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Never Suppress your Emotions | Learn to Express your Emotions

How to Control Emotions?

Anxiety, Depression, tension, and frustration are some of the most common problems of today’s life. Never Suppress your Emotions. There could be very few people not suffering from these mental ill-health problems. It happens normally but some people are affected more, as compared to others. Emotional suppression also has some negative effects on the human body and brain. Some normal emotional effects that cause are increased alertness, Depression, fear, and physical signs, like fast heartbeat.

Suppression of Emotions:

Suppression of emotions may be very dangerous or fatal for your nervous system. Don’t try to suppress your emotions. We should always have an eye on how do we suppressing our emotions, and how it is affecting our lives. We all need to release our emotions regularly but remember, don’t let them control your mind. If you keep letting emotions take over, your life may end up depressed, anxious, and frustrated. Emotions make us weak during crucial times. It’s a bit difficult to repress your emotions in a hasty manner because sometimes this expression becomes a source of disheartening for others.

Never Suppress your Emotions
Anxiety, Depression, Frustration

Never Suppress your Emotions:

Suppressing your emotions can be incredibly bad for your mental and physical health. Repress your emotions gently and gradually. The flow of emotions might as that it doesn’t hurt others. However, at the time of anger, it’s a bit difficult to control your emotions but it’s not uncontrollable. Anyone can control it at any time. So, be strong enough and inspire yourself to repress your emotions in an awesome way.

Expression of Emotions:

The expression of emotions is much better. Expression of negative emotions in a hasty manner is a good option. We should repress our emotions in such a way it does not hurt somebody. We must train our minds to be stronger but it should not be at the cost of our emotions. Always try to think positive even you see there is something going negative, you just assume and look at the positive side.


Family always has real-time importance in our lives. Spent some time with your family. Try to get them together for some time. Try to arrange a small party such as a birthday party, a happy new year party or any other such type of party that can give you real-time happiness and hundreds of thousands of emotions are expressed easily.


Whenever you feel anxious, angry, or get emotional due to some reason, just get into your car and drive somewhere away from your palace, to see nature, and just give yourself a good break. It is easy when we are busy with our careers and other goals to get so involved that we forget to do this but it is so crucial. Life is so much beautiful, and I am sure that everything you do will take you towards success. I think when we have a heavy load, even though we can handle it all, we still need quiet contemplative time, and traveling is one of the good options to overcome it.


One idea to get rid of emotional and mental disorders is to join a group or company where people get together out in nature, and just sit listening to the wind and the trees as the leaves move about, and to have a quiet time to pray and to share what is in their hearts about life in general. Moreover, everyone will express his inner feelings and thoughts to others. This is an awesome way to release stress and anxiety. As you regularly join this type of group you will feel that you are going to be enough stronger in a very limited amount of time. This type of group may also help you to get some real-time friendship that will be a great achievement.

These are some general solutions, I have learned from my experience of life and participation in social gatherings. You can disagree with any of the points because everyone has some type of experience to overcome such problems in their own way. I have a simple request to you that we should always help such type of people, so that, they can overcome their problem easily. Mostly aged people suffer a lot because they feel lonely, and they required company always. Promise me, you will try your best to do something great in your life and try to change your own destiny and others as well.

In your opinion, What is the best way to express your emotions?

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74 Responses

  1. naaiba says:

    True words! But I have one question how can we Express our emotions and not act impulsively in situations we could later regret? Furthermore shouldnwe Express emotions caused my overthinking too or try to surpress Them? All the best wishes and thank you for this interesting read!

  2. SOWZ says:

    AMEN! Suppression is self-destructing, but in this new day and age healthy expression can be difficult to navigate, too. Especially for the younger generation. I think a lot of expression is done through social media outlets, which then leads to more suppression when “likes” or “comments” don’t match the individuals level of need?

    • Rising Star says:

      Yes, indeed social media has created a lot opportunities for pur younger generations to express their emotions. But the friends and company we are having practically are more worthy than social media outlets, because they can really feel our emotions from the change in our body and anxiousness. Am I right..?

