What is Self-Discovery: Begin your True-Self Journey

Have you ever wondered, how well you know yourself? “Self-discovery”

Who are you? “Oh, I think this is easier to answer,” but is it really so? Who are you or who am I really? It’s easy to assume that we have a true knowledge of ourselves, but have we really questioned ourselves? I think the answer would be “No” for most. We are all programmed to grow to protect ourselves from discomfort and risk. Only when we get wiser do we realize that this is where the greatest growth resides and if we ever want to achieve great things, we have to be brave enough to stand on our side.

What is self-discovery?

When we speak of self-discovery, we mean the process by which we create a realistic concept of ourselves. This concept about ourselves should not depend on our moods which can be constantly changing. For example, when we feel extremely positive and optimistic, we can create an overly idealized and unrealistic image of ourselves, and conversely, when we feel extremely negative, sad, and hopeless, we cannot build our own self-concept based on that.

what is self discovery
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Really knowing yourself is not an easy process and can be confusing at times. Self-discovery is extremely important and even decisive in the life of each one of us since it is related to our own fulfillment. When we know ourselves we can more easily find meaning in our life, which inspires us and fills us with motivation to carry out our vital goals.

Importance of Knowing Ourselves:

We are usually not fully aware of our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Not being aware of it makes it difficult for us to know and understand each other, which can have negative consequences, such as poor decision-making, poor academic performance, emotional and interpersonal problems, not knowing what truly motivates us, and therefore, less life satisfaction. We may also be living a life limited by social pressure or by the wishes and expectations that our parents or other people have projected onto us and not be aware of it.

To stop living a life dominated most of the time by “automatic pilot” and based on the expectations of others, is not an easy task. The path to self-discovery is a journey through which we will be traveling our entire lives since we will never stop learning.

What does mindfulness give us to know ourselves?

The practice of mindfulness allows us to connect with the present moment and also facilitates self-knowledge and emotional regulation. It allows us to know what is happening to us on a physical and mental level that many times we do not perceive because we are acting on “automatic pilot”. In this way, we can recognize our patterns of behavior and habitual thinking, which helps us to know ourselves deeply and to expand our own consciousness.

By doing breath-focused practices, we learn to anchor ourselves to the present moment, the here and now. We learn to observe our emotions, feelings, and thoughts, but above all to listen to our inner voice. When we do practices focused on our body, we can learn to penetrate it, we listen to it and we get to really know it since many times we leave it aside. In this way, we establish a good connection between mind and body and open a new path that leads us more easily to be in contact with our own nature. Meditating teaches us to regain that naturalness that we have lost by being aware of our expectations, goals, memories, insecurities, and fear of change all the time.

If there is one thing that many fail when trying to make themselves better people, it is in achieving effective self-discovery.

Self-discovery can become the culmination of self-control that we can have. What really happens is that it is sometimes difficult for people to even understand themselves.

Part of the work of scientists, psychologists, and statesmen is to study human behavior and try to provide ideas about its motivations and enhancing factors. It is no secret to anyone that our minds are still an enigma.

But of course, we could not say that because of that, we will stop trying to know ourselves and discover our mission in life. Self-discovery really seeks to define exactly what we are made for.

In other words, the path of self-discovery inevitably leads to Personal Self-Realization. And it is that we may never get to know each other accurately. It is also quite possible that we do not even know the origin of our attitudes with certainty, but what is true is that through certain parameters, we can discover what we are passionate about and what fills us with life, and in contrast, everything that we simply do, is not part of our ideals.

Many think that self-discovery is something that is achieved in a while, with a simple analysis of yourself and with detecting and accepting our own mistakes. However, the reality could not be farther from this fact.

It is important to always have a lot of self-motivation in our desire to discover ourselves, and this is where many fail to fall into the advertising trap set by those who have a product for sale on related topics.

The trap is to make people think that self-discovery depends on issues such as:

Esotericism: The stars, the zodiac sign, and things like that
Religion: The search for oneself through some god
Consulting: The discovery of oneself by others
Metaphysics: Supposed self-discovery with hidden magic

Sometimes it even makes me a bit funny to think that there are people who simply believe all those things.

That is, to discover ourselves we will need spells? Or perhaps we need the help of other people to understand our attitudes, passions, and desires? Or it will be through faith in a being that we may not fully believe in?

Much of personal development today is sold through supernatural and practically magical matters.

People are led to believe that having control over themselves, achieving success and self-realization, and even achieving abundance; depend on things external to them.

These people come to believe these stories to the point of assisting fortune tellers and people who read cards to predict their future. Don’t these people know that their future depends on themselves? There is no better way to know what your destiny holds, than by taking action today in the present?

Unfortunately, there is a whole multimillion-dollar business behind Personal Development and it is unfortunate that day after day many people fall for these deceptions. What could a person who doesn’t know you know about your future?

Self-discovery is one of the most beautiful phases of Personal Development. And believe me! when I tell you that you only need to spend some good and pleasant moments alone, to start a pleasant dialogue with yourself. Here are the unexpected benefits of spending time alone.

