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8 is great or Very Late By Great Lady Cindy

I have been nominated for the 8 is great or Very Late Awards by Cindy Georgakas from Unique Times. She is a wonderful writer with an outstanding personality. She is a very kind-hearted, experienced, talented, One of my best friends and all time responsible Lady. She is extremely gorgeous and manages her blog along with the family nicely. She is loved by everyone, once visited her blog and you can see how many nominations she got from fellow bloggers. As a creator of the Ideal Inspiration blogger Award, I am still surprised by her talent and uniqueness.

8 is great or Very Late
Cindy with her Lovely Family

I was so happily surprised when I read the nomination; mainly because her blog is one I like the most. I strongly recommend must visit and check her blog and lifestyle. I’m pretty sure you will like her way of communication and her writing style. She loves sports, yoga, writing, reading, and much more. I’m very much thankful to her for this kindness and consideration. It is her talent that how brilliantly she managed the nomination for the 8 is a great or very late award and her unique way to respond to all the nominations.

Questions I choose to Answer are:

  1. What is the purpose behind creating this blog?

Ahhhh, Honestly speaking, it was just an unplanned incident.

2. What motivated you to start a blog?

I started the blog only to get control over using WordPress, But suddenly my passion for learning changed into blogging and I decided to continue my own blog.

3. For how long have you been writing?

I have been writing since a year ago. I realized that writing is fun and I just wasted my previous life unintentionally.

4. When did you realize that you loved writing?

Wow, that’s an amazing question. I realized I am in love with writing from the very first blog post. Before starting my own blog I wasn’t having writing skills. But as I published my first blog post, It was realized by my fellow bloggers and my honorable seniors, that I should continue to write.

5. What are your hobbies except blogging?

Awww, I think I have a lot of hobbies, but due to life requirements, I am unable to fulfill my desires. I love gardening, Photography, Sports and traveling but I rarely adjust my busy schedule to make my soul a happier one.

I am so much thankful to her for her kind consideration and kind nomination. Thank you so much my dear friend Cindy Georgakas.

Once again there’s a humble request to all of my beloved blogger friends to visit her blog and give her an inspiration called.

I Love to hear from you