Believe me! Everything is Possible

Nothing is impossible, I mean to say that “Everything is Possible”.

Do you have dreams in your mind and do you work hard to achieve those Dreams?

Have you observed people around you in their daily life?

There are 75% of people we noticed that they are happy with their current status. They do not want to do something new in their lives. They even didn’t bother to think about something that is better than their current status.

Why? I asked Why? Let me tell you, it’s because they are so much comfortable in their current status. They don’t want their selves to get outside of their comfort zone. Keep in mind, YOU were born for a special purpose.

Everything is possible do something great
Success Stories

Read Success Stories: The history is full of success stories of success people. So many people are there, that start their business with nothing in their pockets, but before they die, they set a remarkable history. This world keeps safe the memories of successful people always. I guarantee you, you can also put your name in the list of such people. The world is waiting for your success story. Keep in mind whatever you want to achieve, will have been already achieve by someone in the history. This means that you are not the first person of doing it. If someone else has achieved it, you can too achieve it.

Set your goal: You need to set a milestone for yourself. Wait for a while and think, find the story, model them, and then try to better them. Collect the information from all around the world and try to list a progress step by step. Remember nothing comes overnight. Every target and milestone has some requirements, it can be your skill set, your limitations, your strength of struggle and most important your willpower.

Your Willpower: Your willpower matters a lot. It matters not the color of your skin. It matters not where you were born. It matters not the limits of your friends and family. The only thing that matters a lot is YOU, yes only YOU matters a lot to achieve your milestone and make your story.

Think Positive: Always think positive because, negative thoughts sometimes result in negative experiences. Make sure what is your choice and believe in yourself and your struggles. Never say that “No, everything is not possible”. that should not be your reality. If you believe there are limits to what you can achieve, this should also, not be your reality. Show your interest that you want to do something good that is no doubt difficult to achieve but not impossible to achieve. But remember if you achieve something good in your life with all the limitations and struggles, you will always feel proud of your success.

  • Your past will feel shy
  • Your future will be a blessed future
  • Your next generation will have a lot to do, because of your achievements.
  • You will be praised with glorious words for the rest of your life.
ideal inspiration

Trust in Hard Work: The one who believes that anything is possible, will try anything, will risk everything to be anything, will attempt greatness. Even if he missed the milestone he will be far ahead of the one that never tries. When you believe in yourself everything is possible. So many have risen from hopeless to greatness. From nothing to something. But only if you trust in yourself, when they can do it, you can too. Always empower your will power with greatness you have achieved in your life.

If You Fail: Failure in fact is not a failure. Failure can be a way towards the success. Failure brings a lot of experience and maturity in our brain and mind set. When you suffer with something hard to achieve, it will strengthen you more and more, but one thing you have to believe in yourself and remember never give up, because “you can do it” just say “I can do it”. Then re-make your plan better and stronger than of the first time. Try to change the picture of failure from within your mind. Start your journey towards your goal and conquer it by applying double will power and best ever plan in mind. Because everything is possible and nothing is impossible. That’s all the scenario behind the success.

I have done my best to write this blog and I really appreciate if you support my hard work by liking and sharing with others to spread love and confidence.

Looking forward for your expert opinion?

68 thoughts on “Believe me! Everything is Possible

    1. Off course you are very much right in your thoughts and beliefs. Life is just an empty cup of coffee with out a great milestone and unbelievable success. Thanks for your valued feedback and time. I hope you are doing well.

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      1. I agree on the one but in the other hand , Wayne Dyer says that success is not only about achieving your goals or positions or wealth ( though they could be my friend ) but also about finding joy , and happiness and inner fulfillment…
        I have been reading a book called the Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robbin Sharma. The book talks about a very brilliant and hardworking lawyer who has achieved great success but within himself he did not feel really satisfied or fulfilled despite becoming a multi-millionaire star . He then gave up his work after a heart stroke to find spiritual fulfillment in the Himalayan mountains in India learning new spiritual concepts of enlightenment…
        Answers are within you if you become self-aware …

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      2. That’s a really great thought, success is not just to become a millionaire but it should fulfill all the aspects of our lives. We are nothing without our true friends and family, and these requires a certain amount of time from us. Money just gives us an opportunity to be able to get a good life style, but our relationship gives us real time satisfaction.

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  1. I believe you burn a lot more negative energy trying to escape from yourself than you do working toward your goals and dreams. And I also believe people are not afraid of failure; they are truly afraid of success. If you are a failure in that you don’t even try, everyone will sympathize with you. But being a success goes far beyond accomplishing your dreams and your goals. It changes everything in your life, and many people are so afraid of living a life of success.

