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Self Analysis: What it is and Why is it so Important

What is self analysis? Introspection Self analysis is an exercise in introspection, self-evaluation and self-reflection that will allow you to achieve a more precise knowledge of yourself, of your knowledge, capacities, abilities and skills. It is an investigation and study of oneself that uses deep introspection and whose purpose is to reach the contents and conflicts that are not connected to consciousness. This analysis is done without the participation of...


Self efficacy: How much you Believe in Yourself

Self-efficacy is a concept introduced in 1977 by Albert Bandura, a Canadian psychologist and professor at Stanford University, recognized for his work on social learning theory. The ideas of self-efficacy, in addition to having generating sources, manage to activate a set of spaces to implement them, known as processes that are activated from the strength of beliefs. In order to succeed, people need a sense of self-efficacy, to struggle together...