What is STRESS, Causes of Stress and How to Deal with STRESS

With absolute certainty, today it is possible to speak of an increase in the levels of demand in the different orders of life. It seems that there is a huge beast lurking, ready to devour and that you cannot do anything other than let yourself be devoured. The vortex characteristic of contemporaneity often leaves a trail and has been called STRESS on a global scale. I propose you to address some questions of interest on the subject.

Surely the criterion that you and only you are the owner of your personal dynamics is not alien to you. Therefore, at this point of discussion, your geographical location for me does not matter. That is, it does not matter the hemisphere, region, country, or locality where you are. I do not mean to distinguish between life in a city or in a town as such. Each one in their routine tries to combine the personal, family, work with the social and this is essential. Believe me; I consider the added value of a simple label sufficient to identify our place: “EARTHLINGS”.

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The idea is to motivate you to rethink everything you want or need to redirect your lifestyle. The fundamental thing here is your person and the attitude that you are able to promote to face your world in particular. I value it as very positive that you can accept with humility that you require flexibility, autonomy, and a good amount of initiative to be able to adapt to the environment. It is clear that perceiving your reality depends on your level of consciousness and that it is not advisable to live in absolute solitude. Both you and I, we all need to integrate into society, relate, and interact.

What is in essence, when and how STRESS is manifested?

It is in this process of constant subject-environment interaction that STRESS appears as an emotional state. So its presence in everyone’s life is completely understandable. Contrary to what many people think, it is not a symptom of a disease. Specifically, STRESS occurs when we evaluate certain situations that are personally significant to us as threatening or overflowing with our own resources. The key is in individuals coping with such triggering situations and I can show you.

It is noticeable in everyday life that similar life experiences are the same motivating, surmountable, and exhausting for different people. Is that the degree of STRESS and its effects vary from one individual to another, showing the undoubted existing correlation. That is, a sustained self-regulated behavior reduces STRESS levels and produces more positive effects in a determined subject than maladjustment since the degree of STRESS increases and this is negatively manifested in his health and well-being, appearing dissimilar diseases, usually associated with the nervous system.

It is fair to note that it is complex to arrive at a finished and generally accepted concept of the word as such. In fact, in the specialized literature, there are three main approaches that support an infinity of meanings. STRESS is understood the same as a psychophysiological response, as a stimulus, and as a transaction process between the individual and the environment. I think it is interesting to give you at least the opportunity to know precisely what each one of them defends. Getting to position yourself in one direction and the other will undoubtedly help to form your own criteria.

Definition of stress:-

The definition of Stress from 3 different Perspectives.

Definition of Stress in Psychology:

Presupposes the understanding of the Stress as a reaction or non-specific manifestation of the organism in the presence of triggering situations, appreciable in physiological changes, emotional reactions, and even behavioral changes as I explain to you later.

Causes of Stress

STRESS as a Stimulus:

Part of considering STRESS an agent, vital event, or aggressive situation that, consequently, will cause an adaptation process on a specific person. The stimulus in question will have the greatest damaging impact on the organism of this perisher the greater is its provocative character.

Stress as a Transaction Process between the Individual and the Environment:

As stated, advocates the perception in which the STRESS be the effect of the interaction between the characteristics of the situation and the specific resources of the person. It is the direction that I have been developing here, based on some elements that I consider important to take into account since it is for me the most complete, the one that best understands the above.

What are the causes of stress?

In fact, there is also no known or universally recognized etiology for STRESS. It is the triggering situations that are not in themselves favorable or unfavorable for everyone in general. The truth is that they are irremediably related to the different spheres of life personally. However, the fundamental aspect is the exceptional way in which each one manages to assess and face such situations. Our individual appreciation plays such a role that it can radically change our perspective.

However, it is valid to highlight the undeniable negative value that certain factors have in practice, including the following:

  • Loss in person and family;
  • Inadequate emotional expression, either passive or aggressive;
  • Decreased social support;
  • Not having enough activities or change in life.
  • Adoption of harmful lifestyles.

How to deal with stress?

In my opinion, two basic questions prevail: first, it is essential to understand that tensions are part of the life trajectory of human beings. Second, without trying to eliminate them completely, it is necessary to learn to master them. If you put your mind to it, you can transform your vision of life. In other words, I do not believe what does the state of an entire relaxation exists but if you focus on improving as a person, your perception of many things will change. Personal growth will help you bear your burden, try it and you will see.

How can you achieve a healthy activity and a balance in existence?

It is not astute to allow negativity. The events, circumstances, situations that appear to you in a diary as stressors will only cause an imbalance in your mental, emotional, and physical state proportional to your adjustment or adaptation effort. Just thinking badly weakens you, makes you more vulnerable, and leads to a forced accumulation of emotions, harmful feelings. This makes you lose objectivity while affecting your stability and quality of life. Remember that the brain is the organ that governs the body, do not self-inject poison.

