Man is the Architect of His Own Destiny

Take care of your habits, because they will become your destiny.” Mahatma Gandhi

Believe me! Man is the architect of his own Destiny. Many people believe that life is a matter of chance, that experiences and opportunities that arise spontaneously, in addition to being pleasant surprises, are the best way to live and grow personally. These types of people rely more on external events and for that reason, they wait for things to happen.

Simply because they are people who believe in coincidences and that the universe has a great future in store for them.

According to these types of people, you just have to “give time to time” and resist the harshness of your problems in life. After all, “after the storm comes calm”, so the best thing you can do is endure the current difficulties, because sooner or later, “better times will come” for you.

The destiny that is written especially for you will find you and you will no longer have the complications that you have now; after all “there is no evil that lasts a hundred years, nobody that can resist it”. So one day, whether you like it or not, your troubles will end. Here’s Be true to Yourself | Love Yourself.

“We must act, not to go against destiny, but to go before it.” Hebbel

Simply put, extraordinary things in life appear unexpectedly, you simply have to be in one way or another; prepared to make use of the good times that destiny is offering you or will offer you, tomorrow or in a couple of days or years.

To all this fanciful and idealistic verbiage, I strongly oppose it.

Success is no accident. Many will be able to respond to me with dozens of biographical references in which a character in the story “had good luck” and due to a happy eventuality, he succeeded in his life. Even the majority will be able to shout to the sky, citing the hundreds of cases in which a person worked hard all his life and in the end did not obtain the great success that his painstaking work should have offered him. However, you might be agreed with Emily Elizabeth that:

“Good luck is not accidental; it is a product of work.” Emily Elizabeth Dickinson

Obviously, unpredictable lucky and unfortunate situations happen all the time, but I think these cases are more of an exception to the rule. I simply do not believe that coincidences, luck or fateful destiny should guide my life and my purposes (some even think that destiny will show them what purposes they should have in their lives and which ones not, which never ceases to amaze me).

Man is the Architect of His Own Destiny
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“Man is the true creator of his destiny. When he is not convinced of it, he is nothing in life.” Gustavo Le Bon

I believe in forging a physical and psychological discipline to improve and grow as a person. I believe that the best way to ensure your “destiny” in life is to create it, that the best way to predict your future is by doing everything possible to make the things you want to happen. No doubt, some sudden happenings and changes in nature can dispute things within a fraction of seconds, but here we are talking about success, which is rarely possible without hard work.

Here’re the 3 Basic Tips to become Successful in Life.

Man is the Architect of His Own Destiny:

In my opinion, we are in this world to create opportunities for ourselves, not to wait for them to magically come to us. In addition, I think that you do not have to be excessively controlling to stop believing in destiny and that you do not have to be a psycho-rigid person who yearns to be in control of everything that happens. You can have adventures, “live in the moment” and do things spontaneously, but I assure you that those things will not guarantee that your dreams will come true, even though they are a fundamental component in the life of any person.

Some people will tell me that it is simply necessary to be prepared and that luck will do the rest but does not being prepared negate that something is due to luck?

“There are no secrets to success. In practice, all theories collapse. It all comes down to luck and long patience.” André Maurois (A famous French novelist and essayist)

However, I wrinkle my brow and wonder what does “have a long patience” really means? Should I just sit on my couch and watch TV and wait for the blessings of a good life to fall on me?

Be the Best Version of You | Change Yourself to Change your Destiny!

Maybe fate will make me watch the best TV show I’ve ever seen, but nothing better than that will happen. Even the most skeptical will agree with me that mere hope and patience guarantee absolutely nothing.

“The most powerful man is the one who is totally in control of himself.” Aristotle

I only see in luck, coincidences and destiny an accumulation of excuses not to make plans, not to set goals in your life, not to start working on what you want to do. No sensible person who has succeeded in life will tell you that their achievements are only the product of the goodwill of destiny. Will Smith, the famous American rapper and actor, will not tell you that his fame, money and physical attractiveness are due to happy coincidences and a series of good luck strokes.

Man is the Architect of his own destiny. The myth of destiny is the perfect excuse for inaction, for you to stay right where you are now waiting for predestination to do its thing with your life.

If you still believe in fate, think about what this fantasy is doing to your life. Reflect on how this unhappy idea feeds your passivity and your laziness, telling you that you cannot have a better life than “something” or “someone” has already established, no matter how much or how little you do or what ambitions and dreams you have in your life.

Don’t be a conformist and idealistic person, be someone more pragmatic. Don’t wait for fate to knock on your door when you haven’t even built the door!

The things you want will not come into your life “as if by magic” or “falls from the sky.” You are the architect of your own destiny. In your hands are your personal fulfillment and your most precious goals.

