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Don’t worry! Let them say | Ignore Naysayers

Ignore Naysayers:

Ignore Naysayers. Don’t worry! Let them say. Almost all of us always want to be liked and appreciated by everyone for our talent, our nature, our achievements, and our intelligence. Sometimes we almost rely on the opinion of other people and we try to spend our lives according to their wishes. We always give priority to other people thinking that what they think of us? We then try to live on their expectations, not on our desires. How people want us to be, we try to become so. Don’t worry! Let them say what they want.

Are you the person who people think you are?

You will constantly make yourself worried about what others think of you. It is human nature they always love to waste their precious time talking about others. If you do well they will talk about you, if you do something bad they do the same. People just need the topic of gossiping. Otherwise, they had nothing to do with you.

Then why do we keep ourselves worrying about what others think of us?

Ignore Naysayers
Ignore Naysayers

Don’t worry! Let them say:

Have you ever thought about why you care for such people?

People’s mindsets will never change. Don’t worry! Let them say what they want. They will always be free to judge you, no matter what you do to please them, you can’t change their mindset.

Why don’t we think of ourselves as what we care about?

Indeed, we can never please everyone so we should care about our loved ones who care for us. And stop thinking of the people who always judge us, no matter how good you become, they will judge you according to their mindset. So it is useless to be worried about those, who always try to snatch your peace of mind. So stop pleasing everyone and boost your self-esteem by ignoring such people in your life. Because people’s mindsets can’t be changed. It is only you who has to change and accept things as they are going.

Why don’t we value ourselves?

Stop worrying about people’s opinions towards you. Some people are always criticizing and unhappy with others. The negative feedback we receive always comes from negative people with a negative mindset. So we must keep this thing in our mind and don’t even try to think of their words and actions. Because these are the attention seekers who always spread negativity among people. Always try to think positively and avoid the company of such people.

Don't worry! Let them say | Ignore Naysayers

Life is a Glorious gift from God:

God has given us this single life and this life is very short. Then why do we spoil the beautiful moments of our life by thinking that what others think of us and keeping ourselves worried? So let go of the people whatever they are thinking of you? Letting go is difficult though but once you start this you will see the difference in yourself.

When you think people love you for this reason and people will hate you for this reason but believe me it is nothing to do anything with you. Live your life according to your own choice and according to your set parameters. Don’t worry! Let them say. Keep your self-esteem high and make yourself strong enough to ignore such people in your life.

Do you want to live a life according to others’ wishes?

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27 Responses

  1. The way to light says:

    Great post..empath people can’t say No and want people to be pleased and happy all the time even if this on the account of their own happiness..with training and more conscious..they can say no easily and don’t care for other people’s opinions.

  2. Agreed. We must not worry about what people say about us.

  3. Meerykhati says:

    This post is quite relatable to me. I was the kind of lady who seeks people’s validation. I tried to please everyone so that they liked me. When they didn’t, I felt terrible. Now I raise above it. When I look back I feel how stupid I was. Now I know we can’t please everyone. Great post!!

  4. Kim Petitt says:

    When we live according to other’s wishes we allow them to influence or determine our choices and we are trying to please their expectations. I think we have all experienced this at one point in our lives. But, then there are those of us known as “people pleasers” who want to keep the peace and avoid conflict. Before we realize, we have lost who we are trying to please other people who probably aren’t even happy with their own lives. I can tell you from personal experience pleasing others is like chasing a moving target. What do I mean? People’s expectations of you will constantly change. By trying to please others, we just end up frustrated. That’s why most people don’t live the life they want, they are too busy living lives that other people want for them.

  5. K L says:

    Love this:

    “The negative feedback we receive always comes from negative people with a negative mindset.”

    So true

  6. Unique Tales says:

    I used to, not so much now, if they like me great, if not I don’t break my heart over it. 😊

  7. I use to be that person. Now I do not care, we’ll to a point when I. Feel am being wrongfully judged.

  8. aruna3 says:

    True.we can not stop our work for a faking sayers.

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