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How to Set your Goals for the New Year 2021

Set your Goals for the New Year 2021 in just five simple steps:

At last, the most the dreadful year 2020 (COVID-19 Year) has been ended which strongly affected our lives, and now it’s 2021. It has greatly changed our living standards and living perspectives due to the pandemic. First of all, may this New Year 2021 be a blessing and good news for the entire humanity. Amen! However, goal setting is still a question for people and no one knows what should be his goals in 2021. People are still worried about how to set measurable and smart goals for 2021 as they have lost a lot of things in the previous year.

Everyone has started having New Year’s resolutions. And why not! It’s good to feel the new vibes of the year. It’s time to start with a new slate. And no doubt, it’s time to wash the past and look for a brighter future. But sadly most of the countries are still going through pandemics and people are still struggling with their dreams and goal setting.  

But as this New Year, we get each day as a new one. We can decide for ourselves what new thing we want to do. No matter what the situations are, we have to make our lives better and we have to set clear goals for 2021.

Five simple steps to set your Goals for 2021:

1. Don’t compare yourself to others:

Don’t rush into making goals and do not compare your life with someone else. It’s just a waste of time. Have a smart goal that inspires you to be your best self. Have a smart goal that is connected to your heart. Moreover, have something which makes you jump out of the bed in the morning. It’s not imaginary, find something worth in your life which makes you smile, and happy about yourself. It can be related to your health, studies, career, and relationships, etc.

Now, we come to our main point;

How to set your goals?

2. Set long term goals:

Define measurable and attainable goals for yourself. Realistic and measurable goals will not only give you inspiration but will also give you a positive outcome. For some reason, short-term goals are considered good to keep yourself inspired. But in my opinion, it will be better to set long-term goals for the year 2021. However, it totally depends on your dreams and imagination, what will work better for you. So, if you choose long-term goals, divide them into short-term as well as long-term goals.

For some reason, it’s necessary to have long-term goals because they’ll be the guiding light for your present time. They’ll make you excited about your life. Moreover, the outcome for the long-term goals will also be long-lasting.

how to set goals
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3. Start Today:

Set the time frame for your goals. Don’t wait for a good time to come. Every time is good so just wait for your first step. Start your goals from today the first main thing which you want to change in your life. It can be any bad habit. Do this for one week and change one bad habit with a positive one. After a week, you can choose another habit. Take small steps and do not overwhelm yourself with plenty of work. It’s the small steps in the right direction which lead to better changes.

4. Stay Focused:

The last one is a meaningful thought that if you put consistent efforts and be focused on your goals, then you are surely gonna achieve them sooner or later. Consistency is one of the most important things in every field of life. Your constant efforts will definitely reward you someday.

5. Accept Failures:

Don’t run a rat race. Just believe that you can be anything in the world if you’re consistent about it. Believe me, Everything is Possible. The people who have a positive mindset and a winner’s attitude can get everything they dream of.

However, it is not necessary that you will always meet your goals in life. A failure is part of every goal and one accepts failure in every situation because failure in itself is an achievement. Failures teach you lessons that can’t be learned from any university. Therefore, don’t be disappointed if you will fail several times instead pick yourself up and start again.

I hope these steps will help you to define your goals in 2021. At the end of the day, you have to live your life not only for yourself but for people connected to you. i.e. your family, friends, and your colleagues. Moreover, what I have learned so far in my life is, to encourage others to take action by doing it yourself.

May this year 2021 bring a lot of happiness to you and your family? Amen!


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