Although it sounds scary to deal with STRESS, yet you can do it. You need to form the conviction to deal with stress positively and effectively. An advantageous position in this sense is to perceive it as a challenge and for this, you require a real evaluation of the situation. Try to get rid of any ideas that minimize or make you feel incapable of coping. You must work on raising your self-esteem, self-belief, and authenticity. I repeat everything that allows you to grow as a person will have such a positive effect that it will help you tip the balance more and more on a suitable confrontation.

Stress and self-belief:-

There is no better medicine than believing in yourself. Exploit the specific resources that you have as a unique individual, you have enormous potential. Focus on developing three powerful tools: self-confidence, security, and self-control. It is important that you can internalize that STRESS is not an evil in itself and that your lesser or greater success depends on your position to prevent it from causing you harm. STRESS can become friend or enemy alike, it is up to your efforts to keep it at an optimal level in your organism. Combat the existing predisposition.

Always remember, no matter how strong and unexpected any stimuli in your surroundings are, you have the ability to exercise your self-control. Trust in your ability and work on your self-confidence, this way you will reinforce your SELF-ASSESSMENT. I invite you to make good use of those powers that have been given to you to respond appropriately. The response to STRESS, conceived as the reaction of an individual to the factors that originate it, can be of two types, and from this derives the classic distinction between the terms STRESS and DISTRESS, respectively.

  • Response inadequate harmony with the demand that is presented;
  • Negative, insufficient, or exaggerated response in relation to the demand raise, which generates a lack of adaptation.

Learn to distinguish Stress from Distress:


The STRESS is the state in which the organism manages to face difficult situations without stopping tasting necessarily the senses of pleasure. Its main function is to protect against possible threats or events that require all the physical and mental capacities of a person to satisfactorily perform a certain task or fulfill a specific demand and therefore, it can be a good catalyst for behavioral activity, for example, work.

Distress or De-Stress:

Instead, DISTRESS is the result of an excessive or prolonged response to STRESS when the situation exceeds the control capacity of the subject. It is generally linked to the production of certain hormones in the organism that affect immune function, increasing the probability of getting sick. Its affectations are not only manifested at the body level it can transcend interpersonal relationships causing friction due to the frequent and noticeable changes in behaviors and moods.

How to Deal with Stress

In the body order, the most common symptoms of DISTRESS are palpitations, tremors, sweating, rapid breathing, digestion problems, sleep disorders, and other physiological changes. In the emotional order, it is associated with nervousness, irrational fear, sensitivity, lack of appetite, and demotivation. However, Behavioral changes can take place with respect to the reduction of the capacity for attention, decision, and action with the consequent decrease in mental, school, and work performance, the appearance of addictions, and the denial of activities to enjoy life.

Therefore, it is valid to design a tactical attitude to positively channel the impact of the STRESS of thinking when acting. The objective is precisely to try to mitigate the harmful levels of STRESS in the exchange with your reality. You will have to form such an attitude on the basis of your self-knowledge because none of us are the same. However, I can help you find a course that makes it easier for you to reformulate whatever is necessary to shape what your personal coping style will be. Here, I am going to leave you 10 SIMPLE TIPS THAT MAKE A GOOD RECIPE TO PREVENT AN EVIL.

1. Define your priorities:

Establishing a conscious and rational order of precedence will help you to accommodate your load so that you can find a balance. In this way, you can focus your best efforts on meeting your main goals at each stage. The priorities are not static; it is possible for you to reconsider your place at any time. I suggest you take into account your own will and the objective conditions that assist you to achieve each purpose. Not everything is now or never; take the time each priority needs and remain calm until their final evacuation.

2. Don’t push yourself too hard:

If you understood that it is not possible to reach all your tasks in unison, let’s now regulate the intensity. Exceeding your personal demands will end up exhausting you physically and emotionally and will affect your competitiveness in the long-term limit. Although the defects in the action are not advisable, the excesses are in themselves harmful. Aim to keep your self-demand at an ACCEPTABLE level. This does not mean lowering your standards or settling for mediocrity, just making it more flexible with yourselves. See how high-performance athletes do it in track and field; they apply the speed-resistance technique with discretion.

3. Delegate responsibilities:

Lean on people capable of meeting those demands that at a given moment require less attention. Don’t judge this possibility because it will allow you to concentrate better on other activities without losing control of the result. Establish only cardinal points that guarantee the desired success in the task and free yourself from expectations personally. The foregoing means allowing those family members, friends, co-workers who support you to assume their share of responsibility with sufficient freedom to develop initiatives that promote the fulfillment of the end.

