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How to Control Emotions

We are born with certain abilities to use our mindset and intelligence and to use our emotions according to the situation. This is so-called Emotional intelligence. We all need to control our emotions. No matter what is the situation, don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence. Treat your emotions gently.

Do you know How to Control Your Emotions?

At the initial stage, it’s difficult but with the passage of time and maturity, it certainly becomes possible to control your emotions. For someone maybe it’s not easy to accept, but believe me, it’s possible because Everything is Possible. Remember, it plays a vital role in personality building. If you are mentally strong, you do wonders in life.

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1. Empower your Intelligence:

You should not be at the mercy of your emotions. But you should always keep them in control, play with them, enjoy with them and train them according to the strength of your intelligence. Don’t let them dominate your common sense. Train your mind to maintain an emotional balance. If it overpowers your emotions, you might end up losing your humanity.

2. Better Mindset:

Emotions may often lie. They are like an emotional roller coaster with extreme ups and detrimental lows. Acknowledge their presence, but question their veracity consistently prior to making all decisions. The hardest part in life at times, actually, is when you have to remind yourself to have a better mindset because you have to first acknowledge it.

3. Power of Emotions:

Emotions have lots of power, so, I think if we can use them for our betterment that will be more fun. Emotional responses may make you feel good for the time being. However, the reasoned responses will get the results you desire. Reasoned responses are generally far more powerful where it comes to providing the most compelling argument.


4. Positive Mindset:

It is also very important to hold a positive mind whilst eliminating negativity. Keeping a positive mindset even at the lowest degree, lets you keep going towards your goal. Always try your best to represent a better version of yourself through your behavior. Emotions can make us weak during crucial times. Try to be stronger for yourself all time. Mind over matter is always better than decisions by emotions.

5. Train Your Mind:

Training the mind will lead you to greatness. The stronger the mind, the stronger and informed judgment and decisions would be. If you can train your mind, then you can do anything. It is always your mind you have to convince. Train your mind and heart to be unemotional, would save your heart to be unemotional, would save you unnecessary pain. When your emotions are stronger than your mind, the strength of your mind is meaningless as your emotions will overpower any strength your mind has.

6. Control your Emotions and Thoughts:

If you are not the one who is controlling your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions then you are the one who is being controlled. When you have your mind in control, your feelings, actions, habit, and behavior will be in the direction of your goal and your attitude will touch the edges of the sky. It’s easy to let your emotions get out of control and when you resist the urge and use discipline, you will be better for it.

Note: Dear readers, I will soon upload another article on how to overcome mental health problems due to emotional suppression. Hope you will find it useful for the relaxation of your stress and anxiety. Thanks.

Furthermore, Never suppress your emotions.

For you, What’s the best way to control your emotions?

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