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20 Beautiful Flowers Name List with Pictures

In this article, we are going to discuss different types of flowers name list with beautiful Pictures. These flowers are Rose, Crown of thorns (Euphorbia milii), Petunia Flowers, Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis, and gladiolus flowers. These photo shots are taken at different times. Rose flowers name and meaning list are also linked below, so you can check different color Rose flowers with meaning by clicking the link.

Flowers Name List with Pictures:-

Here are the 20 beautiful flower with pictures and name list.

1. Rose Flowers:

i. Beautiful Pink Rose Flower with Dew Drops.

Flower Names for girls

ii. Pink Rose Flower:

Flower Anatomy

iii. Pink White Rose Flower:

Pink White Rose Flower

iv. Light Pink Rose Flower:

Light Pink Rose Flower

Here are the Beautiful Rose Flowers, It’s Colors with Meanings.

v. Pink Rose Flower:

Pink Rose Flower

vi. Red Rose Flower:

Red Rose Flower

vii. Yellow Rose Flower:

Yellow Rose Flower

viii. Red Rose Flowers:

Red Rose Flowers

ix. White Rose Flower:

White Rose Flower

Here are the 10 Beautiful Rose Flowers Wallpapers.

2. Crown of thorns:  Euphorbia milii:

The crown of thorns or Euphorbia milii, Christ thorn, or Christ plant, is called “Corona de Cristo” in Latin America. Euphorbia milii is the scientific name of Crown of Thorns. In Thailand, it is said that the number of flowers on a Euphorbia milii plant predicts the luck of the plant keeper. Crown of Thorns is an incredible houseplant since it alters well to dry indoor conditions and room temperatures.


Crown of thorns


crown of thorns euphorbia milii

3. Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis:

Hibiscus red flowers bloom beautifully on a tree in the garden with soothing Beautiful Background. Its scientific name is (Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis).

Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis

4. Gladiolus Flowers:

i. Light Pink Gladiolus Flowers:

ii. Flower Fields:

Flower Fields

iii. Pink Gladiolus:

Pink gladiolus flowers

iv. Red gladiolus:

Red gladiolus

v. Yellow Gladiolus:


5. Petunia Flowers:

i. Pink Whit Petunia:

Pink Whit Petunia

ii. White Petunia:

White Petunia

iii. Red Petunia

Red Petunia

Nursery Flower Decors:

Nursery Flower Decor

So, which one is the best one that attracts you the most?

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