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When we were Kids | Maybe we were the Last Lucky Generation on Earth

Today’s Kids and Advancement in Technology:

When we were kids, we were not supposed to be children like now. We have never thought and imagined that the world would evolve so quickly. The living perspective of a few decades back and today, has greatly changed. The main focus of this article is child development and child protection. Modern inventions are greatly affecting the lives of our kids and young generations. There is a huge difference between the children of today as compared to the children of the past. Though it’s not a long time ago just two or three decades have passed and everything has changed. Well, the main difference between our childish age and children’s of now, in my point of view is, different sources have different impacts on children like the use of the internet, social media, children brought up is also experienced in this change.

ICT or Information Technology:

ICT or Information Technology has evolved in an unbelievable way. New technologies have changed everything even human’s life and living standards too. This change in technology has a positive impact on us but also there are so many negative aspects observed. The main thing that is noticed in today’s children are, they used to spend most of their time using technology like mobile, laptops, play stations, and television. When we were kids, we were never allowed to spend so much time in front of screens. But unfortunately, now kids don’t live without these things.

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School Life:

When we were kids, after school we use to spend time with family playing different games with friends in the streets and engaging ourselves in healthy activities. But unfortunately, now children, when coming back to the home, have already set their priority list using modern digital inventions. They use social media chatting and internet surfing, which is totally harmful to their mental and physical health.

Social Interaction of kids:

When we were kids, we had well-built interactions with our friends and classmates by passing different notes during class. Recording the cassettes from the radio and so many other activities had to strengthen the interaction between classmates. But now, the children have a focus on text messaging, listening to online music, and sending Facebook friend requests, which has almost declined the beauty of friendship. Internet and mobiles are their best friends. They have no real friends and going far away from the real ordeal of friendships.

Digital era:

Technology has a bad impact on today’s children’s mental and physical health. This had dominated the mindset of our kids. Mobile has diminished their interaction power. No doubt they are more confident than in the past but it still has bad imitation on their lives. Kids of today are thinking like fighters of computer games and scenes presented in movies. They think of that as something real. Even if you have observed, they walk, talk, and want to be like that.

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When we were kids, we used to play different games with our friends like conkers, red rover, swapping, football, stickers, and hopscotch, etc. These games are very helpful for the mental and physical health of the kid. Today’s kids use to play video games and candy crush and it keeps the children glued to smartphones that are very harmful to their mental and physical health. They are very less involved in physical activities.

Television and the Internet:

When we were kids, we used to sit with our neighbor kids tv lounge, watch different tv shows with all the loving kids. At the time of the show, we rushed to the rooms and abscond every activity. It was a life of joy and fun. Because at that time, we had only a single channel to watch the show. But now the kids have so many alternate ways. They have smart televisions and the internet, loaded with different programs, so the beauty of the simple shows has almost vanished. The quantity has affected the quality a lot, so the kids prefer to use the internet and other gadgets to spend their time.

Family time:

When we were kids, moms prefer to stay home and spend all their time with kids with full concentration and time. Women use to play with kids and tell them stories doing one dish party with kids and their friends. But now women prefer to work, they spend more than half of their day at the office and return back home with tired faces they don’t have enough time to spend with their children. In this way, kids couldn’t find the quality of family time with parents that previously we had.

Kids Care
Article on Kids


Dear parents; here I want to focus your concentration on our future of cute children. They need more attention and care. They are required our time and concentration rather than digital involvements. Digital instruments should be for a limited time and according to the scheduled timings. We need to focus our attention on our children’s mental and physical growth. They are going to be congested minds. Their focus today is on Mobile, Tablets, and computer games. Digital games dominated their mindset. They are going to be alone in their lives. Please think genitally, with great concern, and try to bring change in your daily routines and in your children’s interest.

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