      • SOWZ says:

        Absolutely. My concern is that social media has taken those real interactions and real expressions away. And has made it more difficult to both express and cope with emotions in a healthy way.

      • Rising Star says:

        I totally agree with you because our young generation spent and spoil their most of times on social media outlets. This is really a bad thing because they are unable to get some real time friendships.

  3. I think that is why we have so many books and movies that contain violence. Actually, in some ways they help us to experience the emotions we may feel, but perhaps believe them to be to dangerous to take out into the world. Extreme anger for example, if acted upon, can be a bad thing, but watching a Western or a good Murder mystery where the bad guys get shot or murdered in some way can help us to get out some of our worst emotions in terms of anger or rage without actually hurting anyone.

    I had a lot of anger at my folks for what they did/did not do when I was growing up, and after they had both passed on, I wrote a letter to them expressing what I thought was my anger, and it was to be a letter of forgiveness. But in order to understand my anger, I had to “walk a mile in their shoes,” and so I did that through the letter. When I finished that letter, I felt as though a huge boulder had lifted from my heart. Though I was never able to send them that letter because they were gone, it truly helped me to get beyond that point in my emotions safely. It is not that it changed what happened in reality, but it allowed me to process it safely and to get rid of the anger, which was not, in the end result, against them, but against my own self. I had been told so often that everything that happened was my fault, and doing this exercise allowed me to forgive not just them, but to most importantly forgive myself. Many of us who have been abused in some way or the other hold our anger in because we are in some mistaken way angry at our own selves most likely.

    Thank you for the great article.

    • Rising Star says:

      Thanks again great lady Anne, I was waiting for your response at my previous article but I thought you might be busy some where. You have done a great job of writing a letter to your folks even when they have passed away. Actually you threw your inner thoughts and emotions in an awesome way and then you were feeling a little better. This is a very nice way because you have not heart your folks when they were alive.
      We should hold our anger and inner emotions because they make us weak mentally. 💝💝💕💕💖💖
      Thank you so much for your time and honorable response. May you live long and blessed.

  4. Rising Star says:

    Thank you so much for your time and kind words dear

  5. Vihani says:

    Very well written. It is always good to express ourselves whenever necessary. To talk about things with those who we trust and those who are genuinely interested in listening to what we’ve gt to say. Type of people who can provide us with great advice and direction without adding more frustration to our situation.

    All the tips you have mentioned here are useful. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful day 🙂

    • Rising Star says:

      Same to you Vihani and thank you so much for your experienced comments. You are absolutely right that we should share over emotions with true and sincere friends who have some time for us and doesn’t make fool of us. Sometimes we share our inner feelings with people who have no interest in our personal matters and they make a fool of us rather than help us to overcome our anxiety and stress. These types of people are called bullies which exists every where around us. Thanks Vihani for your time and and kind words. It really means a lot to me. My best wishes are always with you. Blessings.

  6. Rising Star says:

    I have sent you an email at your address. Take care.

  7. Fortunately, emotions, no matter how negative, are only temporary…no matter how bad. Sadly, there are too many people that do not recognize that sadness and depression are normal, and think that the only way to escape is to…escape permanently.

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely right, emotions are temporary. But can’t you believe that if these emotions remained for a long time and we don’t overcome them then they may be lead to permanent anxiety and stress which on the other hand are called mental disorders. Unfortunately we all are having emotional problems but fortunately we can get rid of it through expression. Thanks for your valued feedback and worthy response. Many blessings.

      • I tend to think the other way. Mental disorders are simply a case of mind over matter. You let your brain control the body, not the body control the brain. Millions of people everyday defeat the demons that encroach our mind, and that being the case, then it is a human quality to overcome these depressive, manic, anxiety driven periods. Just let your brain take over and stop listening to your heart. I know this is not a popular way to look at it, but then again, I am not one to shy away from an argument.

