Body Language Tips: How to Make a Good First Impression in Public

Effective and professional communication lies not only in the words (spoken) but also in the value of the image you represent with your body language. An entrepreneur communicates a lot about himself through his physical presence, his body posture and his image. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are encouraged to take a public speaking course in order to have greater coherence between the spoken message and the body message.

What body language techniques can help you make a good first impression in a professional career?

Listen carefully to your Interlocutor:

There is a big difference between hearing and listening. So, it is very important to pay real attention to the feedback of the interlocutor. To listen to another person openly, you must pay attention to what they want to tell you, giving their message a priority. True communication arises from a conscious presence. Here’re the 6 Tips to Improve Non-Verbal Communication in a Video Conference.

In today’s world, there are common signs of lack of time that transmit discomfort to the interlocutor. Checking the mobile phone in front of another person or looking impatiently at the clock are two attitudes that are worth correcting. Also standing uncomfortable and not pay full concentration and attention to the interlocutor will show a poor response and will the conversation to an end.

How to make a good impression with your body language
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You also communicate with your tone of voice:

Not only what you say matters but also how you say it. The same word changes its meaning completely depending on the tone used to express it. To correct in this area it is important to attend to the suggestions of others who can offer you information that you do not perceive by yourself.

Frequently, it is the closest environment that provides valuable corrections to be taken into account through constructive criticism. But you can also record yourself doing an exhibition to find out your weak points and analyze your areas for improvement.

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Keep eye contact:

Through the look, any person receives a lot of information about an interlocutor. In that case, eye contact is one of the fundamental points to generate trust and credibility with another person.

Maintaining eye contact is a sign of openness towards the other, a gesture of honesty and transparency. Through the look, a person shows interest in another. Instead, when eye contact is lost, the other has the feeling of perceiving boredom in the other person.

How to make a good impression with your body language.

Eye contact is considered one of the most powerful tools in any conversation. An important conversation can lose its emotional value if there is a lack of eye contact. Being attentive to these types of details is also a good indicator to finish a negotiation on time.

Physical Closeness:

Physical closeness does not imply invading the personal space of the other but rather having a relaxed attitude that transmits confidence to the interlocutor in a first impression. You may also like The Importance of Effective Communication and Relationship Development.

To improve this aspect, the key point is to improve the relationship you have with yourself because when you transmit maximum authenticity, then you also manage to connect more effectively with others. Gaining personal security in the professional field is learning that arises from experience.

Other signs of Body Language:

A smile has a great value in non-verbal communication. However, the smile only has meaning when it occurs intermittently in the right context. Over-smiling can undermine professional credibility.

A genuine smile reinforces the value of eye contact, it is a way of transmitting a positive message to the interlocutor without the need to mediate words.

Be careful with excessive gesturing which produces a feeling of nervousness. In the same way, it is also advisable to avoid some specific postures, for example, crossing your arms, standing on one leg, looking on the floor or here and there, etc.

These were some of the general points to be kept in mind whenever you want to appear in public or have any type of business conversation. I hope these will be helpful for making a good first impression and a professional business career.

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