    You can never be a failure if you are making positive steps toward your goals or dreams. The only true failure is the failure to try at all. Thank you for this great and positive post.

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    1. Thank you so much Anne for your wonderful response towards the post and exploring the between true success and failure more emphasizely. I really appreciate your ideas, it enhanced my ideas and knowledge beyond the fact. Thanks for your visiting my blog and your worthy response.

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    ♡ Whether I Perceive You Hinder Me or Help Me with 3DLiving it Doesn’t Matter; because I AM Grateful and Appreciative for Your Contribution to My Growth…and I Have No Obligation to Keep You in My 3DLife; and Neither Do You Have An Obligation to Keep Me in Your 3DLife

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  3. Thank you very kindly. I have been around this plane for a good many years – I will be 78 this November, but I am ageless in my thinking, and somewhat in my body too. I think one of the situations we can get ourselves into is if we have parents who want to live their lost dreams and goals vicariously through their children. Another is when parents think they know what is best for us as we grow up. I can remember so well when I was starting high school, there was a table that gave us a choice to continue on to college or not. I wanted to be a nurse, and I might have entered the military in that capacity, but my mother said no, I had to learn to type and learn shorthand, and get a little job until I found someone to marry me and then I should just settle down and have children and let the man take care of me. That was the philosophy largely back then, but it would change in time as we all know.

    I think when people are young teenagers, it is the time to start encouraging them toward goals, but helping them to get experience in different fields so that they can know if their ideas are realistic for them or not. A good way for them to get this kind of opportunity is to have them work at various types of businesses as a volunteer so that they can get to see the everyday side of what they think they want to do. They can start doing this while they are still in high school, and I know I was a Candy Striper when I was just 14, working at an Air Force base hospital. It was a wonderful experience, and I worked in many different volunteer capacities in my younger years. This allowed me to learn about the fields in depth and also to keep learning valuable skills in the real work world.

    Most importantly, however, is that parents need to allow their children to settle on their own goals and encourage them in those goals.

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    1. With due respect and love, I really appreciate your ideas. Believe me I learned a lot from your response. As you said that you are going to be 78 this November, you are very much respectful to me. You have a lot of experience of ups and downs of life. All your ideas are more than best, because what a person gain from experience cannot be learnt from any other means. Being in Air Force hospital you have a lot of experience of how to deal with so many people from different thoughts enhanced your experience.
      In fact I believe that every one should have free hand to try different businesses, so that he could better judge his own abilities and interest.

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    1. No doubt, everything is in the will of God, but that’s also true that God helps those who help themselves. We can get motivation from the creature’s of God. Thank you so much for your valued response and time.

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      1. Incorrect. The will of God is specific and after more than thirty years of a close, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, I know that it sometimes can be “exact science.”

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      2. That’s good Pete, your beliefs and relationships are very good and I really appreciate your connection with God. Keep doing the same, because we’re answerable to God on the day of justice. Well done. Remember me in your prayers.


    1. Thank you so much Ciao, we always need time to time motivation to keep our mind and heart fresh and alive. Thanks again for your support and worthy response Ciao. I always enjoyed your response. It matters a lot to me.

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  4. Hi. Reading this on a day feeling drained. I have been pushing forward with my goals knocking them out one by one. There are days when i question what am I doing and why? There are days when I say, girl give up because no one cares about your blog, your vision. Just when I feel like the light of hope is going out I receive a comment or read a blog post like this one amd I think to myself, I can and will push forward😊

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    1. Wow mam, you are the great, comments and liking gives a real time inspiration. When you comment on someone he will definitely be back to you with a positive response, this is the thing that makes us a great family and loved ones. I really appreciate your response and will do your blog soon. Hope I will find something good and attractive. Thanks for great response and time to my blog. Oh remember “everything is possible and nothing is impossible”. Happy blogging.

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    2. Hi from Anne. I loved your comment, and it is natural to have these feelings from time to time. Some days we get just plain tired from pushing ourselves and getting things done. When I start to feel that way, I say to myself, “Time for a MY DAY.” Then I get into the car and drive somewhere to see nature and just give myself a good break. It is easy when we are busy with our careers and other goals to get so involved that we forget to do this but it is so crucial. You are a beautiful and poised young lady and I am sure that everything you do is successful. My name is Anne Copeland, and my e-mail is Can you sign me up for your blog, please? You know, I can understand your feelings very well. I think when we have a heavy load, even though we can handle it all, we still need quiet contemplative time, each of us. I am caregiver for my own significant other, Richard, and between that and my own physical challenges, I get tired out very quickly. But I know when that happens to go to my garden, or a nice walk, or I go to a nature spot I know to contemplate and reflect. Even Jesus used to go to various places to contemplate and perhaps pray.

