Don’t Be Jealous: Don’t Be Caught up in Irritations

Don’t be jealous. Jealousy is the most abhorrent act that wastes our positive energy. People waste their energy and time by judging others rather than taking it positively and making a move forward in their life. Those who have no milestones and goals in their lives, keep an eye on the success of others and this is so-called habitual jealousy. It’s because they have nothing to do. They only see their dark future. Jealousy makes us weak and ruins over emotions. It stops us to make any progress because we are filled with negative emotions by jealousy.

Every bad habit has certain side effects. Jealousy strongly affects our personality. It sometimes forgets us about our moral values. Those who feel jealous of the success of others become a victim of mental ill-health because many a time they can’t express their negative emotions which in return fall into the suppression of emotions. Filling our brains with negative emotions is the main cause of mental illness.

Jealousy meaning
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We should always be Positive and should not feel jealous about the success of others. Those who stay positive always meet the success that is unbelievable. They don’t waste their time judging others and that’s why to stay away from jealousy. We should encourage our fellows to stay positive. One should always get what he wishes to get. There is no need to feel jealous of the other’s success. Everyone has their own Destiny and luck. If we work hard we can achieve any goal in a sophisticated manner.

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Jealousy meaning
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I strongly like and appreciate a positive attitude. Those who stay positive don’t have an eye for jealousy upon the success of others. They have their own goals and their own milestones. They work hard to achieve their milestone. Also, they put extra time and effort to achieve their goals rather than wasting theirs by being jealous. Moreover, they keep an eye on the limitations that stop them from taking their first step.

Every goal has certain limitations due to which we sometimes lose our courage. But with steadiness, hard work, and extra efforts these limitations can be overcome. The main craze that stops us from success is to take a step forward. You just need to step out of your comfort zone.

Jealousy meaning

If you take a look at the life and attitude of unsuccessful people, you will find that instead of only focusing on their own goals and getting inspiration along the way, they become jealous of other people’s success and then think these people are a challenge to their own success. People should not let this bother them and actually be happy that other people find success. The wheel of success will turn differently for all people and one day everyone will find it in their lives.

There is a stronger need to throw the mask of jealousy from your heart. Wash your heart with positivism and goodness. Spray a fragrance of ideal inspirations on it. Take a step forward by throwing away your comfort zone behind. Because success doesn’t come overnights.

Moreover, you have to suffer before getting successful. You have to face certain difficulties to reach your destiny. Strongly hold the peak of self-esteem and self-confidence. When you have a strong belief in yourself and your abilities, success will come to you by shredding the rocks of steel. No one can grab success from you. Nothing can stop you from being called a successful person. Just believe in, “Everything is possible”.

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67 Responses

  1. meenawalia says:

    I had read it somewhere which really appealed to me…instead of being jealous be territorial…protect what u have instead of eyeing on what others possess..

  2. gifted50 says:

    Very useful and also true words.

  3. Lydia Potter says:

    This post was wonderful!

  4. seanarchy says:

    It’s normal to experience jealousy, but just don’t act on it.


  5. One thing about success too, is that we should not focus on the kind of things that most people define as success. Some think it is all about having a lot of money and having a new car every year or so and a big home and fancy name brand clothes. But yet I have noted that these people are often miserable in their lives, not even able to maintain a good relationship for their whole lives. So think of other things that may be huge successes for you. A day when you don’t have issues with an illness that has plagued you for a long time. A plant poking its beautiful head out of the ground, and so many other things that I can think of that have NOTHING to do with the short-term success of money. Life is so much more.

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely Anne, I’m totally agree with you because I define the successful life, a life full with loving relationships along with an amount of money that is enough to fulfill your needs. One should never run after getting money but life is the to be well managed in all respect. Trusting relationships should be the first priority always rather than having a lot of money.

  6. When I was younger, I definitely was jealous with a doubt, I can remember thinking when visiting others houses, wow wish I had that house or that life. But now, I am just so happy with David and my life as is – I could win the lottery tomorrow and not be happier for sure. – Laura

    • Rising Star says:

      Hey Laura, hope you are doing well along with David. It’s just a casual jealousy when you were younger. Most of the people have been gone through this because at that stage of life you never taken it negatively. It was just a wish and I think we all have such wishes. Am I right dear.

  7. Great post btw, really enjoyed reading the entire thing.

    • Rising Star says:

      Thank you so much Dear for your kind words after a long time and thanks for your valued feedback. As it has improved my knowledge. Blessings and best wishes for you and Sir David.

  8. Hilary Tan says:

    Sometimes the only way for me to combat jealousy and envy is to remove the source or the problem. Most of my jealousy is triggered by social media and it’s impossible to unfollow everyone. I tried this once on IG as an experiment and unfollowed 300+ people, but it doesn’t work. The best way to to remove it by the root by avoiding it altogether. There is truth to “ignorance is bliss.” The less you know about other people, the better off you are. It’s better to live your life through your own lens rather than looking through someone else’s lens aka. Passive living (made up term).

