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10 Things You Need to Know for a Satisfying Sex Life

Life is beautiful and it becomes more beautiful when you have a satisfied sex partner. However, here all I mean to say is to have a legally authorized sex partner according to your religion because my religion only allows having sex after marriage and Nikah (In Islam, marriage is a legal contract between a man and a woman. Where, both the groom and the bride are to consent to the marriage of their own free wills. Sex is one of the most beautiful and important factors of a successful and intimate relationship. Sex is better in a relationship and it gives beauty, strength and power to a relationship. It is one of the key things that help in a long-lasting relationship.

10 Tips for better Sex and a satisfied Life:

So, you and your partner lived or have to live together for years. Everything is fine, in general, but something has changed. Those fiery glances, passionate kisses: where were they? Sexual desire does not remain stable throughout our lives. You don’t feel the same in the first weeks of falling in love as after ten years of living together. But calm down, fortunately getting out of the routine and enjoying more pleasant sex with your partner is in your hands. You don’t need pills or miracle techniques, you just need these 10 tips to have better sex and you can start tonight.

1. More communication, Better sex:

Say what you like. If you want to improve sex with your partner remember, first of all, that it is a matter of two, and both of you should talk about it i.e. about sex. Tell your partner what you like the most and listen to what makes him crazy. Neither of you are soothsayers, so make your way easier. No taboos. Let’s leave the conventions behind. Remember that there is no one who can guarantee you greater intimacy and harmony than your own partner. Then,

Why be self-conscious? Keep an open mind.

Sex Tips
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2. Doing it more often increases the desire for sex:

Difficult, right?

And it is that when it is not for one thing it is for another, but the point is that it seems that we cannot find the time to go to bed with our partner. Well yes, every night, but to fall into the arms of Morpheus.

Well, my dear friend, we are not on the right track. Even if you don’t feel like that at first, be clear that sex generates more sex. “The less sex we have, the less we want to continue doing it affirms Francisca Molero, president of the Catalan Society of Sexology. Of course, you do not have to wait for bedtime to have sex.” In fact, this is when we are most tired and perhaps our libido even seems to have gone on vacation.

Why not innovate then?

Moreover, for a woman maybe it is a bit difficult to have sex with her partner on daily basis, so here, I would like to add that we should also care for the willingness of both. Here’re the Secret Body Language Signals in a Romantic Relationship.

3. Stimulate the production of pheromones:

How? Pheromones?

Yes, these are the essential olfactory molecules in our sexual communication. Something like the “smell of love.” Different studies have shown that the production of this molecule modifies our heart rate and brain waves, leading us to a state of relaxation and tranquility. For this, there is nothing like exercising. The better and healthier the physical condition, the better will be the sex life. A toned and more elastic body makes us feel more desirable and enjoy our relationships with greater intensity.

4. Create a special Atmosphere:

Sex is seduction and in seduction, it is essential to create a favorable climate. Lighting some candles, aromatizing the room or setting the mood with suggestive music will help you stimulate desire and improve results. If you want your sex moments to be more pleasant, create a suitable environment for them. And if you are on vacation, congratulations! And not only because free time leads to an increase in your sexual activity, but because changing the environment and scene may help to stimulate sexual desire. A hotel night, or why not, a second honeymoon; What are you waiting for to book?

5. Work the Preambles (Foreplay):

In sex, rushing, outbursts aside, are not good. Slow and steady wins the race. Caresses and massages are the best technique to get into the subject. Simple preambles such as applying body oils or kissing and caressing (stroking gently or lovingly) can be a good start. And of course, a golden rule: women need more time than men before penetration. The “pre-sex” (Foreplay) cannot be overlooked. The erogenous zones of women and men encompass many different parts of the body. An entire unexplored world!

Tips to have better sex
Image Source: Unsplash Sex Tips for a successful relationship

6. Aphrodisiac Products:

Regardless of the aphrodisiac properties of certain foods, suggestion plays a key role, and what counts more than the food itself is the intention to take it. If we prepare a dinner based on strawberries and chocolate, it’s aphrodisiac properties may or may not awaken your desire, but what sure works is the spirit with which you do it.

Bet on foods like cinnamon, either in a spice or even by lighting candles with its aroma; chocolate, which increases sexual desire; strawberries and berries, whose sensual appearance is ideal for inciting sex with games; ginseng, a root rich in ginsenosides, a basic hormone in the regulation of sexual appetite; oysters and shellfish, foods that contribute to the creation of testosterone and estrogens; and vanilla, whose flavor is related to passion.

7. The importance of Sexual games:

Friend, the time has come to let your fantasy fly, an essential element in sexual intercourse. Experimenting with new formulas or postures helps to get out of the routine. Of course, you never have to impose, always with consensus and balance. It is not about stressing yourself trying thousands of positions to have an incredible night of sex, but nobody is bitter a sweet. In the worst case, you can end up on the floor or break part of the furniture in the house, but without a doubt, you will have fun. Here you can check, What is Emotional Dependency?

8. Does smell influence sex?

Undoubtedly, sexuality is linked to smell in all species. In some Chinese and New Zealand cultures, there is still a nasal kiss, which consists of inhaling the scent of the partner. The scent is still important enough that top-of-the-line firms have incorporated artificial pheromones into their perfumes. In fact, the sale of aromas has increased in recent years, but the important thing is to be aware that you have this weapon.

Should we compromise in a Relationship of sex?

9. Love yourself:

We know that is easier said than done. Emotions during a sexual process play a vital role and you must learn to take full advantage of the emotions. Let go of all the worries and stress and put your full concentration on your body moments and sex partner.

Keep in mind that your partner loves you just the way you are, and you should start doing it. Nobody is totally satisfied with their body. Not those stunning models we see on television. In sex, give yourself to your partner and make him notice how good you feel about your body. You will enjoy without limits or barriers. Here’s After Breakup Depression: Symptoms, Causes, and What to do?

10. Improve Pelvic Muscles:

It’s not just about controlling urine leakage, Kegel exercises also have proven benefits in enhancing sex with your partner. Kegel exercises are also called pelvic floor muscle training exercises. They are very simple to perform and you can put them into practice in any place and position.

You just have to contract and relax the pubococcygeal muscles (as if you were trying to hold the urge to urinate) holding the tension for a few seconds and doing 10 to 20 repetitions. With this practice you can strengthen the so-called “love muscles”, improve blood flow and increase sensitivity.

Additionally, in the end, I would like to add that there is no best medicine to increase sex duration in bed that has no side effects. Every sex medicine or pill has some kind of side effects and if you did not feel the side effects, maybe it will weaken you and you feel it at a later stage. So, never ever go for a sex medicine to increase sex duration. In my opinion, only practice and the above-mentioned set tips are enough to increase your stamina and to make your sex life more beautiful and satisfactory.

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