      • Rising Star says:

        This is also a good way to control your mind. If our mind is strong enough we can easily overcome anxiety and depression. Just we are required that our emotions should not be at the cost of our mind. If our brain stop listening to our heart, it will become more and more powerful and will easily overcome anxiousness. Thanks for your valued arguments, I really enjoyed conversation with you. Many blessings and good wishes.

      • ecohorizons says:

        Well ,it is good to allow your mind to guide you but sometimes , it is better to be combined with your heart or intuition . Sometimes, checking your mind with your heart or intuition coming from a pure love and peace is more powerful as well…Merge thd heart with the mind peacefully and gracefully …

      • Rising Star says:

        Awesome response, combination of both will also be much better because we say, “together we are the more better we will be”. Thank you so much for your time and kind words.

  8. seanarchy says:

    Thanks for this. I am glad mental illness is coming out of the shadows. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just as diabetics lack insulin, our brains lack serotonin. It’s purely physical and therefore real. There’s no cure, but it’s treatable. Of course, supportive posts like yours are silver linings, too.

    • Rising Star says:

      Thank you so much Seanarchy, I am glad you liked my post. As I discussed that I am just describing my experience on how to overcome fear and anxiety. Now I am happy you support my post through your wonderful and informative response. I am here on WordPress just for sharing my experience and knowledge to others and my mission is to help and motivate our younger generation. Thanks a lot for your time and honorable response. Many blessings.

  9. KRITIKA says:

    Agreed. 👍

  10. Rising Star says:

    Wow, you have taken a great decision. You can easily throw all your emotions and feelings through your wonderful writing. As you have taken your first step now you will see that many of us will reach out to you and will explore your blog. When you get comments on your blog you will feel so much better and will forget all your past. This is the begging of your new life. Happy blogging with many blessings and good wishes.

  11. Rising Star says:

    Thank you very kind dear Aline, thanks for your time and worthy reblog. Love your passion and support.

  12. Thank you and thanks also for liking my post as well. Have a fantabulous day.

  13. Rising Star says:

    Thank you so kind Adnan for your valued feedback and time to my blog.

  14. kevinkaz4 says:

    Very much needed post as we are in the midst of a great suppression!

  15. Malinda says:

    Thanks for these great suggestions. Suppressing our emotions is not healthy and causes health problems like you have mentioned. Thanks for this helpful article.😊

    • Rising Star says:

      Thank you very kind dear Malinda, for your kind words and worthy response. We need to handle our emotions gently and we must not suppress them. This can be dangerous for our mental health so we have to express them in a way that it makes sense.

  16. aruna3 says:

    An inspirational post,dear!!

  17. I love your writing style! Bottling negative emotions inside of you can kill your mental health slowly

    • Rising Star says:

      Honestly speaking I’ve haven’t learned how to write. But I have a lot of support and inspirations from my seniors. I write what I learned from my experience of life. Here your point of view is So true Muslimah, that bottling negative emotions gradually disturb iur mental health. Thanks again for your time and honorable response to my blog as it inspired me a lot. It means a lot to me.

  18. Hey, read this and had to say it’s super accurate. I use to suppress all kinds of things. I got into this habit gained during my childhood. Eventually, I began communicating better, especially with my friends and family I hold closely. It may be the key to my anxiety on some things to this day, but I’m not sure and I’m not an expert. I can only share my own thoughts on the matter. I have learned communication is key. This is super important, especially, in marriage and with my child.

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely right Bachman, sharing of inner thoughts and feelings may help us reduce our inner pressure of emotions which can turned into a mental health problem. You are doing great by sharing your thoughts with friends and family, in fact it is a better way to overcome it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as it may help me and mean’s a lot to me.

  19. Rising Star says:

    Thanks Anand for taking time to read out my blog post and adding your worthy words. It really means a lot to me.

  20. Rising Star says:

    Thanks again dear for your kind words and worthy response. Looking forward to explore your blog.

  21. Ah 😊thank you so much

  22. So true, and so important for men to know this, too! Hugs!

  23. My dear friend,it’s amazing write up 🌹🌹🌹

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