    • Rising Star says:

      Very talented you are Hillary, we only get rid of it through avoiding. We have to focus our concentrations on our own lens and that’s the only thing that can make us feel better. You have really got the best of life. Unfollow only work for those who we Unfollow rather than all.

  9. I call the last of the Ten Commandments “the joy of life” commandment, “thou shall not covet”. You are so right – jealousy saps the energy out of us. Nothing is so incredibly free as celebrating the lives of others.

  10. Mizou says:

    I couldn’t agree more ! Jealousy is just a toxic feeling !

  11. Simon Nisha says:

    good thought process ✨🤗✍️😀 Well deli vered✨👌

  12. alamb1990 says:

    A great post! I feel with the role that social media plays in society, the people who feel jealous don’t often see the hard work others put in to say, get a new car, a home improvement or even a promotion at work. Jealousy is toxic.

  13. aruna3 says:

    Jealousy is main reason of all disturbances not in families but for all world’s lovely relationship.

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely dear, many of our communities are going through this process of jealousy which produces a lot of bad effects on our brains as well as our pure relationships.

      • aruna3 says:

        As you said that is truely bad for our communities but we can try to remove that bad thing with writting,blogging and making a society against for is possible?dear Rising Star.

      • Rising Star says:

        Yes, its possible but up to a certain limit. Our voice can reach to a little amount of people. But it will be an achievement for us if we can change a single person too.

      • aruna3 says:

        Our voice can reach to a little group of people but slowly slowly it can spread in large area.just a minute you think about the time of colonialism and see much differences in humans is not right? I think-these changes are because of Madrela,Gandhi Ji,Mother Teressa you agree?

      • Rising Star says:

        Absolutely agree with you dear, many people had given a lot of efforts to make this world a better place to live in. One of the most sympathetic and kindest heart is our Prophet Muhammad(P. B. U. H), you can explore in your spare time. And guru naanak, founder of sikh cost. There are so many people that have done a lot for the greatness of this world. That’s what we can try to do and we are trying. Am I right dear???

      • aruna3 says:

        But they are trying from medieval era,and their pupils has make the religion of their lovely education.i am talking about modern nice and wise thinkers.

      • Rising Star says:

        You are right dear, the modren world is so much wiser and can spread their thoughts so much quickly due to social media. Now it is much easier to spread your word around the world within no time. You were right but got you later.

      • aruna3 says:

        Yeah.dear!!most welcome.

  14. Rising Star says:

    Absolutely right suni, Hillary Tan shared a great experience as she was affected by this practically. And that’s good to know that she had managed it wonderfully just by avoiding thses altogether.

  15. I agree that jealousy will get you nowhere. It’s OK to admire someone or something, let it inspire you to try harder, be better. But to just sit around and be jealous does nothing but bring bad energy.

  16. Ann Malley says:

    “It’s because they have nothing to do.”

    Well said!

  17. Unique Tales says:

    It is a waste of time and effort to be jealous, I am Grateful for what I have, I’ve Never been the jealous type of person. 😊

  18. James L says:

    Really great post. One of the key changes in my life was when I stopped being concerned with what others had done/achieved and focused on myself.

    The aim to be better than I was yesterday and not caring if someone is ‘further ahead’…

  19. If we are struggling with jealous feelings it can be helpful to look at why we feel jealous. Is it because we are not in a relationship and would really love to be in one? Would we prefer a different job and are currently doing what we hate? This information can help us take control of our lives. And, as a side effect, we may find the jealousy also abates.

    • Rising Star says:

      At this point I am agree with you because here our jealousy is in positive sense because we are comparing ourselves with others in a great way. Jealousy that I pointed is if we say that that person doesn’t deserve to be successful ir whatever he is. If We feel jealously and have bad feelings for others, then that’s a bull’s hit. And I strongly condemn this type of feelings.

  20. Newtan says:

    Judging others is a waste of time. And yes we lose our positive energy. Thanks for sharing this incredible post. 🤗

  21. charlypriest says:

    Once I figured this one out some time ago…. Life is much but much better, less stress and more focus on me and my goals and having more drive.

  22. Agree with you. People often try to give a bad name to successful people with false allegations. They don’t realise that even if they harm the other, they will themselves earn nothing, rather lose much, with time

  23. Jealousy is such a toxic feeling that it can break even the strongest bonds… it destroys the best of relations…and then there is this category of jealous people who try to inculcate this feeling of jealousy in others as well by comparing

    • Rising Star says:

      Yes, you are absolutely right Depika, it’s all because of the lake of knowledge and having no focused goals in life. People who are not having a clear purpose in life, waste their time by judging Others without any meaning. The world is beautiful and relationships are full of love if we start neglecting the naysayers. Thanks dear for your time and honorable response 💝🤗. Your feedback means a lot to me. Have a blessed Friday 💝💐

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