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How to be more Self-Confident and a Stronger Woman

A Woman, a stronger woman “Flashes of Light” call to a Woman, Be a self-confident and stronger woman:

And so, little by little, over the years, you build yourself a stronger WOMAN: one, two, three steps … four, five, six. You keep getting more and more strong, more trust in yourself of how much you can achieve if you insist on not being someone else’s shadow. Not even your own and begin to sprout wings like a butterfly in the middle of what was previously your process of transformation.

It is then you understand that it is no longer about a time to create a space to find yourself and discover in the depths of your being. Your true purpose of life which you have to fulfill with independence from the other roles by your singular nature that has been assigned by divinity.

How to be more Self-Confident and a Stronger Woman

Yes, it is just from the moment that your very existence makes sense and you can look at yourself in the mirror. Clear the silly prejudices, to accept you as you are, particularly beautiful, unique, and special. Since now you can appreciate your image as a stronger WOMAN. Who not only knows very well what she wants, she also knows very well what it is worth.

I think you understood the message perfectly. Your life goals allow you to raise or lower the rod with which you measure yourself and consequently, with that others will measure you. Your worth, “WOMAN” is determined by your own ability to value yourself, no one else can establish it for you; Not even allow, because this would be detrimental to your wonderful essence from the peculiar shine of your magic without equal.

Woman! Learn from your Mistakes:

Just give yourself the opportunity to learn from the mistakes you have made. With wisdom make them rest in the past and walk away, or escape with the admirable courage and determination of any rational being, of all that which threatens your dignity, of that which enslaves and lacerates you; of what makes you feel inferior, weak, or dependent because in reality, my dear, you are not.

Of course not, in no way does the above mean that you will be free of mistakes, stumbles, and even some setbacks on your way, because that’s what life is about, a suit made to measure for each who, precisely to learn, grow, improve … a whole cycle perfectly designed, that you will have to go at your step assembling again and again.

Woman! Face your Internal Struggles

It is true, you will have to fight many battles every day, some more difficult than others and you will get to know, WOMAN. The worst is going to be your own internal struggles, those in which, at times, your fears and insecurities, but I guarantee you they will never have that look like giants that almost ended up annihilating you some time ago.

Now you choose what pleases you, you enjoy the little things more, you focus with such simplicity on what is truly important that your face illuminates, your smile sprouts, sprouts from the soul, you feel complete,  powerful, challenging and continuing to be more and more you are, what provokes you the most.

Woman self confidence

It seems that you dance to the wind and you can hear the music that you’re tireless flapping. And you dare. You dare to give a NO for an answer. Not to give credit to excuses, doubts, or regrets, as you have identified and established your limits; those limits that are sometimes incomprehensible to certain people, beyond their gender, their age, and even their status. Because still, they don’t know what this is all about; that it does not precisely about believe you are better or worse than anyone, just different.

Thus, without realizing it, such a spiritual peace takes hold of you. Integrity, self-love, that you no longer care about the attractiveness of a physique. Neither yours nor that of others, because you know it’s temporary. It does not scare you nor the greatest loneliness you decide. Not to share yourself with anyone and no it’s not that Give up your feelings. You prefer them to be special because if they don’t are they, what are they for?

Woman! Shout out Loud

But as if all of the above were not enough, you are no longer satisfied with the feeling you have. You want to infect another woman with your energy. You won’t shout out loud that it is valid to be different, that these are not stories of dreaming people; which is a life decision, which has cost you damage and years. But it’s worth it, that flying you propose as high as is possible, that just trying makes you a winner.

And definitely, you make your story repeat itself as a “WOMAN”. In the entire world many more than any other day, at any time, in any country; They decide to add numbers to the group of which, little by little, they are building … one, two, three steps… four, five, six … They go becoming stronger and more self-confident.

I allow myself to count on you, WOMAN, building you up through these simple but inexhaustible flashes of light.


This article is teamwork, written by “Flashes of Light” in Spanish and translated and re-adjusted by Rising Star.

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