5 Life Rules That Will Position You for Greater Success

Life is not as easy as we thought it in our teenage. We were just living our dream life at that stage. Parents, teachers, and senior members of our family told us a lot about the ups and downs of life but in fact, we just took it unserious. But now as we grow in life, stresses, uncertainty, depression, and anxiety, all are the emotions that we feel and face every new day.

Motivational TED talks and inspirational videos are meant to make things clear for us but what they do is only increase stress, uncertainty, and frustration which results in low self-esteem and depression. All these inspirational programs tell us what to do as a machine, but one thing they forget is that we’re human beings, and we feel stressed out and fatigued, and there come times of crisis.

An inspirational speaker says, “Winners don’t sleep eight hours a day, eight hours is too much. Winners fight and work hard, and they get what they want to get with their hard work, consistency, passion, and vision.” But what if I’m trying with my full potential but nothing is working out.

Is eight hours of sleep a day really too much?

In times of crisis, we need a code of conduct to lean on. Some code of conduct that we can rely on.

What should we do in times of crisis?

Here in this article, we are going to explore the 1% rule in front of you. 1% Rule consists of a simple code of conduct, that we can follow at any time, either in winning moments or in a moment of crisis. Here are the How to Love Yourself: 12 Steps to Self-Love.

5 Life Rules for Greater Success:

Do you already know about the 1% rule?

1. Fall in Love with the Process:

Ask yourself, what according to you the hardest day is and where we see the most drops off. You might think that we at least divide our goals into small pieces and make it for a few weeks before experiencing challenges. But for most people, day two is the hardest day and where the most drop-off. Therefore we need to fall in love with the process.

Once we fall in love with the process and get started with passion, we’re able to put our less physical, mental, and emotional energy into it with everything we’ve got. Without this foundational principle, we’ll suffer more and there is more chance to crumble. If we want to see changes, we need to work on it every single day, little by little and step by step.

5 Life Rules for success
5 Life Rules for Success (Image Source: Unsplash)

2. Do it every single day:

We need to do it every single day, even 1%, but we need to move forward towards our success journey. It’s not about the size of your goal or progress but about the fact that we’re making progress every single day that counts. We don’t need to live conditionally, waiting for inspiration, excitement, and getting ready. But we simply need to move forward every single day, even a little bit, but with consistency.

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3. Celebrate your Commitment:

Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate your wins, even the small ones. The size and the scope of your wins don’t matter but the fact that you won, must be acknowledged. Share your wins with your friends and welcome the inspiration you get.

In life, definitely, you definitely experience wins every single day, most of which go unnoticed. Celebrating your wins gives you inspiration and motivation to keep going forward towards your destination and extends a token of appreciation for how far you’ve gone, instead of focusing on what’s missing.

4. Track your Progress:

Track your matrices and analyze your progress. This won’t give any inspiration (if you are not making any good progress), but it’s very important to know the inputs and outputs of your work. If we don’t have any accurate data, we’d rely on our emotions and feelings, and these can’t be relied upon.

5. Master your Field:

Be your own boss. You can only achieve what you dream if you are a master of what you are doing. Mastering your chosen field in itself is a long-term commitment and caters to a mindset of grounded self-effacement where you become passionate about micro-improvements. In an instant-gratification, highlight-driven, shallow world, your pursuit of mastery puts your head and shoulders above.

Success doesn’t come overnight. It is a long-term and continuous process that has no end. The more you put your efforts into a purposeful strategy the more you will get success in your life. However, consistency is the key point to be kept in mind. Keeping all the limitations in mind and having a strategy and strong vision will take you where you dream to be.

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