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What is Comfort Zone! How to Step out of the Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and they are at ease and in control of their environment, In the Comfort zone, a person feels a low level of anxiety and stress. The Comfort zone only lets you perform steady progress. So, it seems that you can’t make great achievements in your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only solution to discover your passion and bring happiness to your life. Every one of us has some level of comfort zone and a psychological state of mind where we feel safe to stay.

Your comfort zone is waiting for you to be smashed out. In this short article, we are going to explore 4 levels of stepping out of the Comfort Zone and the science of breaking out of your comfort zone.

Level 1: The Comfort Zone:

The Comfort zone is where a person feels relaxed, easy, and Stable. A person stays in his comfort zone until he feels relaxed. In this first level of the comfort zone, a person feels anxious having no goals in life. This is the stage, where dreams die, and life freezes. If you are in that state of your comfort zone, you have to start struggles and a step-by-step progress might be the option to start making a progress.

Level 2: Fear Zone:

The fear zone just starts next to the comfort zone. The fear zone gives us stress and makes us anxious by not letting us out to make progress in life. It shows us the false image of life and tells us you are safe and sound where you are. In Fear Zone, a person struggles with three states of affairs. Which are:

1. Lack of Self-confidence:

Lack of self-confidence doesn’t let a person move forward in life. Just imagine, if a person doesn’t have a strong belief in his/herself, how he could step out of the Comfort zone. Self-confidence is your first weapon to use in every field of life. Self-confidence can be built by taking active partition in self-building activities like (self-priority, finding yourself, positive self-talk, being grateful, and Nurturing a Positive Attitude, etc.). If a person doesn’t work on building self-confidence he finds ways to excuses.

2. Excuses:

Excuses are one of the worst things a person with low self-confidence has. However, how a person can live with excuses. One day he has to leave excuses and will face the reality of life. Life is not as easier as thinks off. So, Instead of leaving with excuses, one should always focus on self-confidence and self-improvement activities.

3. Think of others Opinions:

What people think of you is none of your business. Everyone has their own perspective and their opinion should not disturb your routines. Live your life with your own imaginations and beliefs. You are not supposed to think what others will say. You are only responsible for your own success or failure. No one can take your success from you and also you can’t take success from anyone else. So don’t let others’ opinions affect your dreams and goals. Focus on yourself because you are the person that knows better your inner-self than anyone else.

comfort zone

Level 3: Learning Zone:

The learning zone is a level of comfort zone where hopes in people’s minds spawn out to get their-selves ready to come out of the comfort zone. The learning zone is important as at this stage is going to decide his future. The positive step taken at the stage could be more productive. Here are the three levels of learning zone:

  1. Challenges:

In the learning zone, a person deals with challenges and problems. As in the beginning stage of practice, a person might face many difficulties. Life in this world is not so easy. To achieve something unbelievable in life you have to conquer many fights. These challenges might be from all around you. There could be financial problems, some limitations, or might be the lack of practical life skills.

2. Learn new Skills:

The processes and businesses are shifting from manual to digital. The digital world also has revolutionized. There are so many inventions in the digital era. Every day hundreds of new inventions are taking place. To stay consistent and remain stable in today’s digital world, you need to learn new skills, especially in the digital field. New skills make you self-confident along with the increase in your knowledge.

3. Extend Comfort Zone:

Here is the time when the comfort zone is extending because as you have acquired the ability to face challenges and also learned new skills. At this stage, you can’t remain in your comfort zone for a longer duration. Challenges make a person strong and new skills give the ability to apply different techniques which in response increase your self-belief and self-confidence.

Level 4: Growth Zone:

After facing certain challenges and learning new skills you enter into a zone called the growth zone of the comfort zone. In this stage of life, you feel confident enough to take any step towards your success. In the growth zone, nothing can stop you to step out of your comfort zone and face the challenges in the way to success. Growth is further classified into four small steps.

  1. Seek Purpose of Life:

At the growth level of your comfort zone, you start looking for the purpose of your life. You explore yourself and look for the uniqueness God has placed in you. God has given you life, only one life and that isn’t purposeless. The purpose behind your creation will also be unique and unpredictable. Therefore, focusing on your purpose in life gives you strength every day and you start making a progress.  

2. Live Dreams:

Dreams are the first sign of success. Whenever you challenge yourself to make history, you start dreaming of it. So, if you dream it means you are going to rock the world. At this level of your comfort zone, you start prioritizing your dreams at the growth level of your mindset. Now you have believed that dreams can come true. So, Never Give up on Your Dreams.

3. Set Goals:

The purpose of your life is now very clear to you. You set goals in life to get real-time success. Goals are necessary for a successful life. There are two types of goals, short-term, and long-term. Short-term goals keep you busy all time and every time you go and check the output. While long-term goals are long-lasting and take years for you to complete. To achieve a higher level of success always focus on long-term goals.

4. Conquer Objectives:

Your self-belief, courage to face challenges, and new skills and techniques are now your powerful weapon. You’re ready to step out of your comfort with your full strength and conquer your objectives one by one. Having an extreme level of self-confidence and self-belief, life seems beautiful to you. At this stage of your comfort level, nothing can dare to stop you from being called a successful person.

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