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10 Keys things to do when You’re Surrounded by Negative People

How to Deal with negative people in a positive way?

The way we interact and connect with people has a lasting effect on our lives, whether this effect is positive or negative depends largely on the emotional energy with which we are surrounded. Each person adds something different to a relationship and the more positive the people we allow into our life, the more confidence and energy we will have to be able to live in harmony.

However, it has been observed that when we are surrounded by people with negative energies, our own emotional energy runs the risk of turning negative. Negativity affects the way we view our life and the lives of those around us. Lack of positive thoughts and healthy interactions can cause anxiety, depression, and isolation.

“Let’s be careful with the environment we choose because it will shape us; let us be careful with the friends we choose because we will become like them”. William Clement Stone

Sometimes negativity in another person can be quite subtle. It may not be easy for you to detect when you are in contact or even surrounded by negative people.

According to Israelmore Ayivor;

7 things negative people will do to you. They will:

How to deal with negative people
Image from Unsplash (Isabella and Zsa Fischer) how to deal with negative people

10 signs that you are surrounded by negative people:

1. They are always pessimistic:

Negative people have trouble seeing the good in any setting, even in situations that haven’t gone bad. A warm sunny day is bound to turn into a storm in the eyes of a pessimist and there are very few (if there are ways to do it) that you can convince them otherwise.

2. They always play the victim:

This goes almost hand in hand with being a pessimist. For negative people, bad things only happen to them and there is nothing in this world that they think they can do to change this. They will always consider themselves victims of whatever situation they find themselves in, even if they themselves have caused it. People who always pretend to be victims refuse to take responsibility for any of their actions. You are the one who is always wrong and they are the ones who have been hurt.

3. They take advantage of you:

These types of people are known to give you the time of day only when they get some benefit from it. They use you for the money, to transport them to other places, for emotional support, or even for sex. Negative people always seem to be around you and will give you the validation and positive interaction that you crave only when they reap a reward for them. For these people, nothing is done altruistically.

4. They never have time for you:

Negative people have excuses for everything and will give any kind of excuse for not investing time or emotional energy in you. At the same time, they will demand that you spend your time and energy on them and they will become real sullen when for some reason you are unable to do so. Friendship and positive relations should be a two-way street. If you find yourself surrounded by someone who just wants to hang out in her-related activities, this is a red flag.

5. They complain about everything:

Negative people often have very few good things to say. They will always find something to complain about. If the weather is hot and sunny, they will complain that they are sweating or that the sun is burning them. Nothing is good enough for them. They will also complain about aspects related to your friendship or personality. Negative people will constantly complain about anything.

6. Being with them drains you physically and emotionally:

Friendships should be positive experiences and you should always emanate positive emotions when you see someone you want to enjoy hanging out with. Negative people however will start to get anxious knowing that we are going to spend periods of time with them. These people start to suck the energy out of the very room you are in.

“I think it’s important to put your environment as well as yourself in a positive state – which means surrounding yourself with positive people, not the kind who are negative and jealous of everything you do.” Heidi Klum

7. They will want to change you:

Nothing is good enough for these types of people and that includes you. Whether it’s your hair, your style of dress, or something more intrinsic to your being like your personality or your hobbies, negative people will see something about you that they don’t like and will try to change it.

8. They gossip:

Sharing social information is not always a bad thing and it is not always gossip. However, negative people always turn to gossip. If you discover from someone else that someone who is supposed to be your friend has been saying cruel and gossipy things behind your back then you are definitely surrounded by negative people. You don’t have to listen to these things that are being said about you by your friends.

9. You feel more negative than you were before:

Sometimes the signs that you are surrounding yourself with the wrong kind of people come from within you. If your positive and optimistic personality has taken a turn to a more pessimistic type then you may be suffering from the negative energies that are around you. By meeting negative people you can run the risk of becoming negative yourself, and then you will start to affect the positive people who are also around you.

“Do not frequent bad company, lest their number increase” George Herbert

10. The positive relationships in your life are suffering:

When you start to be negative because of the negative people in your life, the positive relationships around you will start to suffer as well. You may find that other people are beginning to withdraw from you because they are beginning to feel the pull of your own negative energies.

What is your strategy to deal with Negative people?

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