January 2020 Photography

Flowers photography is my favorite photography. Here are some of the Photography pictures for January 2020. I hope you will like these pictures. It’s so simple yet eye-catching. Look at the beautiful scattered and scarred leaves of the garden and add your kind reviews.

Autumn Beauty
Autumn Pictures
December Pics
January Pics
Autumn Pics
Autumn Pictures
Autumn Images
December Pics
Beauty of December
Beautiful Yellow Rose
Yellow Roses

70 thoughts on “January 2020 Photography

    1. Well, as the silk road joins China and Pakistan and it goes through the Province, KPK from Where I’m living. But unfortunately I never visited these areas physically. But as long as my knowledge is concern china wants to revive this modern silk road as it is the part of CPEC project between China and Pakistan.


      1. They want to link East Asia with the Middle East, Africa and Europe through some projects like roads and highways as well . China is one of the largest exports of goods and services in the modern world …

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      2. Exactly, you are right this project includes one of the longest bridge which will connect many countries of the world. And China is indeed one of the largest country that export goods and services in the world. This project will make export much easier for Both Parties.

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      1. Wow, awesome Shruti, I am having Master Degree in Computer science. I started programming in Java developing Android apps, but later on quit it as it was time consuming and I can’t sit for a long time due to stomach problem. Now I’m trying to get admimission for M Phil.

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      2. That’s really amazing to know. Yeah, sitting for long hours is really a problem. Hope your stomach problem gets well soon. And All the very best for your admission in M Phil.
        And you really write great posts. I enjoy reading them very much.

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      3. Thanks Shruti for your kind wishes and inspiring words. You have really inspired me with your loving words. I have started blogging just for learning WordPress but I don’t know how it becomes my passion. I got a lot of support from my readers that inspired me to continue. πŸ’–πŸ€—πŸ’ž

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      4. Thanks dear. I have visited your blog many a times and it’s really gorgious. You are really talented and motivated. Have fun with your blogging and Programming. Have a blessed night and take care.

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