Okay! things like religion, and consulting could help you tune your mind to frequencies of doing good, helping others, taking action, and so on. But never be implanted with the idea that your success will depend on those things.

It really depends on nobody that you get to achieve what you set out to do. It will not depend on anyone (not even your boss or your clients) to make you rich. And it depends on no one whether you study or not study now and train yourself for the future! All those things depend on yourself.

And this, my dear reader, is precisely the first step towards self-discovery. Accept that it depends on myself and that no one else will be able to help me find my way, in the way that I myself can.

The next step is to inquire about our tastes, character, desires, dreams, objectives, purposes, goals, etc. To know for sure what it is that motivates us in this life.

We must take into account both our positive and negative aspects and for this, we must also take into consideration self-acceptance.

Ultimately, the goal is to discover what our passions are, and of course, not to do anything other than carry them out so that they can become part of our lifestyle.

Developing your maximum potential and reaching your personal self-realization through self-discovery will depend to a large extent on whether you follow your vocation and fulfill your dreams, regardless of whether others say they are inconsiderate, or that they cannot be achieved (many times people say it from his cowardly point of view).

Knowing oneself is not an easy path, especially since sometimes we forget the essentials and begin to live as if we were on all the time on “automatic pilot”.

Self-Discovery Psychology:

To begin with this article I would like you to ask yourself this question: How well do you know yourself? It is very common that we find ourselves so busy that we even stop being aware of who we are or what we are doing. Many times, although it seems that we are not doing anything, we avoid being in contact with ourselves as we begin to occupy our minds with thoughts about the past or future. There are a lot of people who don’t feel comfortable being alone.

When they find themselves in this situation, they choose to find some “way out”, such as: watching television, using social media, talking on the phone with a friend, turning on the computer, and other things. This type of action causes over time is distance ourselves more from our internal experience and we learn to use “automatic pilot” more and more. Therefore, we stop listening to our mind and body, which makes the self-discovery process more difficult.

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The 3 Keys to Self-Discovery:

My self-discovery process has three keys to establishing that fundamental self-discovery. Get uncomfortable, educate yourself, be alone and great growth will follow.

The 3 Keys to Self-Discovery
The 3 keys to self-discovery

Step 1. Self-education:

The first step to self-discovery is educating yourself. This means that you must eliminate all traditions and what you have learned throughout your life. It’s time you question everything they taught you and said. You should even question your strongest beliefs and see everything from many different points of view. This means that you must read books, converse with strangers, and travel. Reading has done a lot for me in my last years. Growing up, reading was the last thing I wanted to do and never in my life did I think it would be the key to transforming my life. I have read many books that have literally helped change my life and my views on life. I have traveled to many states and countries to discover new lands and new cultures.

While traveling, I met wonderful people with whom I had great conversations to aid in my discovery. Traveling not only gives pleasure to your soul by pouring natural beauty into it but also adds a lot of experiences to your mind. You meet new people every time you travel to a new city or country and you know a lot of different traditions. You discover new ways to live a satisfying life and the true meaning of living in this world.

Step 2. Stepping out of the comfort zone:

This education that I was getting also created some discomfort. I was learning new things and discovered that there is no right or wrong way of looking at things in this life. People have made me think that there is only one right path and of course, it is their path. But I have to choose my own path rather than following others’ intentions. Educating myself has made me uncomfortable with people having some position in my life. I have also been uncomfortable with self-challenges and this is what discovering myself needs from me.

Challenging what you think is not possible as it will completely remove comfort from your life. Going to a mosque when you are a Christian is a challenge of comfort. Moving to another state or country when you don’t have family or friends is a comfort challenge. Try new foods, and new activities, and address all physical and mental fears. When you dare to challenge your comfort, you will see what you can achieve and possibly discover something you like in the journey to knowing yourself. You can read about skydiving and know all about the activity, but it is nothing compared to the physical act of skydiving. Go ahead and try new things and you will learn more about yourself than ever.

Step 3. Be Alone:

Now that you are educating and taking comfort out of your life, no one should be ready for this ride. The journey of self-discovery is exactly for the first part “me”. Being alone removes opinions, judgment, and all other unnecessary distractions. Being alone in the journey to self-discovery will help you master your emotions and thoughts and meditate to clear your thoughts as well. I want you to know that being alone does not mean that you are alone. Loneliness is a feeling of insecurity, trauma, and pain, and being alone is self-love, healing, and safe.

I know we confuse the two of them often and it makes people feel like they always need someone with them on great adventures. This time will only give you time to develop your thoughts and master your consciousness and subconscious. We are in full control of our thoughts and they seem to go wild when we are alone, but we can control them. Here’s How to control your emotions gently.

We are in full control of our minds and bodies, but we must become aware of that during self-discovery. Meditate, pray, transform bad thoughts into great thoughts, and overcome the positivity in your subconscious by reading, watching, eating, and hearing positivity. Being alone and deciding what you want to think is in your control. These are three keys one needs to discover oneself better than ever before.

So, tell me honestly, How well do you know yourself?

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