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It’s Never too Late to Start Living Your Life Again

If you allow me, today I would like to share an anecdote (Story) with you that involves another person. A young, a 34-year-old woman with whom I had the opportunity to talk some time ago. And I can tell you that it is about the feelings that overwhelmed her when she had to abruptly leave her comfort zone as a result of a particular situation that took place in her life.

In my opinion, this reality can inspire many, regardless of gender. Especially those who right now are submerged in one of those craters that life pushes us so suddenly that we barely have time to blink in such a way that it seems that there is no possible way out there, which we are not going to achieve it.

In short, none of us are exempt from ever falling. In fact, at this stage of the game, it has happened, to a lesser or a greater extent, to almost all of us, and the main message that I want to convey in these lines is that always it is a personal decision whether or not to remain on the ground.

It is worth persevering in the daily struggle, and we must be aware of it. Doing our best to get up and continue and reinventing ourselves at our own pace as many times as necessary. However, complex it may be. However difficult it may seem. The impossible exists when we believe it in our mind, what we cannot do is give up.

What’s more, let’s think for a moment about something as simple as what we would do?

Just when we are out in the open and are surprised by a storm of those that rages and rages more, that intimidates and threatens to become a hurricane.

Start life again

Do we stop or double the step to get to safety?

I think that it would not occur to anyone to be paralyzed, stranded, or at the mercy of luck, quite the opposite and that is our nature. Something inherent in the human being that we call the instinct of conservation and involves behavior that may well qualify for any negative event in life. A life that is not without its own positive side only that sometimes we look and do not see is a question “let’s say” of focus.

The truth is that only when we choose to continue making our way with the necessary pauses to take a breath and distance ourselves more and more from the past.

Are we ready for a new opportunity to be born?

A ray of light is within us capable of illuminating us enough, as to renew ourselves. I assure you that it is not pure romanticism and it was exactly what I wanted to convey to that girl that chance or fate presented me with.

I remember that it was on one of those October mornings when it rains at intervals and everything seems black, that I had the opportunity to meet Laura and I openly declare that for privacy reasons it is only one of many names could use in this case. She had had a little mishap with her umbrella, and we met at the door of a certain place, so, without thinking twice, I invited her to come in.

The conversation then flowed naturally; we talked about various topics until, finally the main one appeared: I have a 5-year-old girl; she is very pretty, has green eyes, and laughs a lot. I just dropped her off at school. She said. As she took out of her wet bag a family photo that she barely managed to show me before bursting into tears.

A few minutes passed while Laura got ready to talk to me. He has left us two weeks ago and since then I have hardly been able to sleep. I spend the nights looking over and over at my little angel in her bed and I don’t know what to do. How to answer her questions, how to continue, more than for me …but for her.

I was silent; I just listened while a lump formed in my throat that I don’t think I could hide.

My husband was the whole world, she added. We shared life for twelve years. He was not a loving or gentleman, but he was a special father. In fact the best I know after my dad. Yes, I made an effort every day to please all his whims because he was very upright! He emphasized with pride. It was then I understood that he meant that, the man had died.

leave comfort zone

Bryan was the one who kept our home, Laura continued to tell me, poor thing! She regretted. He tried to fulfill our needs with a regular economy. He always forbade me to work; Bryan said that a good woman is destined for a wife and mother. He said that I did not need to be in the street exposing myself that all that he was. The house was my kingdom and my place.

In the same way that Laura babbled tearfully those words with total agreement. The lump in my throat began to disappear because I did not share that position but I kept quiet. I did not want to interrupt her. I did not have the right to judge.

Remember! Never Suppress your Emotions.

Moreover, her next statement opened the way to a question that for me to answer was of vital importance. She said, now that he has gone like this, without even warning, I feel that I have lost my way, direction, and even the meaning of life. I cannot continue, I feel destroyed, I will not achieve it.

I breathed, I took a deep breath, I looked at her closely before speaking and with all intention and intrigue, I asked her:

How much do you think you are worth?

She sighed and looked down and said, I think I’m priceless. I could clearly understand that she hadn’t gotten the idea.

Exactly, you have no price!! That is the appropriate answer. I said you have the courage darling, a lot of courage, all the value that you are capable of giving yourself. With that is enough for you to find yourself. You can do everything, believe in yourself, Laura, I told her. Don’t lose sight of what is truly important.

How did you get to this door? Didn’t you do it with your own feet?

I lifted his droopy face and added that very thing. Look! You have two legs and two hands too. If necessary, before walking again, crawl because you are going to run and jump too. You have to create your own path and do not hesitate, and you are going to achieve it. You have a brain to think and a heart so big in your chest that you can barely fit in that place.

For a moment silence was imposed between the two and it was possible for me to notice that the girl’s face had discreetly lit up. Then to finish planting the seed in that fertile soil, I added tenderly:

Start Again

What else do you need to start over, beautiful?

Perhaps motivation! Well, God has given it to you. Look around you; it is in front of you, your life which is yours rather than anybody else. It is your turn to live it. Your life is not worth delegating and in case it knows you are little, you even have the happiness of counting on the life of someone else’s; for whom you are heaven. The best the most capable. So go ahead and propose to take a step, just one, and then one more. As the road is very long but it could be done on walking.

It was all that I told Laura that winter morning, while the rain subsided, and she was able to continue without a doubt. She knew that she could return; that the door was open and that her two feet were enough to get there. It did not matter if it was winter and it was raining; her will was enough.

To you who have accompanied me here, to the end, I swear that day I did not want to go further. I did not want to deepen the wound whose edges I had just cleaned carefully. I do not think Laura would have understood that her castle was never such, that a husband is one thing and another thing is being a father; that they are different roles that must be combined and that the couple is of two so that it can work, that it is worth being companions, confidants, lovers without equal, and that I will tell you another day if she comes for more, I promise I will tell you if that happens.

Finally, here I leave you a few more lines. When you feel lost and only see darkness. Remember that when the sun retreats, the moon comes out to shine and I think that if you propose it; you will also see not so close or so far the flashes of light that emanate from a star without equal. I swear to you dear ones that star is not fleeting.

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The anecdote (Story) “It’s Never too Late to Start Living Your Life Again” is teamwork, written by a talented lady “Flashes of Light” in Spanish and translated and re-adjusted by Rising Star.

Have you gone through this type of scenario?

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