Secret Body Language Signals in a Romantic Relationship

What do you say: Does a Romantic Relationship also have Body Language Secrets?

Body Language plays a vital role in a romantic relationship. Body language of attraction or body language to attract a woman or a man is an interesting subject in studying psychology. It is just something that we (almost everyone) uses in our daily lives. Body language is what people convey through movements or gestures, which fully reveal the feelings or intentions of the person with whom they are interacting. Body language along with verbal language can determine the validity of a message. It is impossible for human beings not to communicate our innermost thoughts. In many cases, body language, eye contact, and sexual gestures are more effective than verbal communication. Learning to interpret body language can help you perceive what people are really saying.

Limiting yourself when articulating movements is a way of giving yourself distance, as this tells us that a person is not being completely honest. Body language should be natural, appropriate, and effective when conveying a message. The problem is that we do not always say what we think, and if the answer is not accompanied by the appropriate body language, the receiver will be hesitant and distrust what he is hearing. Here’s Importance of Body Language in Communication.

Body language reveals many of our innermost feelings, whether we intend to reveal them or not. From simple eye contact to light leg contact, body gestures are a very direct form of communication that always speaks the truth. In a romantic relationship, reading the directions correctly is crucial.

What does your Eye contact reveal?

Eye contact is the most common initial sexual advance. The eyes can reveal provoked interest, fantasy, and disinterest. We initiate eye contact every day, in places as different as the subway, the supermarket office, and the bedroom.

body language of attraction
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Making eye contact is a simple and universal way to show someone that you are interested in them sexually. Moreover, making eye contact can make it easier for that person to respond to you. When you speak to a person, you look directly at him, not over your shoulder or at the floor. To show your interest across a room, hold his gaze longer than you usually do in an ordinary social situation. However, don’t overdo it. Most people find something more uncomfortable and threatening than intermittent eye contact (five seconds of rest for every 30) and will probably look away. You can take on some mutual interest if that person is constantly looking back.

When your gaze is recognized and welcomed, the recipient may move in a way that “opens up” the body, giving it more to look at. Perhaps you will stand on your side and roll up your shirt sleeves or lean against the wall with your torso slightly forward. Or you could put your hands in the back pockets of your jeans or playfully brush your hair off your forehead.

Other enthusiastic responses include raising the eyebrow, widening the eyes, or fanning the lashes. If you stare at each other for longer periods of time and get closer to each other that is a definite bonding call. You can test this by moving slightly closer and noting if the person gets closer or farther away.


If your initial contact is unwelcome, the person you are observing may try to avoid your gaze or try to create a barrier between the two of you. Therefore, if the person in your attention suddenly disappears into the crowd or abruptly crosses their arms or legs, you are indicating that you are “going too fast for me” or “I am not interested at the moment.” So, in such a case, it will be better to move a bit slower in bonding the relation or you can skip it for the time.

Here’s How to get over a Relationship Breakup?

Pie Diagram on Body Language in Nonverbal Communication:

Pie Diagram on Body Language in Nonverbal Communication

What smile reveal in a Romantic Relationship?

To send a signal that you are interested in getting to know someone better, smile! Smiling sends the message that you find someone attractive and would like to start a future conversation. Hand and head movements are also ways to encourage people as you become interested in that person.

Turning your head and taking steps toward that person sends the message that you would like to get closer. Gesturing to sit next to you or moving to the side to create a fixed space indicates a willingness to engage in conversation. However, make sure you are sitting or standing at an appropriate distance: getting too close in such a short time encroaches on personal boundaries and increases issues of allotted space.

Touch in a Relationship:

Finally, learning to use touch can set the tone for any relationship. To offer positive encouragement throughout the early stages of a relationship, try stroking his arm or hand as you strike up the conversation. When approaching from behind, put your hand on his/her shoulder in greeting, but be subtle. Don’t cross the line between showing interest and being overly aggressive. Also remember that skin-to-skin contact (eg, touching a bare wrist) is always more intimate than skin-to-clothing contact.

Along with body language, our five senses also play a role in physical attraction and intimacy. From initial eye contact to observing a naked partner, sight is an important sexual stimulus.

Listening to music:

Listening to soft music or special intonations of your partner’s voice can serve as a caress or even a pre-stimulation game for the sex itself. It’s the best practice to release stress, distraction and to allow yourself to fully enter in the sexual stimulus.

Touching and Hugging:

Touching and hugging can stimulate exquisite closeness and intimacy on their own. It is considered one of the highly effective factors in a romantic relationship.

Food and wine:

The taste of good food and good wine can put lovers in a good mood, causing them to feel good and lowering their embarrassments. There is a definite correlation between eating and getting emotional nourishment from your partner.


The “smell” of the body mixed with the perfume or other scent of your loved one can act as a powerful stimulant.

So, is there a question, about the aphrodisiac quality of a romantic dinner accompanied by soft music and followed by a night of cheek-to-cheek dancing?

Body language Signals before, during, and after Sex:

We assume that the aforementioned encounters have led to a relationship that ends in physical intimacy. Remember that body language does not end at the courtship stage of a new relationship. You can learn a lot about your partner’s feelings and moods by paying attention to body language before, during, and after sex.

Body Language in Relationship
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Although a partner might be anxious to be in bed with you, he/she might feel uncomfortable about having sex. Telltale signs include legs or arms that are close to the body, limited eye contact, and the presence of a physical barrier, such as a book, a cover-up, or a television remote control. Here are the 10 Things You Need to Know for a Satisfying Sex Life.

If your partner sits on the edge of the bed, frowning slightly or holding her arms tightly at her sides, you may assume that she is nervous. A relaxing and sensual massage will likely decrease your nervousness to the point where your arousal is greater than the discomfort.

You may also find that when you get to bed, your partner turns his back to you and tucks his knees into a fetal position. This indicates embarrassment and developing anxiety. An excellent remedy for this is a warm and pleasant hug. Match her breathing with yours, and then slowly make each breath last longer and more relaxed. With this, your partner is expected to imitate this breathing and begin to relax spontaneously.

Don’t underestimate the power of body language (nonverbal communication) whether in a relationship or in normal life. Because many people find it difficult to converse verbally, body language can help them communicate. As you learn to interpret various shades of body language, you can now learn to understand what people are really “saying.”

I would like to know if you could also share your experience (Body Language Signals) of romantic relationship!

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