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Do you believe in fate

Man is the Architect of his own Fate/Destiny

Do you believe in fate/destiny? I do believe in fate/destiny. Anything is possible in this world. You can do anything you dream of. Fate can work for you but first, you need to Believe in yourself. Success is limited. Every success has an endpoint. In my opinion, the most successful person is the one who is loved by everyone for his good behavior and how he treats others when in...

man is the architect of his own fate quotes

Man is the Architect of his own Fate

“Man is the Architect of his own Fate” Mahavir Jain (Vardhaman) Believe me! Man is the architect of his own Destiny. Many people believe that life is a matter of chance and that experiences and opportunities that arise spontaneously, in addition to being pleasant surprises, are the best way to live and grow personally. These types of people rely more on external events and for that reason, they wait for...

Be the best version of you

Be the Best Version of You

Those who believe in destiny will definitely believe that destiny can be changed. Destiny is not permanent and it can be changed with the situations and efforts. Those who believe in themselves have the courage and ability to change their destiny. In other words, it would not be incorrect that your destiny is waiting for your response to happenings and your self-belief. If you try to be the best version...