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Cumulus Clouds and Cumulonimbus Clouds

Cumulus Clouds and Cumulonimbus Clouds are one of two types of Low-level clouds. I got a chance to get images for these two types of clouds, So I’m going to share these images with you. However, there are 10 basic types of clouds. So, their names and basic characteristics are given below.

  • Cirrostratus, Cirrocumulus, Cirrus and  are High level clouds.
  • Nimbostratus, Altostratus, Altocumulus and are mid-level clouds. These type of clouds are composed primarily of water droplets. and
  • Cumulonimbus, Cumulus, Stratocumulus, and Stratus are low clouds composed of water droplets.

Cumulus clouds:

Cumulus clouds are like piles of cotton. The Cumulus clouds are the most recognizable clouds among all types of clouds. Here are a few Images of Cumulus clouds.

Cumulus clouds images

Cumulus clouds

Cumulus clouds with beautiful blue sky

Cumulus clouds definition

Beautiful view of Cumulus Clouds

Cumulus clouds images

Amazing beauty of Cumulus clouds pictures

Cumulus clouds pictures

Cumulus type of clouds

Cumulus type of clouds

Images for Cumulus Clouds

Images for Cumulus clouds

Images of Cumulus clouds

Images of Cumulus clouds

Cumulus Clouds Facts

Cumulus clouds facts

What is Cumulonimbus Clouds?

Cumulonimbus clouds are fluffy and white just like cumulus but the cloud formations are very larger. Moreover, this type of cloud is a vertical developing type and its base grows from 1 to up to 8 kilometers. Here is the pic for Cumulonimbus Clouds.

Cumulonimbus Clouds

cumulonimbus clouds

Cumulonimbus Clouds Definition

The Cumulonimbus Cloud is fluffy and white just like cumulus but the cloud formations are very larger than usual.

What is cumulonimbus clouds

Cumulonimbus clouds facts

This Cumulonimbus Cloud is a vertical developing type and its base grows from 1 to up to 8 kilometers. So, here are the pics for Cumulonimbus Clouds.

cumulonimbus clouds facts

Cumulonimbus Clouds Images

cumulonimbus clouds Definition

Do you like these stunning images of Cumulus clouds and Cumulonimbus Clouds?

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