how to stop your mind

Negative Thoughts

How to Eliminate Negative Thoughts from your Life

The negative thoughts are those claims that roam our heads appear unsought and disrupt our well-being. Our brain interprets everything that happens around us, and although it often does so in a useful way. Other times it attacks us with certain thoughts that do nothing but harm us. These are thoughtless phrases, sometimes guessing the future, sometimes reading other people’s minds. “I’m not going to be able to”, “they think...

How to stop overthinking

How to Stop Overthinking?

What is Overthinking? Overthinking is simply the act of “thinking about something too much or for too long”. In fact, studies have shown that overthinking raises your levels of stress, clouds your judgment, reduces your creativity and strips you of your power to decisions making. The power to imagine has been a great evolutionary advance, making human beings not only be able to live in the moment, but we can...

how to overcome negativity

How to Overcome 10 Types of Negative Thoughts

Negativity has a bad impression on our personality. Everyone is dealing with negativity in their lives and honestly speaking we all should search for the best ways to overcome Negative thoughts that flicker in our minds. Negativity diverts us from our goals in life. So, don’t consider it. Being positive is such a great blessing. Positivity is a choice. It’s up to you, whether to take it or lose it....