Focus on how you can Add Value to Peoples’ Lives

Focus on how you can Add Value to Peoples’ Lives. Small wins many times can lead to bigger ones, one day. Little and often over time, it is more significant than one huge win, but in the modern world, we’ve been conditioned to hunt the glory and tusks instead of accruing more in increments, which has every bit as much honor and effect.

Add Values to Peoples’ Lives:

People underestimate small wins. Don’t focus on getting followers or more views. Focus on how you can add values, what is it that your audience wants to know or hear from you. It doesn’t matter how many followers do you have. What counts is how many you may have touched, helped, or inspired, in even the smallest way.

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You do not need to be an expert to care about and help others; you just need to be willing to become involved. A little kindness can do so much. We can change the world by helping or inspiring even a single person too. Changing a single person’s life will be a bigger contribution from our side. I believe in quality work. A little but quality work is much better. I do what I have the ability to do. I can do it with zero followers or 1k followers, regardless, if at least one person benefits from what I’m doing, then I served my purpose. It’s all about the value.

Keep doing what you love to do, as you are truly helping others. Improve their lives (whether you know it or not) and always remember, sharing is caring, activity is activity as long as you do not stop. Its effect will be never lasting. First, you will observe its effect within yourself and then it can be transferred gradually as much as efforts you will be adding into it. Think like a Leader and Believe me! Everything is possible.

Produce quality content, and produce it consistently, so your audience grows and engages. If you don’t have a prettier face, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your writing, “write something insightful.” If you can’t think something insightful, share someone else’s insightful thoughts and add your thoughts. There’s really no excuse for not posting at least 1 thing every day, and giving it some sort of value e.g. “social currency”.

Focus on how you can Add Values to Peoples’ Lives:

Adding values is all about planting seeds. You continue to reap what you sow and as long as you’re planting kindness and compassion, eventually, those seeds will reap the benefit. On top of that, you yourself will receive the benefit of having a life filled with kindness, compassion, and respect. To a lesser degree, it’s about acknowledging that you only have control over yourself, your actions, and how you treat others you’re more geared to the long game.

If someone is chronically ill, or depressed, physically disabled, etc, nobody would expect them to commit to a schedule that’s far more taxing than it would be for a person not suffering from any of those. Didn’t mean to offend anyone. What I meant was, getting into the habit of starting the day with an original thought, while working on a project and sharing it with the world. Which in itself is hard for a lot of people, especially introverts, or those who grew up without social media, or those who are used to networking. It’s not a disability or problem, but it’s definitely a mental barrier to overcome. Whichever habit you choose to feed, is the one that’s going to grow.

You offer relatable experiences poetry and stories so that others can gain valuable insight, enabling others to not make similar mistakes. In addition, you allow people to put things in perspective. You are creating a light in the darkness, allowing even those, that are blind by the everyday overwhelming nests, to see. I don’t see you as a “disruptor”. But I see you as a contributor, to assist and aid others, simply to HELP because you hear the cries of those suffering, too prideful to ask for help, because they are ashamed, by how others may criticize them, allowing them to slowly become consumed by that which is meaningless.

Provide Value:

In Will Smith’s 10 Rules for Success, he focuses on Provide Values to others’ lives. I think people are underestimating the amount of work it takes to build an ‘engaged’ audience and they are comparing themselves all the time. The truth is that building anything worthwhile takes grit, time and consistency. We’re moving from mindsets to consciousness. Consciousness means it is not a fixed thing. It is not just flexible; it has no shape and form.

How many peoples’ lives have you personally touched and made a difference in. Something I’ve been thinking about. Offering deeper credibility to our followers especially at the blogging platform, people want to see the impact we’ve had. People can criticize and compare that they are better at writing posts and get more views. But they miss the simple fact that even for thousands of people that are getting here, it is actually causing millions of views combining another platform. The network is actually growing by the end of the day.


Every expert was once a beginner. It’s more about just getting started than starting perfectly with motivation and enthusiasm. I am grateful, I have what I need and not everything I want. I am grateful for the good and bad things in my life. It makes me see clearly and makes me humble. It makes me the person I am (Not Perfect) but striving to be better every day. I believe in myself and the values filled in me by my seniors and that’s the main reason I never give up. So, Never give up on your dreams. I never let my mind be demotivated by the criticism of people around me but I always take them positively which helps me boost up my confidence.

When I started sharing my thoughts I had zero followers. I’m grateful to everyone from the very first to the last, and to have a thousand followers is a lot. If you don’t come from a place of gratitude then I don’t think people will follow you there are so many choices out there.

Not all people around you will try to inspire you for what you are doing. You will have to face certain criticism but you have to stand still with what you are doing. Never give up as success will come on time but the time will come soon. But only with your strong belief and hard word. So, Your time will come Don’t worry, Tomorrow will be Yours. At the end of the day, you will be known as a successful personality. That’s all from my side.

So, will you try to Add Value to Peoples’ Lives?

Rising Star

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84 Responses

  1. Every expert was once a beginner.
    Love that line. We live each moment with intention knowing that life is a gift.

    • Rising Star says:

      You are absolutely right Diogenes that we should live each moment with intention that life is a gift and it is for a very limited amount of time but we can do a lot with strong intentions. Thanks for taking time to read out my blog and for adding your thoughtful ideas.

