The Fear of Failure and Success in Life

It is the Fear of Failure that doesn’t let us get real-time Success in Life. Being afraid, for humans, I consider it to be the worst. Of course, such a statement does not require too many explanations, especially since each of us has experienced it from time to time inside, many times disguised as something else, accompanied by a handful of the most mysterious sensations. Said that way, it seems that fear is inherent in our own existence, but I join to believe that it is rather the result of our own experiences, which impressions of the senses integrated with memories, conceptions, and also beliefs.

Success in Life:

According to studies carried out in different areas, fear can be emotion as well as a feeling, even insurmountable for some people in certain circumstances and I think that this is the main reason that has motivated the legislative will, regardless of who holds it in the government structure of one or another country, for its express provision as causal for exempting criminal responsibility within the framework of the Law, determining its scope specifically in order to guarantee it’s just and indubitable recognition in the case.

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Fear of Failure

It is easy to understand that, as an anxiety emotion, fear is generated from something that can cause us harm, mainly physical or emotional. And therefore, it is difficult to control. In my opinion, it takes place as a kind of cause-effect reaction where one and the other, both can be real and a product of the imagination. I consider that it is the fear that in general, we express more easily since it is linked to a state that can go from the conscious to the unconscious. It becomes abruptly evident, which is beyond our control.

Fear of Failure:

Consequently, the fear that manifests itself as a “feeling of suspicion or concern about the occurrence of some adverse event” name more my attention; is that I think it is more manageable from our individuality. Which does not mean that it is easy to control and much less inconsequential for private life and in society, but that it is achievable, to a large extent. It depends on the reasoning of each one and therefore, of the ability and the will to overcome it. This is the fear of hopelessly linked to what we usually call failure.

Fear of Success

Certainly, the apprehension or suspicion already framed in the possibility of not achieving the desired or expected result in a certain sphere of life or in a particular matter. In other words, the FEAR OF FAILURE acquires such a suspicious aspect that, sometimes, to appear as our best ally, being in reality, the first, the most silent and deadly enemy of our possible success, becomes its masterful move. Thereby is what dressed insanity, good judgment, modesty, or humility it changes everything. It touches into insecurity, indecision, apparent incapacity, making us feel weak, inexperienced, insufficient for others.

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Undoubtedly, such opportunistic feeling is inextricably linked to the uncertain, to the unknown, to the new for us and also attacks in the worst of silences, that which we only manage to share with our own “I”. Demanding strength and sufficient firmness to face it. Starting from identifying and developing those own resources that each and every one of us has and need to use to get out of the so often mentioned “comfort zone”; this on which we are so comfortable and relaxed that staying inert, immobile, becomes the best option.

About the Author:
This article is teamwork “The Fear of Failure and Success in Life”. It is written by “Flashes of Light” in Spanish and translated, re-adjusted by Rising Star.

Have you ever experienced the Fear of Failure before starting a new journey towards Success?

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  1. Fear, when it becomes an accustomed way of thinking, can appear as an ally — that’s such a good point. That’s why stepping out of the comfort zone feels difficult! Yet, it’s when we look fear in the eye that the most growth seems to happen. 🙂

  2. Sushil Rudra says:

    Nicely penned. Thank you

  3. You make great points here. I agree with you when you say that fear is the most deadly enemy of our success. Fear can indeed paralyze us in countless ways. It has been said that there is no courage without fear. I share that opinion. For a long time, I allowed fear to take control of my life. But over time, I convinced myself that my strengths far outweigh my weaknesses. That way, I made it possible to tame most of my demons. Not an easy endeavor, but it’s doable and liberating.

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely right Eliane, taking control over fear isn’t an easy endeavor, but it’s doable. I myself gone through such fear that was holding me back in life for longer. But thanks God I overcome it with constant practice and clear vision in life.
      May “Fear , the deadly enemy of our success” may never be back to disrupt our lives 💝🤗.

  4. Good Article Rising Star!
    Yes, fear often arises but acting anyway is critical as more failures create more success!
    Have a great weekend! ❤️ Cindy

  5. ecohorizons says:

    When the night comes or the sky turns gray ,
    The sky showers us to grow and stay ,
    alive and happy in every way ,
    To God we sway , that every sun ray ,
    Would shine again and clear the clouds away ,
    So you could see to  never get astray ,
    Divinity gets us to pay ,
    attention that everything we get  through ,
    has a silver lining every  night
    and   day …
    You say good morning ,
    “Tommorow is another day ” for a melody to  play …
    The rainy days of April shower flowers of May …( as said… )

  6. ecohorizons says:

    What is the meaning in the article of it is more manageable from our individuality ?
    Can you explain more please ?

    • Rising Star says:

      Here it means, we all as an individual can manage it in a better way. It is not the that is out of our control. However, some manage it more easily over the others 🤗🤗🤗

  7. jonicaggiano says:

    A lot of very good points in this article. I am an anxious person and I wish that I wasn’t. I work at getting rid of my anxiety but it has been a lifelong effort. Great post my friend. Hugs Joni

    • Rising Star says:

      Thanks Joni, I am hopeful you will overcome it very soon. In fact, we all can manage it but sometimes we unable to take actions due to daily life activities. Thanks Joni for taking the time 🤗. Have a blessed weekend 💞💐💝

  8. Jeff Flesch says:

    Very well written. Important message here. I actually spent a lot of years being fearful of both success and failure. Much of that is the fear of the unknown, and to needing to be right, or look good. When you get that all of life is ultimately unknown, and that there is actually such wonder in the unknown, you can release that fear. Great post. 🙂

  9. Máryurit says:

    Muy complacida con las reacciones del artículo, me parece genial. No obstante tengo algo que preguntarte al respecto. Lo haré via email. Saludos y bendiciones Rising Star.💝

  10. I’ve definitely learned that failure is inevitable, it’s how we deal with it that makes us successful or not. I try to tell people that everyone will fail. It’s about noticing where you went wrong and implementing barriers to stop it from happening again. It could be something as simple as not sleeping in, all the way to reorganising core management.

    But yes, I agree with you in my mind. Failure is the path to success.

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely right, Failure is the path to success, which gives us a lot of knowledge and experience to never repeat the mistakes again. Also gives us courage to bear challenges and face the world back after a failure.

  11. Jay patel says:

    I loved it… very well written… keep it up… I’ve followed you..I hope to see some more amazing stuff by you.. 😊 Please checkout my blog too… I hope you’ll have a good time reading them… lots of love.. 😊

  12. In my experience, having knowledge of how to succeed helps one succeed in two ways. First, you can apply the knowledge to help you actually do better. Second, having knowledge of how to proceed helps reduce fear and allows you to be more open to how to proceed. It does not mean you have to slavishly follow suggestions or a checklist or — as here — a set of patterns. But it is no longer a “blank page.” Here’s an index to a set of best practices in teamwork and collaboration. It’s all free, no ads; not a solicitation for work.

  13. kalteanna says:

    Hello @Rising Star thanks for translating such a good text! It fits perfect to my topic and I was very impressed about how much impact failure has to success

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