Moment of Respite for the Desert Caravan

Green in the vastness of the desert: The stopovers or stage lodges of desert caravans are obligatory and necessary, for men and their mounts or herds (if it is a caravan of trans-shipment), they are usually done at water points in the shade of the sun if possible, and ideally in an oasis.

  1. Desert Caravan presenting an attractive view
Desert Caravan

2. Caravan in a Desert Pictures, A single person moving all alone in the desert with his camels herds

First, a water point is a natural (source) or artificial access (drilling, drain, and wells, etc.) and groundwater. Each water point is located by its geographical coordinates as part of a projection system and attached to the municipality on the territory from which it is located.

3. Stunning Natural and beautiful blue water, Dates trees, and desert mountains

Beautiful blue water

4. Blue Water pictures and desert mountains with breathtaking view

Blue Water pictures

So only in the vastness of the Sahara, the natives rely more on their knowledge of the terrain and the landmarks that only they know. It is essential in any move to accurately recognize these water points. It’s about everyone’s survival. Second, the oasis which is defined as an island of land, suitable for vegetation and human habitation, lost in the middle of desert spaces and whose existence is generally linked to the presence of water.

5. Look at the beauty in the picture after the Caravan pics

Caravan pics

6. Rocks and Desert picture

No doubt, life in a desert-like this one and any moment from one place to another place is indeed a tough job for the people living there. They suffer a lot along with their caravan of trans-shipment. And sometimes if they lost in the middle of the desert they suffer more due unavailability of water and foods in sufficient quantity.

7. Camels in the Desert searching for food and maybe water:

Camels in the Desert

8. Beautiful water points in deserts

Beautiful water points in deserts

But here this post is also about the wonderful photography efforts made by one of my beloved friend Kamel Mohamed卡梅尔. I am so much grateful to him for these wonderful efforts. No doubt he is very talented and passionate about photography. Wishing him more success and achievements in his life.

9. Greenery in desert

Greenery in desert

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