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A Journey Guide from the Interior to the Stars! A Life Changing Article

And one day you wake up, you open the windows wide for the light to your life. You want your lungs to widen and the freshness of the new dawn invades you to the soul. You understand at once that leaving the past right in its place is up to your person and you decide to continue without turning around.

Yes, the rain was persistent throughout your night, but now it has stopped at last. The sun has awakened for you and throws its rays you transpose to a new place where everything seems better, without even having out of your room for a minute.

Outside, the effects of so many falling drops of water are undeniable. The grass is still wet, and not a few leaves have fallen from the foliage of your laurel. But stagnant water ingeniously searched for a way to run again, and very soon it will end up draining all of it to disappear.

Inside it feels different, it hugs you a kind of perfect warmth; that exquisite sensation provoked by the unmistakable mix of peace, self-love, emotional stability, and freedom that you gave up a while ago when, in reality, you had only lost it in somewhere, rather in someone else’s hands.

A life changing article

Then you want to live and do it for real, without pre-established models, well in your own way you want to create a beautiful path with a fixed course at stars. No matter how much effort it cost and time it takes because; thanks to the fact that you have learned the value of each moment, you know that you will enjoy the trip as perhaps you have never imagined.

And what about the copilot of your nave?

Well, one day the floor moved for you because this person left you, and then you remained breathless and keyless. This persona preferred in her own way to give up the second you. Maybe she lacked dreams or who knows if the courage to say that she did not feel or that she was not interested in your trip; that heaven was not her thing; she just had other plans.

Well … without the intention of being petulant, the conviction that it is not worth succumbing to someone who has not known how to take care of you; that changed a whole story for a moment. Somebody who still doesn’t know what he wants, and he hasn’t been able to find himself … if he had, he would know what you are worth and today he would not be a bird of passage in search of any new place.

That’s why it no longer hurts. You no longer feel guilty, although it has cost you. You strive to be able to overcome him and make the final decision not to look for him. To not lift a finger, to try to get him back. You have managed to close the cycle and focus on the advancement of your own being; that is the most important thing.

What awaits you?

Well! that only God knows, experience has already you have and nothing; nothing will be like before because it is on that basis that you have adjusted the suit to continue the daily fight and get to transform yourself into a better person; one whose “I” does not depend on anyone because today she feels capable of achieving everything that one day seemed unattainable.

Wishing to enlighten you with my “Flashes of Light“, I write to your body inert and I say to him: I wait for you to hug you, don’t be afraid! Your interior is your essence and remember the first step is, without a doubt, to propose to find it. Only then can you set your course straight to the stars … and somewhere, at some point of the way, you will meet that good soul who will want to hesitate even a second.

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