations of this universe made by God,dear Rising star!! without selfish.these efforts are most important for keeping peace and love in humankind.right?dear!!

  14. Good reading. I think your points on selflessness are very timely given we live in a culture big on selfies and social media engagement (likes, followers, influencers, etc..). These things can take the focus off others and fuel our narcissism. From a faith perspective, selfishness runs counter to the teachings of Jesus and how I am supposed to live out my faith in the day-to-day. When I was mired in my addictions, everything was about me and fueling my habits. I didn’t lift people up. People weren’t better because of my presence in their lives. Gratefully, by God’s grace, life is different now. Thanks for this post.

  15. I love this article.
    Every bit of it so inspiring…

    • Rising Star says:

      Sir thank you so much for your time to read out my blog post and your kind words. It really means a lot to me.

      • Good morning,
        Actually i am thankful to you. I learned a lot after reading this. I think i can become more sociable and can connect better with people.


      • Rising Star says:

        Off course Debasis, being sociable and connecting with people always makes us stronger and better in our personal life as well as social life . We can get a lot of motivation from people around us in one way or the other.

  16. ruchisharma says:

    Hello Brother,
    your simply are doing great work, yes we all bring positive energy for betterment. humanity never see the boundaries and caste, creed. this is beyond of limit and way of love.

    thanks & Regards,

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