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Learning to be Better People Beyond Gender

It is impressive how at each step life shows us that each time a greater number of people in the world defend the idea of individuality and a faithful reflection of this is social networks; considered one of the main means of communication in these times, when staying home is necessary to stay safe.

Then, messages of positive content come to us from everywhere and with a variety of shapes, colors, and sounds. All it conveys us the need to accept ourselves, for what every one of us shines in our own style and rhythm. Even it teaches us how we can achieve this with our own efforts. In this way, all of us want to be coherent with this idea.

Undoubtedly, the subject has many edges. So many that intend to address it in its entire dimension and above all to do it in the proper way would require not only other spaces but also an analysis that can already be noticed endless in content, given the interrelation that definitively presupposes on the unique entire. Here are the 7 Habits of Successful People.

Learning to be better people beyond Gender

Therefore, the intention in these lines is none other than to exchange some criteria based on a purely personal point of view that aims to motivate reflection from the perspective of a single race. This is on which “we” belong, the human beings, beyond gender, of one sex.

In particular, I am deeply satisfied with this type of person that, as perhaps you, and I, are not afraid of being “different”. Because in fact, we all are, we just aren’t willing to assume it or possibly to be so with an absolute naturalness, without further justifications or excuses absurd. Here’s A Journey Guide from Interiors to Exteriors.

Those “brave” are not even brave, but they face their fears, insecurities, and other inner demons from the simple ego of not settling with integrating the sad. A lot of those who live to live, they are interested to grow and strive to make a difference; that’s where their greater merit and by the way, also its success.

In fact, I share the criterion that our ability to gradually transform ourselves into someone better part of each other’s own will and is in addition, to infinite, totally true. It allows us to gradually overcome limits subjective and adapt to the change that takes place in us and in our vision of the surrounding environment.

Learn to be a better person

I would love to say more…

Trying it ensures the effect and to start it is enough to propose it a little every day. Without losing sight of the right measure of each one, which is born from our past and is oriented to the future because it is not possible. At least it is not healthy forgetting where we come from and where we are going. It is in that frame where just our purest essence flows.

Of course, such a particular approach does not understand the unusual aspiration to one day reach human perfection. Since pretending to change from one being to another totally different would be. Without doubts, the plot of a science fiction movie of those that look futuristic only seeks to get us away from reality. You might also like How to be a Stronger and more self-confident Woman.

The question is, the process is much more complex, gradual, and even attractive. It implies the life of each one in particular and the way in which each individual decides to live it. Beyond all those limits that we have invented which distinguish us and which unfortunately separate us from others more than we sometimes stop to think.

In this way, many of us came to understand what to look for and find incentives. Identifying purposes is necessary to move forward and that focus on objectives and projects. Our goals benefit us even outside the material plane. Since it helps us to cultivate spiritually to climb at another level of existence.

It is that at least the above allows us to experience sensations and emotions which in themselves enrich us and prepare us enough to provide others, in any link, a better version of ourselves: Especially those with whom we are most closely linked affective.

a balance in relationship

Thus without meaning to rather without realizing it we become more and more selective in our personal relationships. The family is not chosen but the circle of friends is no longer the same as before. Little by little this circle is reduced to those who we are truly loyal and we love… well, the love actually now deserves a separate point.

Achieving a balance in the relationship becomes very important to us, actually indispensable. We are no longer interested in that wear what does mean to convince the other to love us if this person is not decided for herself and prefers to leave us. The reason is very simple. We know our valuable good lovers and we are no longer willing to be a mere part of anyone. Here’s It’s Never too Late to Start Living Your Life Again.

It is true… this walk and walk is not easy, but with the challenges of the days we learn, even in solitude. To feel truly special. Completely full of our own parts equally we get the connection with someone whose company we prefer because we actually like it and no, it is not about looking for him to find him, it just happens inevitably.

This is why I do not believe that all women, as well as all men, are equal. In fact, despite learning in every relationship as a couple we pass for beginners, the person matters, their individuality, their values. It is their actions that are worth it, it is of each who the decision to get better.

May these “flashes of light” serve to continue that, our path without end. The one of constant advance. Betting on always being us. The light of the luggage. But every day a little, just a little, better than before. It is our decision.


This article is teamwork. Originally written by a talented lady “Flashes of Light” in Spanish and translated and verified by Rising Star.

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