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How to Write an Article

So you have decided to write your next article for your blog but are still worried about where to start. Writing an Article as a blogger is an interesting thing and you can start from anywhere. However, research has shown that there are some ways to write your article more precisely and accurately. Following these steps and tips make it easier to write an article.

How to Write an Article?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to writing your next article that will blow your audience. Use these 11-step guides to take your writing from a discombobulated mess to a coherent, useful piece of content that engages the audience.

What you are trying to achieve with this piece of writing?

1. Aim of your Article:

Dream bigger and Aim higher. Anything you write even a single blog post, it should be aligned with a larger business and marketing goal, because you don’t know who is going to read your article. There could be anybody from any corner of the world. So it must fulfill the requirements while keeping in mind a large audience.

Moreover, the key point is to be “concerned” about the main aim and purpose of what you’re writing. You must be specific and to the point.

As though, I want to make awareness towards the child abuse in the current scenario and want to stop this shameful act right now in any possible way”. So here I need to be specific and concise about what my main aim is.

How to Write an Article

Are you good enough to quote examples?

2. Research for the Article:

Research can help you clear your idea in a more specific way. Search out data and examples for your new piece of writing. Convey your main idea in the most realistic way. Here are 15 Common SEO Tools every Blogger must know.

If you have relevant experience in the field you are writing about, present yourself as a source because you can describe it better than anybody else. You are the best to express yourself to your readers. In my opinion, your reader would love to know about the strategy and techniques you present.

Which type, font, format, and shape would best suit your article?

3. Format of an Article:

The shape of your article must be self-explanatory. You might know that different category articles have different writing styles. Your article will also be one of the types.

What format would best communicate your message?

Shape your article accordingly. For example, it might be an opinionated blog post, List type, explanatory, how-to article, Infographics, case study, etc.

4. Write to a single person:

Imagine a single person you’re helping with this piece of writing. And then write and point out directly that person using you. Avoid using the words “People” or “They”.

But why?

Because your article will be read out by a single person at a time, every reader must think that this article is written for me. It will generate readers’ interest.

5. Produce a first rough draft:

Producing the rough and Ugly First draft will basically help you clear the idea. Write what comes to your mind. Write it badly and don’t care for mistakes or errors. It is just to clear the path to your basic dream. Someone will read or not is none of your tension, write as if no one will ever read it. Here are the 7 Things you must have to Start a Blog.

6. Ready yourself for the Second Draft:

Now as you have spent enough time on your first ugly draft and got a real idea of how to communicate with your readers. Put your first draft aside and start preparing for the second draft. Put some distance between your first draft and your second draft.

Start writing your second but final draft. It must be clean, concise, and clear so that your reader will have no doubt in mind after reading this piece of writing.

Note: Remember that you can take some rest between your first draft and the second draft. But this duration should not exceed 24 hrs, because there is a possibility that you might lose tempo or can forget anything nice.

7. Rewrite your Article:

Shape that disordered piece of writing into something that your readers want to like and read. Rearrange the complete article into the best-looking and most suitable form. Express your reframed idea as a clear statement so that your reader’s interest will be generated at the beginning and also you will be cleared-minded writing the whole article covering that reframed idea. 17 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as a Blogger.

8. Title of the Article:

Give your article an appealing and eye-catching title. Spend as much time on the headline as you spend on writing the complete article itself. Respect the headline so that your audience will respect your writing to click on it and read it. Your title is your first impression to make the reader click over it. The great title has a high click-through rate over others.

Who can edit your article?

9. Edit the current Article:

Of course, it would be a person who will have a tight grip on grammar, usage, style, and punctuation.

Do have a qualified editor to edit your writing?

Editing is the final change that you are going to permit your writing. So after editing, there must not be any questionable parts in your article.

10. Final Look:

Take a final look at the shape and readability of your article. Your article must be both user-friendly and Google (Search Engines) friendly. As for the user’s point of view, it will be easier for a reader to sort out the desired piece from it, and from the Search engine’s point of it will be easier to crawl your article quickly. Do you know, How to Write SEO Content?

Does your piece look inviting, appealing, and easy to read?

Divide your article into short paragraphs and add blog subheads so that they can qualify for the SEO requirements. Assign numbers or bullets to your lists where required.

11. Publish:

Now that you have completed writing this is the time to publish your article. But before publishing your post, think about what readers would do now. Don’t leave your reader just standing with embarrassment in the middle of the dance floor after the music stops.

So, tell them what you want them to do next. Ask a genuine question or something else you want them to do. Because this is the time to get fruits from writing this piece of work and fulfill your desire with the article. Here’s How to make money with a Blog!

These were the 11 steps to write an interesting and appealing article for your blog. However, you must also keep in mind that:

  • Upload an interesting image when you publish the article.
  • You can upload more than one image depending on the length of the article.
  • Upload the Image after every 300 words.
  • Publish your post at the time when you can get the most possible views and comments.

I hope these steps will be helpful for your next article and you will write your next article in a better way. Here are 20 Blog Topics that can make more money in 2020.

What is the best way to write an article for your Blog?

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