Why Failure is the Key to Success

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

In my opinion, Failure is not the opposite of success. It is just a word in the dictionary that tells us “Try again”. Failure is the key to success. It is an important part of Success as we learn, grow and become stronger. The key seems to be in changing the way you see failures. Failure means you tried something new. It doesn’t mean an ending: it’s just the beginning. Don’t think of failure as something negative, it is not all or nothing, but learning from what we have done and how we have done it. Many times the greatest learning comes from mistakes.

Failure is nothing but a way to success. It gives us an opportunity to learn and grow in our journey to Success. We learn a lot of new things when we face failure or apparent failure in life.

“Failure is the Key to Success” Quote by Morihei Ueshiba

When you find yourself thinking that “you’re a lost cause” or that “it’s no use trying again,” reframe your thoughts. Remember more realistic thoughts about failure such as:

Failure is a sign that I am challenging myself to do something difficult.

I can handle failure.

I can learn from my failures.

You may need to repeat a phrase or affirmation to protect yourself from negative thoughts or to ensure that you can recover.

Failure is an important part of success
Failure is the key to Success: Image source Unsplash

Success is a long journey and you have to face many hardships. Every successful person faces many failures in life. They learn from their mistakes, grow, create a plan, and do not repeat their mistakes. Do you know that Success is no accident? You have to go through many ups and downs in this journey. Many times you will feel tired and will decide to give up. But be careful and never give up on your dreams. Never ever give up and just think how much time, effort, and energy you have put so far to reach this level. Maybe the point you are giving up is the starting point to your success. So, I can never recommend you give up at any point in the middle of your success journey.

Failure is a way to learn from mistakes. We learn a lot of new things from failure that should be avoided while practicing again.

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” Dale Carnegie

5 Practical Tips to Deal with Frustration of Failure

1. Acknowledge when you feel frustrated:

It seems pretty obvious, but many people refuse to acknowledge their emotions, associating them with a sign of weakness. And it is the opposite, when we recognize how we feel, we establish a starting point to resolve it and we demonstrate greater emotional intelligence.

2. Trust in your potential:

If you really know your gifts and abilities, you will be able to go far, preventing just one bad run from collapsing your self-esteem.

3. Know your limitations:

Just as you recognize your qualities, it is good that you know how far you can go. This does not mean that you are a conformist or do not aspire to improve. If you focus on your abilities, knowing your limits will make the most of making your stumbles less hard.

4. Don’t take anything personally:

In a fit of anger, your boss yelled at you that you had made an “unacceptable” mistake. Or maybe one of your subordinates was so distracted that he missed a key aspect of the growth of your business.

Does your boss hate you?

Does your employee want to make life impossible for you?

Whether someone lashes out at you or unleashes your anger, it’s important to keep in mind that within the confines of an office, nothing is personal. So don’t take it as such.

5. Review your personal strategy:

People forge a destiny full of failures, it is because they take each setback as a sign not to continue. While those who are successful use their failures to learn what not to do and revise their strategy. They keep what works for them, discard what doesn’t, and thus manage to have an increasingly effective growth strategy.

Do you believe that Failure is the key to success?

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