      One idea for you would be to start a woman’s group where women get together out in nature, and just sit listening to the wind and the trees as the leaves move about, and to have a quiet time to pray and to share what is in their hearts about life in general. I read a great set of books by Judith Duerk, and the first one was Circle of Stones: Woman’s Journey to Herself. It is beautiful and gentle, and you can find it and her other book in the series: Listening to the Wind as well. Women have different needs than men, and it is important to return to our feminine and to allow the time to appreciate what we have within us. I have done groups such as this, and we have used art that we drew, as well as sharing, to get back in touch with our innermost sides. I think even the men need something like this for men to be able to share of themselves. I hope this idea might help you with your task. I did read your bio, and you are highly successful and following a good path, so this will help you to get there without becoming too overwhelmed with day-to-day things we all need to take care of. I wish you much success in everything you do.

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      1. Wow. This is one of the most beautiful comments I have received. I thank you for sharing and all the suggestion. I will start to feel better and more relaxed once Iove back into my own space. I am busy now because I am not happy with my living situation. Again. I thank you💖

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  5. It’s nice to see so many of your readers responding to you. And bravo to you for answering each response! I liked the “fire in your soul” idea. That’s the passion about what you’re doing that keeps you going. Bravo!

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    1. Thanks JanBeek for your so much inspirational response to my blog. I really appreciate your response and it really means a lot to me. You are right mam, my readers always show up an unexpected reactions to my blog and that’s the main reason that makes me bravo and inspire me a lot to continue my blogging career. I would like to thank you once again for your time and worthy response to my blog. Your support really a honor for me, many blessings and love.

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    1. That’s the main point of the whole blog, 💖💖💖, those who have a dream and vision in their lives, always work hard until they fulfill their dreams. Thanks ance again Aruna for all your kind words and honorable response to my blog. Best wishes for your blogging journey and bright future.

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  6. It is great to read this post. It reminds me of all time favourite quotes, Nothing is impossible for a willing heart by John Heywood. I have the quote by the door so I can see it every day before I left home and the first thing I saw when I come home….and keep going!

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    1. Wow kitti’s you are doing so well, this is really awesome to your self daily and morning/night. It’s a great way to achieve your goals and objectives. I really appreciate your idea and it also inspired me to do so. Thank you very kind for giving me an idea of what I am not doing so far.

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    2. Wow,this is great, you have really done an excellent job on this article,it will go a long way to help, support and encourage people in their quest to achieve success.

      Success is sweet but its price tag is “responsible”. whosoever is ready to pay the price receive the crown.

      Thanks for sharing this,am really happy to be here.

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  7. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    Once on our way in life we are confronted with lots of things, of which some seem difficult to tackle or which are disturbing us.

    All of us search for the better life and have their goal put on marvellous things we dream of. Many people think a good life and happiness lies in gathering wealth, but they are mistaken.
    Many think they have to look for luck by others around them and think the world can offer them peace within. They do hope to achieve great success, and some even can do so but in the end do not feel very happy. Several who seem to have reached the top within themself do not feel really satisfied or fulfilled despite becoming a multi-millionaire or a star. Oh, so many go looking for luck and happiness too far away out.

    Too many people do forget that answers should be found within themself, becoming self-aware and having the right spiritual goal.

    It might not always easy to accept we failed in something. But we should come to understand we better learn from any failure and go on avoiding it in the future by not falling in the same trap or by not choosing the wrong direction.

    Lots of people do not want to know they are created in the image of their Maker. The majority of the world population even does not want to accept such Eternal Spirit Being would exist. But if they would learn more about Him and read His Words, they would be able to find the most valuable Guide for life (in His given Word: the Bible). That century assembly of books gives enough wisdom to mankind to find the best way to live and shows the path to true happiness.

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    1. Absolutely perfect response, I’m a bit confused how I respond to you. You have summarized the article in your own style. A lot of learnings are there in your kind words. Thank very kind for considering my blog to be rebloged. It really means a lot to me.


    1. No, there’s no coding required for starting your own blog. you just need to make a website which is so simple and then just write and post. to understand how to post, watch few videos from YouTube and also check my blog for how to create a WordPress Website, you can get information from there.


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