Opportunities will not appear on your way from one moment to the next, you have to intensively build hundreds of paths so that they intersect yours. Be the pilot of your life so that you fly to the destination you want, stop being the casual passenger of destiny, landing where others tell you to. Take a start today, set goals for yourself and make your dreams come true with hard work, consistency and self-belief.

It does not depend on a leader, or a party, or an association, because those are ways of structuring reality: it depends on us and on our decision. The longer you wait for your future, the shorter it will be. Stop waiting and build your life, nothing and no one is going to do it for you.

The dilemma is not ideological, it is more one of respect, freedom, closeness, collaboration, involving people in the forging of their destiny, and that this is not the domination of the ruling elite. Historically, it has been the product of the tiresome debate of extreme left or right of the same nature, and in political practice, the ruling elite and their associates have often come out profitable. Let’s understand that this pseudo model is sold out.

In these dark hours for humanity, it is up to us to open paths of hope and set our sights on high. Even in the dark, there will be a beacon of hope.

“Do not grieve partner
Already stands out on the mountain,
Overflowing the laurels with their rays of luck,
A new summer sun, which has flooded the horizon…”


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20 Responses

  1. Love the Dickinson quote you used! Great post!

    • Rising Star says:

      Yes, Emily Dinkinson quote nicely clarify the meaning of success. Thanks Eleanor Lorene for your time and appreciation. It really means a lot to me 🤗💖. Have a nice day ahead💐🥂.

  2. Wonderful post. Work hard with full dedication and determination.💐🙏👌

  3. Great post! Yes, it is always up to us. Nothing will be handed to you just by wishing for it. We make our own luck, which can only happen by putting the effort in (hard work) into whatever it is we are about. I read an interview with Tom Cruise many years ago, in the early stages of his acting career, where he said he wasn’t lucky. He commented his success was due to the hard work he put in that created the many opportunities that were then presented to him. In my own case, in the days of running an organisation or two, I would always ensure that I had as many irons (potential projects/opportunities) in the fire at once and from these, one or two would always lead to much better things 😊

    • Rising Star says:

      Yes, This shows that Only hard work with persistency is the key to success. Luck won’t give you anything if you just sit and dream of greater success. The more you put an effort the better results you will get from it. Just like Tom Cruise, there are so many people who stand in the glamour industry only with their passion and hard work.
      Thanks, a friend for your encouragement and appreciation. Hope you’re doing well?

  4. Hi Rising Star, appreciate this post! I like the points about creating opportunity rather than waiting for it to fall in your lap! I use to have a mindset of “fate”, but it was a powerless mentality that neglected the power of using free will to shape my destiny. I also believe that if one does receieve luck, it requires a certain amount of hard work, persistence, and dedication to maintain the luck! However, I also believe in like attracts like, so that if we are ready for an opportunity, it will come to us! 🙂

    • Rising Star says:

      Yes, you are absolutely right dear. Like attracts like, if an opportunity come to us we should make ourselves in a position to avail that opportunity. And It can only be possible if we ready to leave oir comfort zone.
      I am glad hearing from you. I hope you are doing good these days🤗💐💞?

      • Hi! Yes, stepping outside our comfort zone to embrace the doors that are opening! All we have to do is step through the door and put ourselves in the best position we can to embrace the journey ahead.

        I am doing well! I am doing multiple projects this summer, so I have an avenue to exercise my creative energies! How are you?

      • Rising Star says:

        Wow, that’s nice, glad to hear from you 🤗 💞.
        I am also doing well and gradually coming out of pandemic stressed environment❣️. It was one of my life worst experience 😊

      • Yes, glad to hear it! A time where we can meet friends again and have the freedom to travel. Things are starting to look up again! 🙂

      • Rising Star says:

        Yes, Now we are free and gradually coming to normal life but it will take a longer. However, the stress is now very much released. Traveling is also open in most of the countries and it is a positive step towards a happier life.

      • I’m GLAD the stress is released! YES. The daily things like shopping feel like so much freedom! We have been stuck inside way to long. 😂

      • Rising Star says:

        Ues dear, absolutely right and this was my life first experience of sucking inside way too long. I think it was also yours first one…. 😊

      • Yes, it was! I appreciated my quarantine… haha… zoom university gave me more time to develop my interests and go for nature walks. I met some people as well! However, I missed exploring the world. Naturally, I can be a bit of a hermit, so it was not so bad for me. <3

      • Rising Star says:

        Nice, I am the same as you, I love to spend time alone with myself. However, in the current days I am enjoying my life as I get succeeded in a routine outing at evening. As it is one of my favorite time of the day.

      • Haha, amazing… something to look forward to EVERY day! Those are nature walks for me! 🙂

      • Rising Star says:

        That’s sooper awesome 🤗💞

      • Haha. Have a good day, Rising Star. 🤗🤗

      • Rising Star says:

        Thank you so much my friend. Have blessed day you as well. Stay in touch.

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