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Love your Passion. People sacrifice their entire lives working in professions that they completely don’t like to, but just because they have earned a degree in that subject, they just keep going with this reason. We all need to identify and sort out our potential. A passion gives you a reason to keep learning and to work toward mastery. It can often give you a reason to travel, and therefore to have the new experiences so key to happiness. Passion gives you something in common with other people, and so fosters social bonds. It gives you the true purpose of life. So many people still unable to identify their potentials and skills, and what they made for?

We have just one life to live then why to let our careers cripple?

Happiness is a time-bound thing. You can’t be happy for a longer period of time at a same place, that’s why you need to keep moving in life no matter how successful you are. While contentment is a state that you have by achieving little milestones of happiness throughout life. Both are necessary possessions for us to strive more. Your passion should be something that not only keeps you happy in daily life but also keeps you satisfied in the longer run. Everything else will then start falling into place.

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The problem is, no matter how much you visualize the wrong direction becoming better, wrong is still wrong. You can make efforts up to a certain limits. If you’re engaged in work that drains, disappoints, and demoralizes you, it’s wrong for you. Just move on without next thoughts towards your passion will be a better option as much as my thoughts concerned. Otherwise you may have to suffer from mental stress. Usually work stress has a negative impact on our mind and also our performance.

Never is too late to start what we like the most. Wrong decision in choosing your profession can make you angry, frustrated, aggravated, and unsatisfied in your life. Many people pursue their academics and job in fields of their parent’s preferences knowing they want something else. We must seek our fullest potentials and continue to grow throughout life. Doors opens and closes with time, we must listen to our gut to determine which ones serve us with fulfillment.

You may see many people that are not likely to be goal driven or not willing to pursue their ambitions just because “What people will say”. They spoil their Passion and Skill just for the sake of community around them. Family and society values had killed the dreams and ambitions of several young souls just because of not adopting their passion.

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Having a passion is good if you can change your passion into a career then that’s more than good, but sometimes people grumble that they’re passionate to do this, but they’re unable to pursue it because of pressure from their parents or from society such as “What people will say?”. That’s Unfair! If they were passionate enough they would have done it without thinking about anything. But the reality is they liked that thing and thought they wanted to do this. But liking something and seeing the brightest part of it doesn’t means you’re passionate enough. The person who’s passionate can never be stopped but just liking that profession because you see fame, money and respect in the society is something you want to do but making any step towards it makes you feel very under-confident and also unrealistic. You need to take a step forward and step out of your comfort zone. Taking the initiative is always difficult but at the end of the day everything become under control.

So here I just wanted to say that if you’re passionate enough just do it without thinking about “What people will say?” If you’re not good enough to that risk in your life, don’t just give this statement of being passionate, no you’re not at all passionate. Try to find something else which can make you feel happy and better. By doing so you will suffer less and the result will be unbelievable.

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The biggest unanswered question is “People are so afraid to answer after years of working, is it a passion or just a job”? I strongly believe that parents and schools should invest and participate more in career days and/or advice for their children’s and students respectively. It will definitely help our younger generation before they step into the practical world.

I truly believe our talents are a gifting and should be trained and nurtured. Responsibility of parents and educators is to recognize passionate individuals and mentor to encourage uniqueness in their youngsters. It’s really important to make students find their passion and make the right choice before entering into their career. Choosing the platform that you are not interested in, will end up by ruining the peace of mind. It’s like you are present but your mind is somewhere else. As it’s not a matter of few days but you have to suffer it whole life. So we just need to think about it and educate our society.

Are you happy where you are at now in career?

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  1. khushijhon says:

    I love what I do.
    I would also love to have the time to do other things I love also

  2. Rising Star says:

    Thanks a lot for your time and kind support.

  3. Rising Star says:

    Yeah, absolutely right.

  4. Jani says:

    My family every time say that I am wasting my time here at web, except I know I am getting know-how everyday by reading thes fastidious posts.

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