4. Be Positive:

Stimulate your brain with good thoughts; educate yourself on this because, believe it or not, it will be beneficial to you. Being positive will strengthen you. Don’t be ashamed to dream, it is not a crime nor a sin, it is far from wrong. Thinking well is not synonymous with alienating yourself from the world, or from your reality, you can do it with your feet on the ground. If you want is possible for you to develop the vision of opportunity before every trouble. I am pretty sure, that it will do you good in facing any adversity. Cultivate yourself carefully from the inside to be in a position to externalize.

5. Work on your motivation:

Motivation is, without a doubt, a powerful resource to carry out any plan successfully. You can intentionally enhance your desire to act; this will improve your mood and therefore the general state of your body. Try to identify which are your greatest incentives; each one has its own in particular; allow yourself to encourage them. Motivation will help you face risks, reduce doubts and fears, move forward with optimism. Exploit your gifts, expand your knowledge, develop new skills, and set achievable goals in the short, medium, and long term.

6. Avoid comparing yourself:

It is not healthy for anyone to make comparisons with others, much less in default. Everyone has their own rhythm; learn to accept and respect yours. It is not prudent that you even try to accelerate your real possibilities excessively; this leads to burning stages and results in bad. Each one is unique in their individuality. Have faith in your own potential because no one else will if you detract from your own worth or especially intellectual ability. Do not feel obliged to accept anything that is not favorable to you for fear of what they will say. You do not have to show others what you are capable of, learn to say NO naturally.

7. Control your breathing:

Breathing is the most common and constant of all our practices and it has the incalculable value of giving life. Your breath has the power to activate you, as well as to calm you, free you, relax, with the greatest simplicity. Inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide is one of the most complete exercises to reduce STRESS levels; it is enough to practice it deeply and slowly with marked regularity. It is very healthy that you take care of controlling your breathing. This will even improve your concentration. Go ahead and find specific information about it.

8. Practice physical exercises frequently:

Spend at least 30 minutes of your time practicing physical exercises, including breathing or taking a walk. Not only will you fight obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, but you will also release STRESS in a unique way. It is an easy routine to incorporate from home and you can do it 2 or 3 times a week at your convenience. Believe me, it will optimize you in every way; it will renew you. Break the rules that it is essential to visit gyms or attend a specialist or personal trainer. Don’t put it off any longer or downplay it.

9. Do not give up activities that give you pleasure:

Do not give credit or share the false belief that in the interest of taking advantage of the time, it is not wise to “disconnect”. Enjoying is not a luxury, it becomes a necessity. The human being is not a machine and the repetitive performance of the same routine for days, months, and even years is harmful. Such behavior ends up causing irreparable damage to the organism, mainly in the mental order, it becomes stressful and ill. Conceive healthy breaks in your dynamics, allow yourself to do what you please, give yourself that opportunity and this will contribute to your performance and productivity.

10. Respect your rest and sleep schedules:

Deep and repairman sleep is vital in terms of emotional and physical health. Do not try to shorten your rest or lengthen the time to dedicate yourself to something else. This self-caused imbalance is going to lead you to face serious problems then, in general, difficult to solve. Overload generates exhaustion and this affects the quality of sleep and causes a state of alteration such that it is difficult to balance it. It is not advisable for an adult to sleep less than 7 hours a day. Take care not to occupy your mind too much before going to bed to rest.


To finish, it is enough for me that these “Sparkles of Light” allow you to reflect and contribute to your actions. The best moment does not exist, it is created. Take these 10 SIMPLE TIPS THAT MAKE A GOOD RECIPE TO PREVENT EVIL. Draw your own strategy; destroy rigid life patterns that prevent you from moving forward. Stress is not a monster, you allow it or not to rule your reality. It is never too late to modify lifestyles; it is worth starting and doing it gradually. So, make room for your emotional intelligence.


This is a general perspective of dealing with stress and anxiety based on personal experience and studies. If you are facing any serious problem regarding Stress, Anxiety, or Depression, consult a family doctor well in time.

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So, What do you do in life to manage Stress and Anxiety?

About the Author:

The article “What is STRESS, Causes of Stress and How to Deal with STRESS” is originally written in Spanish by the legend “The Flashes of Light”, translated, and published by Rising Star.

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      • 🙂 🙂 🙂 I hope the positive exchange of energy, vitality, and passion from doing what gives you spiritual satisfaction continues! Like you said, negative thinking exacerbates the situation so being mindful of my thinking has helped me with stress. 🙂

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  5. Great post, stress is part of life and I think it is really important to figure out how to deal with the causes. Sleep is key for me, my baby has been really unwell and Ive not slept enough for days and I’m fully aware that I need to get naps during the day when my baby naps to make sure that I function. 🙂

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      Once again bundle of thanks Prakaash for your time, support, and honorable response. Yes, stress has become a silent killer if everyone’s life. Even teens are going through stress and they need extra care than ever before.
      Awareness to cope with stress is very much necessary otherwise we all have to pay for it. Spiritual and religious directions like, prayers, namaz and Meditation and also yoga is one of the best and natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety and start living a happier Life.

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