Batogh Top Lake (Chilas)

Batogh Top Lake is situated in Chilas. Where Chilas is a small town of Gilgit Baltistan, located on the river Indus. Chilas comes under the Govt of Gilgit Baltistan which is now a Province of Pakistan. Chilas is the Headquarter of District Diamir. Chilas weather is hot and dry in the summer and dry and cold in the winter season.

Batogh Top Lake Chilas
Batogh Top Lake

Foreigner may need permission to visit Chilas. It can be reached through Karakoram highway and also from the Beautiful valley of Kaghan and Babusar Pass. Chilas is situated on the left bank of the river Indus.

Batogh Top Lake Chilas
Batogh Top Lake Chilas

The upper top surface water of Batogh Top Lake freezes down in cold weather. It is a small but pure water Lake which is a great picnic point. Visitors enjoy the visit of Chilas due to its unique beauty of nature.

Tiger Peak after sunset 
Babusar Road Pakistan
Tiger Peak After Sunset, Babusar Road

45 thoughts on “Batogh Top Lake (Chilas)

    1. Yes, I have taken these photos during the tour of different visiting places of my country. I am feeling great that you have shown your love and interest in these photos. Thank you so much for your kind words and worthy support.

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      1. That’s awesome dear, I think we all need to support other bloggers as well. Because everyone is working hard to make their blog successful. Through mutual co-operation and support we can make WordPress blogging platform a healthy community. Anyway thank you so for your time and support.


  1. Wow.beautifully written about my beloved paradise,may be it is in Pakistaan but here is no boundry to love the beauty of nature.i have many time the beauty like Batogh Top Lake(Chilas) in my Kasmir,India.❀perhaps the all beauties of nature we can see in the all word’s countries. This beauty is a precious gift for earth given by God.🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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    1. Absolutely agree with you Aruna, Kashmir is called the mini paradise due to its wonderful natural beauty. I like the land of Kashmir very much and will definitely visit one day in My life. But for the time being there is so much critical situation in Kashmir due to the dismissal of article 370. I’m really upset for Kashmir and I pray from my heart for Kashmir and Kashmirie brothers living over there.


      1. there are most disturbing situations in Kashmir.i pray too for peace from my heart for all Kashmir and Kashmirian,may be they are belonged from India or Pakistan. I think-all public of both sides want the peaceful and safe surroundings.all tragic events in there are created by only the politicians.

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      2. Absolutely right Aruna, the politicians are taking advantage of Kashmir from both sides and they don’t bother the lives of innocent people over there. They don’t even know the pain of soldiers deployed and their children and beloved families. I pray for Kashmir that this situation is to be handled according to the wishes of people living in Kashmir. Both the two countries should welcome their decision as it is so much necessary for the peace of the whole world especially the two countries.


      1. No,dear!! I live in Rajasthan but one time or two time,i go there.there are my friend circle. Most lovely natured and kindhearted-they are and all Kashmirian.i love kashmir very much like my first beloved.i have travelled almost in all area of Kashmir.most beautiful state.

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      2. So true Aruna, Kashmir is really very much beautiful. You are so lucky for your wonderful traveling in Kashmir. The people are Kashmir as I heard are very much respectful and kind heart. They support and guides all the travels over there.


      3. I like always to be happy in every situation.the negative thought has no place in my life because it spoils the dear Rising Star!!please always remember about the positive thoughts and follow them.

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