  2. Your post really inspired me today. Thank you 🙂

  3. m11bna says:

    I needed this today 💓

  4. Yes, it’s the small consistent little things that make a difference over time.

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely right. Small things can always brings a great change but sometimes it can take a little longer. Thanks for taking time to read out my blog post and adding your worthy words.

  5. TMP says:

    We can all use a bit more of this perspective. One of my favourite quotes is pursue excellence and success will follow. I do believe it. If I do what I need to do with good purpose, intention and effort, I can create good things for myself and the world around me.

  6. Love this. Truly, what we give ends up coming right back to us. And gratitude for even those things we don’t have yet is key. That we are able to have the “not enough” today definitely means someday, soon we will get to the “enough” as God will surely come through for us. He always does!

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely right and wonderful thoughts you have dear. We just need to move forward with all good things filled in us by God, and one day God will definitely come to us and will fulfill all needs.

  7. Wise words – I believe in the power of small, of authentic and in doing and being aligned with your self rather than what sells because at the end of the day – the voice in my head is really loud – so I do what she says now – just easier 😊

  8. Kim Petitt says:

    I like this and I agree. My most favorite way to add value is through educating my audience. I also love to inspire and encourage through God’s Word. I also share my own personal challenges in hopes that others can relate.

  9. gifted50 says:

    Your words are so true, as we have all faced doubts and criticisms, hopefully we have the confidence to prevail against all odds and succeeded in spite of it.

    • Rising Star says:

      Yes, you are absolutely right dear, confidence is the key to get a real time success in life. Thank you so much for taking your time to read out my blog post and adding worthy words.

  10. Rising Star says:

    Absolutely right dear, success Always comes after small wins

  11. Nice post about inspiration, I like that we all started from zero and then 1k of followers. ❤️💛

  12. You add value, when what you share is relatable, is from the heart. It doesn’t just touch the reader, doesn’t just move the soul. Not just provoke you to ponder a meaningful thought, but inspire you to act… in a meaningful way! A nice write up, blessings!

    • Rising Star says:

      Sir thank you so much for your appreciation and I’m fully agree with you because we write from our heart and for the sake of goodness of people. I have got a lot of motivation from my writing. It made me feel like I was nothing before start to writing. It has always inspired me to write more but something good. Thank you so much for taking your worthy time to read out my blog post and adding kind words for my inspiraton.

  13. I found this a really insightful article.
    I am in a lot of respects new to blogging and sometimes I think that you are unsure of what to write about or even how to write the article, however I am sure that has you have said that if just one person is helped by what you have written and you have added value then that is a good and positive outcome.

  14. Hi, it amazes me how we think alike. Your inspirational & motivational peace of art, actually aligns with lots of my pearls’s messages!!! & That is why your words is dear to my heart. Lovin “Consciousness means it is not a fixed thing. It is not just flexible; it has no shape and form”. The way you show gratitude to your supporters shows the kindhearted you are. 🌸

  15. Nonye Ogbodo says:

    When I started writing my thoughts, I had zero followers.Love that line. Keep encouraging us new beginners. Thank you for this wonderful post.👏

    • Rising Star says:

      Thank you so much for managing your time to read out my blog post and adding your worthy response. Everybody here was started his work from zero followers and due to hard and consistency many of them got a good amount of followers. Keep working with motivation and dedication and one day success will be yours. You can can get a lot of inspiration and knowledge from this platform. Blessings dear.

  16. Love this! Great post! It’s the little things that count, for sure!

    • Rising Star says:

      Thanks dear for your kind words and time to my blog and yes you are right right. We have started our journey with zero followers and little countings take it here now. Little things can be turned into great achievement one day. Thanks for sharing your interest and love dear.

  17. Rising Star says:

    Thanks to you for taking time to read out my blog post and adding your worthy response. Small wins is the really the beginning of great achievements. We just need to work consistently and in our own ways. May I know your sweet name.

  18. I got a nomination for you in my next blog post 😉

  19. Rising Star says:

    Wow, thank you so much for your worthy time to my blog and kind words. It really means a lot to me. I really appreciate your response. I write this because I get a lot of inspiration from my sweet friends and worthy followers. Your response inspired me to write my next blog more precisely and inspirational.

  20. Tanveer Rauf says:

    You are a RISING STAR Dear WordPressian <3
    I get aspiration from you. I also believe in quality with sincerity 🙂
    Kepp us (wordpressians) enlightened

  21. snowj746 says:

    Inspiring. Thank You!

  22. niacaraw says:

    This was so inspiring to me as a writer and educator. Thank you so much.

    • Rising Star says:

      Thank you so much dear, and your response is so much inspirational to me as a young writer. As a beginner I never expect to be so much support from your side. Thanks you so much for your time and kind words. It really means a lot to me. Have a great day

      • niacaraw says:

        You’re welcome. I started this journey not so long ago myself. It is imperative for all of us to encourage one another. It helps to grow and become better at what we do. Blessings on your writing journey and I look forward to hearing more great things from you. Be blessed.

      • Rising Star says:

        Thanks once again dear for your best wishes. You are right that we can improve our performance by appreciating and support one another. I am fully agree with you and I have published a post on this topic title is “Hey! I’m in love”. My most popular and all time favorite post. You can explore it in your spare time. Love and blessings dear

  23. Chris Perona says:

    Good advice about writing content regularly.

  24. aruna3 says:

    Motivational post,dear Rising Star!!

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