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Unbelievable Second Anniversary at WordPress

Wohooo, It’s my Second Anniversary at WordPress and I forgot that. Suddenly I received a congratulations notification from WordPress and I was so happily surprised. But before that, one of my friend congratulated me, but I didn’t fully understand that. So I say thanks to my friend “Flashes of Light” on congratulating me and for her kind wishes. It’s an inspiration for me for the 3rd year to be here at WordPress Blogging Platform. During this two years of practical experience at WordPress Blog, I learned a lot from beloved friends, fellow bloggers and especially senior members.

Here’s a screenshot of Second Anniversary at WordPress from WordPress.

Second Anniversary at WordPress

At such a blessed and successful Second Anniversary at WordPress, I say thanks to all my beloved friends, followers and supporters for your kind support, encouragement and for your presence at “It’s All About Inspiration“. I was nothing before your support and I am still nothing without your support. This inspirational blog is still in progress only with your Divine love and blessings. And this was only your utmost love result, that changed a normal personality into a “Rising Star” at this Inspirational Blog. Once again I say thanks to all my lovely and dearest friends at WordPress.

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