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How to Overcome 10 types of Negative Thoughts

Negativity has a bad impression on our personality. Everyone is dealing with negativity in their lives and honestly speaking we all should search for the best ways to overcome Negative thoughts that flicker in our minds. Negativity diverts us from our goals in life. So, don’t consider it. Being positive is such a great blessing. Positivity is a choice. It’s up to you, whether to take it or lose it. Ignore the negativity because with negativity you can’t shine like a Rising Star. The cure for negativity is positivity because negativity is a disease.

The happiness of your life depends on your way of thinking and level of positivity. Negativity makes us weak throughout our lives. We can set our minds to see things in a positive way. Self-help and avoiding negative people can help you overcome negativity in an effective way. Always try to overcome negative thoughts and it is not a difficult thing to do. Everyone can overcome negative thoughts by just filling their mind with positive thinking.

how to overcome negative Thoughts
Overcome Negative Thoughts

How to Overcome 10 types of Negative Thoughts:

1. Judging:

Get rid of negative thoughts of judging everyone. Judgment yourself and others is just a wastage of time and distracting your emotions. When you are judgmental, you forget the positive sides and only focus on the negative in yourself as well as in others. Being judgmental makes us weak and blaming.

2. Stress:

Never burn your emotions. Don’t be stressed too much. Worrying changes nothing except your mental state and physical health. There’s no need to worry about anything. Just think positive, because the things that have happened can never be undone so try to make yourself stronger for future up comings. Yesterday can’t be recovered, but tomorrow is yours. So make a strategy for your tomorrow.

3. Self Doubt:

Self-doubt is a hoe that will take over your life if you don’t kill it at the root. work on your self-esteem and always believe in yourself. Involve yourself in the activities that give you motivation and inspiration. Believe me! Everything is possible, but it can only work for you if you are self-doubtless and have a strong belief in your abilities.

4. Perfectionism:

Being perfect is just negative thinking. There’s no need to be perfect. Just try to be good. Trying to achieve something that is unattainable will only result in you feeling ‘discomfort’. Don’t waste to achieve unattainable, otherwise, you will go through a lot of negativity and self-doubt.

5. Hope for the best:

Always hope for the best because God loves you more than anybody else. Assuming the worst will happen, boost up your strength of negativity. If you never think situations will be better, they won’t be. This removes hope for good and better.

6. Decisive Power:

Don’t listen to everybody. Just listen to your heart and mind. Take decisions by using your own intelligence and using your sixth sense. Listening to the advice of your parents, relatives, and friends can distract your mind from choosing the right path. As a result, you will not be able to decide what is right and wrong.

7. More Money:

Money is not the solution to everything. Money can’t buy happiness. Don’t think to get more and more money. Never work for money. Work for your passion, the money will come to you on its own.

8. Complaining:

Complaining about everything will not solve your problem; you must take initiative to the problems. When you focus on the negative things, you can’t make the right move in your life. With negativity, you are really setting yourself up for never being comfortable or happy.

9. Trying to control everything:

Don’t try to control everything. You have limited power. You can’t control everything and when you try and unavoidably fail, you will only blame yourself. This will empower your negativity.

10. No rules:

Having no rules in life is just an activity to kill life. Make your own rule and make yourself strict to follow those rules. Don’t follow the rules, that 99% of people are already following, which are made by anyone else. So make and do follow your own rules.

These were the few types of negativity that can be killed and can be overcome easily. A little effort always results in a more effective way. Self plays a vital role to get rid of negative thoughts and negativity.
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So, In your opinion, what is the best way to Overcome Negative Thoughts?

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35 Responses

  1. ecohorizons says:

    I have read that have faith that the best is to come while being the best version of yourself and do your best but leave the rest to God . Cast your fears and worries to God while following your Godly inspirational guiding system .
    However, be prepared to all scenarios taking precautions as much as you can …Expect the best but be careful that some diffuclties may arise from time to time , so mindfulness and awareness of infinite number of possibilities or realities is a great thing . Yes , being positive is very good , and changing negativity into love and grace is good but being careful , at the same time , is better … storms and rain days may come but we should see the silver lining in every situation…The rainy days water and nourish the seeds to grow into trees and flowers just like sunny days . Hardships teach us wisdom and enlighten us becoming more aware .Example , some employees who get out of a job for any reason , may be encouraged to get a better job or even start their own business independently to grow and evolve …
    Life is meant to be balanced…
    Blessings …

    • Rising Star says:

      nicely explained, good and bad all can be happened at any time but having a trust in God we can handle them all gently. Being positive can help us reduce negativity. but in the same time these both are the part of our lives. I’am fully agreed with all your sayings. Blessings and best wishes.

  2. ecohorizons says:

    Everything may happen but good deeds and exquisite positive energy may increase chances of better luck and goodness into our lives …

  3. Lydia Potter says:

    Great post full of truth.

  4. Syd Weedon says:

    I am so #2 and you’re right it will wreck you. Overcome negativity? Besides large amounts of cannabis and whiskey (just joking), For me the best way to overcome negativity is to make something happen. Do that drawing, poem, sermon, stand up comedy routine that reminds you of what you’re about.

  5. Really nice post. I think that if you keep your mind busy then there will be no space for negative thoughts to enter. It is said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

  6. I have a question that I hope won’t be offensive: while I mostly agree that negativity is something we should strive to cut out of our lives, do you think there’s ever a place for it? For example, I have a hard time summoning up any positivity for places where there is great evil in the world, and I’m not sure I ethically should. Do you have any thoughts?

    • Rising Star says:

      Ahhh, that’s a good and important thing you have asked. Well, for your kind information you can get rid of it so easily. No doubt the world is full of evils but there are are also good people over here. The place you are writing and reading is one of the great place to strive your negativity. You can write and share any type of emotions here and I guarantee you that you will find it very helpful for you.
      Another thing if you could share your thoughts with me than we can further discuss it. I hope you will be agree with my sayings? Will he waiting for your response.

  7. Rising Star says:

    Ahhh, interesting answer dear. You don’t need to find it any way. If it’ll exists in you it’ll tell you, hey Tanya I am here, strive me out. 😊😃

  8. Dragthepen says:

    Great post. Very informative and encouraging.

  9. Amazing post,liked☺️

  10. Rising Star says:

    Thanks for the compliments

  11. Rising Star says:

    Thanks for the compliments. Means a lot to me.

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